Monday, February 28, 2011


I just spent $2,460 on 4 windows.  OUCH!!!  I still need 7 more to complete the front of my house.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I'm so tired of fixing, painting, replacing, things.  One day this house will be day...or so I keep telling myself.

I had a head ache for most of the day.  I really think I have a sinus infection.  Today was wasted away.  I cleaned the microwave and picked up the house.  I didn't get to the grocery as planned...damn headache and rain.   But my microwave is spotless...and anyone who knows me knows how gross is was before.

Tomorrow I have a 7:30 orthodontist appointment. Funnn....
I have to go buy table cloths for the shower and some more tissue paper for more pom can never have enough pom poms.

Ceddy turned 16 months baby is well on his way to becoming a little boy.

The boys were angels today while I had a headache.  I love them so much.  Eric was a gem too...coming home and cooking dinner.  I want to feel off to ingest more meds...

pointless update.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have a few goals for today...

-make my bed...a practice I would like to start actually doing.  I steamed my bedding and had it looking nice yesterday.  Hopefully, I can make it a daily occurrence. 

- Buy two new windows from lowes.  Funnnnn....I could think of so many more ways I would rather spend my money : (

Finish painting my steps...this has been a task that has labored me months to complete only because I am lazy.

- Wash clothes...gag...but it has to be done.

-Drop a CD over at a friends house.

-Organize pics to be printed.

off to get this day started...

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I bought some new bedding today.  I'm not completely madly in love with.  But it will do.  I did get some kickass deals!!!

I love deals like this!!!  I decided I'm not going to overhaul my bedroom for awhile.  I want to save money.   I bought some gray bedding and new over sized sheets.  OMG they are pricey.  I need to buy some more towels.

Eric has been hard at work on his arcades.  He talked to the reporter for velocity.  I told him not to be offended if they only take one sentence he said and it's misquoted.  Hehehheehee...the life of a news outlet.  been there done that enough.

I broke another bracket on my braces.  I will have to go and get it fixed next week.  Fun.....

I had my chemical peel Friday.  Ummm...I was a huge baby for nothing.  It was no big deal.  They start off with a light version and then up the dosage with each peel.  I'm going to try it once more in a few weeks.  I noticed a small improvement.  We shall see.  It's only one day later.  No major peeling...not redness.

Note to matter how much my oldest begs to get his own icee at not let him.  Learned that the hard way.  One major icee pile and blue spots/puddles everywhere and mom to the rescue. 

Tomorrow I have to clean my house..  I have to have it clean enough to throw a shower next weekend.  I also have to buy food for the shower and order cupcakes.  My friend came over today and helped make some pom poms. to watch a movie with the hubs...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Dance!!!

We are paying the car off today.  Woo hoo!!!  No more car payment....I'm currently, mentally doing my happy dance.  Unfortunately, I do not have the energy for said dance.  Cedric made sure of that this morning.  He's teething, and it was a rough night.  Long story short, I brought him to my bed and he kept slapping me in the face and laughing about it.  Not so cute at 4am.  So he went back to his bed and I turned on Blues Clues and crashed.

I woke up in a fog this morning.  I got excited that I was going to allow myself to get an iced coffee after dropping spen off from school.  Ummmm...I'm so tired, I forgot to buy the coffee.  I had to go over Spen's spelling words in my fog.  I decided to nix his lunch.  I wrote him a check for lunch.  I feel bad, but he can have school lunch a few times in his life.  I am too tired to function.  I have my doctors appointment today.

Coffee Coffee Coffee...I know I'm not supposed to drink it...but I have thinks I have to do screw it.

I'm going to buy new bedding.  I'm super excited!!!  I informed Eric that I will need new curtains too, he laughed.  We talked about the bedroom and how we threw crap together to make it livable.  I feel bad because my bedroom is actually decorated nicely, it's just traditional and that's not our style.  Why on earth we did that, I'm still baffled by.  I think we were so overwhelmed with this house and having to furnish this house that we freaked and picked the easiest design concept.  So now that things have been changed, we shall mix it up a bit.  I think I may be crazy, but I think I might buy white bedding.  Wish me luck...two kids and a hubby who eats in bed.  I also have to buy two new windows.  I random.  But we have two in the front of the house that need to be replaced.  Slowly, we will replace every window in this house.  I want sound proof in the front of the house.  I swear being a grown up is annoying.

Going back to school.  I discussed this topic with Eric last night.  I really need to think long and hard about the topic.  I'm nervous, and I don't want to essentially mess up and cost my family a lot of $$$.  But, in the long run it would be for the best.  I love my hubs, he's super supportive.  He told me think about it and he would support my decision.  I love photography, but I'm not at all a sales person.  I SUCK at sales.  I know where my heart is.  So I have two different avenues I can venue down.  I'm thinking about taking some online classes, and then transferring to U of L once Ceddy is in school.  From then onto UK.  It's only 45 minutes away from me.  I know I love helping people.  So we shall see where this leads me.  But right now I have a million things going on in my we shall see. to get ready for the day...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


The weather is nasty out.  Cold and raining.  It would be perfect if I could snuggle up under the covers and watch a movie.  But no...I've been to Michaels, Factory Card, the bank,  Target, and Walmart today.  Tonight is Spen's cub scout blue and gold banquet.  I grabbed a party tray for it.  I'm too lazy and busy to cook anything. 

Eric is currently on his way home.  The reporter from Velocity called him...of course he missed the call.  He plans on calling him back when he gets home.  They are doing a story on old school arcades and all that jazz.  Eric is the man to speak to on the subject.  He'll forever be an 80's kid.

I have no nerves today.  I'm jittery and in a awful mood.  I feel like crap.  I think I'm getting sick.  Like I said...I need to be in bed watching a movie.

Ceddy is really amplifying his pinching phase.  He kept pinching me at all the stores today.  He destroyed a flower at Michaels.  That store is too tiny for the both of us.  He can reach way too fast.

I have to order a clients pics tonight.  I need to order some canvas for myself.

I picked up most of the stuff I will need for the shower.  I still have to figure out the food and cake, but I bought the decorations and favors today.  I was going to hand make a lot of stuff, but I only have two weeks.  So I figured I'll just buy it.

I think next week shall be gaga week...and I'll put together an outfit. to take some meds I go.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feeding therapy...

I learned some interesting facts today about reflux and how it can mimic other problems in a child.  Ceddy's eating has started to slow down.  A lot of factors could be going on.  I discussed a bunch of things with his speech/eating therapist today.  It could simply be a phase, his teeth, his mouth hurting or his reflux.  I didn't realize that's why they are always asking about his weight. Reflux can cause so many issues for a baby and toddler.  She said to be careful and make sure that his reflux is under control.  I have noticed he has been somewhat swallowing more at night when he lays down.  I might need to start giving him two doses a day.  I'll mention this to the doctor at his next visit.  I was also told to keep an eye on food allergies.  They are hardcore about those.  I was told food allergies can cause reflux symptoms.  So something I need to do is start logging what he eats, esp since he is trying new food.  Apparently, food allergies can be the cause not reflux, and medicine will not alleviate the refluxing.  I know that spitting up is not the only sign of reflux or food allergies, crying, discomfort, rashes, lack of eating(my current worry), and lack of growth.  Not so much.  I did though discuss a vitamin with Ceddy's doctor last visit because an obese child can still be malnourished.  I was told since, Cedric is on formula he doesn't need vitamins.  Although, most vitamins are water soluble and he would simply pee out what his body did not absorb I will listen to the doctor.  Cedric did eat some pieces of a cheddar roll tonight, but he straight up says no now to certain food.  It's funny I have now gotten so I wheel him over to the pantry and show him food.  If he says yum when I show it to him...I know he will eat it.  He's funny.  Since his tongue has been clipped he is speaking in his own language.  It's funny...he goes a mile a minute talking to himself about things.  His speech therapist said she's not worried at all about his speech.  He is a little parrot.  It's sad though, he still cannot stick his tongue out.  He tries somewhat, but doesn't have the muscles or know how to move the muscles yet.  We keep trying to get him to lick things and stick his tongue out.  I told his therapist today that most moms try to keep their kids from sticking their tongues out...I'm encouraging it. Ha.  We worked with a mirror today for the first time.  He liked it.  He let me brush his teeth too.   We are working on his tongue movement. 

Eric is helping a friend out with the arcade expo.  They are currently tucked away in the basement gluing decals on an arcade.  I hope it works...and I hope they don't get too high from the fumes.

I plan on making baby shower decorations this weekend.  I'm thinking paper pom poms, and a few banners.  I'm tired.  I need to take my allergy meds...oh the lovely ohio valley.

I need to start working out.  I took a break last back to the grind.  I need to reach my goal weight.

I feel awful...but I really need to fill out Cedric's baby book.  Spen's is filled to the max with little tidbits of his everyday things.  Dates of EVERYTHING he did.  Ceddy...not so much.  Heheheehehee...oh I feel sorry for my next child.  They will be lucky if they have a baby book. 

I'm kinda scared.  Friday is my chemical peel.  Eeekkkkk.  I'm having some friends over that night too.  This shall be interesting.  I'm sure my face will be red and scary. 

I need to figure out my gaga outfit.  To be honest my heart isn't in it right now.

I've been thinking about going back to school.  I have a few ideas...but we'll see what happens.

I wish I could get rid of this sinus to take meds I go...


Karma is defined as:
Hinduism, Buddhism . action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman. Compare bhakti ( def. 1 ) , jnana.
Theosophy . the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation.
fate; destiny.
the good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something.
It's a very simple concept.  I have come across so many people who claim to ascribe to it, but fail to fully grasp how it effects them.   I'm a follower of the golden rule onto others...yadda yadda.  It's also called being a good person, and being human.  My heart is breaking for my friend.  I really do not grasp how people can be so selfish.  

Jumping ship...the grass is not always greener on the other side.  The problems you bail on are often times amplified in the next relationship. You can't build a healthy relationship with broken or tainted tools. You cannot run away from responsibilities.  My friend is going through a world of hurt caused by a jerk who has nothing to offer the world but lies, and deception.
Affairs...I don't get them.  I have always followed the rule if you do not want to be in the relationship...leave.  Simple, clean and adult like.  Karma comes full circle when these events happen.  Sometimes it takes years, but they do tend to bite you in the ass.   You cannot cause great pain and suffering to a person and not expect some repercussions.  Life is a cycle.  The energy you put out will come back.  The relationships built upon affairs are often horrific ones.  I have seen this first hand.  Doubt, jealousy, and lack of trust or respect are not  building blocks for a relationship.  Often time past transgressions are thrown in people's faces and lack of respect is present.  It's been proven that over 75% of all marriages and relationships started with an affair will end.  I personally cannot believe someone would be so cruel to cheat on their pregnant wife.  Karma is a bitch and it will come full circle.   Shhhhheeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhh....  NUTSSSSSSSSSSSS.  

 I really do not understand selfish people.  How someone can put their needs and wants over someone else.To tell your pregnant high risk wife such mean and hurtful things.  I mean, I understand to a degree of wanting to be happy.  But to hurt someone so much, it blows my mind.   I just don't see how people can risk everything for someone who is slimy enough to cheat?   It says a lot about personal character.  Their moral code is askew.

One of my favorite southern quotes, "It will all come out in the wash"... I think this really applies to this situation.  I keep telling my friend to be strong and dig deep...she will make it through this and have a great life.  I know it.  I told her to hang onto her anger and use it for the better.  One day she will have to let that anger go...move on.  Life is about joy, and holding onto anger or sadness brings nothing but negative energy.  Eric and I are big believers in this. We only have one person who makes our skin crawl, but honestly, we don't wish him complete ill will...heh.  Life is about forgiveness and moving on.  Finding joy, but finding it within yourself is hard enough so you have to let go of the bad to accept the good.  I know how cliche, but it's the truth. There is a happy life awaiting us all out just have to find the correct path.
Ok...happy thoughts...Cedric is going full steam today.  He just ran out of the office with a stack of CDs.  Managed to open my roman shade and carried a stack of hangers away.   He has started to pinch you and say ouch.  He likes the reaction of you saying ouch.   

My head hurts.  I crashed so hard last night.  I took two benadryls and slept from 8pm until the next day.  I have not slept like that since Cedric was born.  It was blissful.  My hubs was fabulous.  He got the boys ready for bed and put them to sleep.  I was knocked out cold.  I had such a bad headache it was a relief to simply sleep.  

I spent $91 on my medicine yesterday.  Not too bad considering I had four prescriptions filled.  I'm an old lady.  But those meds should last me it's not that bad or so I keep telling myself.

Yard sale...I will be having a massive one to get rid of stuff I have no use for.  I plan on taking all the decor down in my bedroom and coming up with a new concept.  I threw stuff together when we moved in...I never really loved was just something to get me by with.   It functioned and I was fine with it.  But I'm over new bedding shall be purchased soon and so will all the goodies that go along with it.  

I'm so sleepy...damn allergies...ok off to call a client.

Have a happy day... 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My head is killing me.  Hello, Mr. Sinus's about that time for your visit.

I've written a few blog entries.  I've postponed posting said blog entries.  This isn't my battle to be fought.  I'm emotionally spent.  I need some decorating to take my mind off things.

I informed Eric I will be changing up the bedroom...he laughed.  I need something to divert my attention.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Living in the now...

I find this to be virtually impossible for me.  My mind always drifts to the future of what if's.   Things I should be doing but am not, or things I should have done, but did not.   I hate the fact my husband has this amazing gift of simply not worrying.  I let him know of my hatred of his ability all the time.  He can honestly close his eyes and go to sleep when he is stressed.  He tells me why worry about things you cannot change...and the thing that blows my mind the most...he can do that.  Simply, not worry.  I wish I had a smidge of his ability...instead I have inherited my mothers worrying genes.   So come a night when I am stressed...I toss and turn and rethink conversations.  Devise plans for a happy ending, and weigh outcomes.

My little guy woke in the BEST mood.  He has been giving me kisses all morning long.  I love it.  He has giggled, yelled and smiled all morning.  He announced this morning NO towards the end of his breakfast.  He was done.  I countered his no with yes, and the war of no and yes began.  It ended with one more spoon full of food :)

Raising boys...that turn into men.  It's a challenge.  To be honest I always envisioned my house full of girls.  But alas, I have two boys.  It's funny how life plays out.  I love my boys and in a weird way it makes me feel like a stronger woman.  I want my boys to grow to be gentle kind men.   Strong in their convictions, but kind with their hearts.  I want to instill all these views of life, women, respect and moral code into them.  I feel so blessed to have the partner that I have.  He's a great display of a true man.  It's funny because I never thought having boys would make me a stronger woman, but it has.  You want them to see a strong woman and know what true strength and courage is.  I also, want them to know how to treat a strong woman.  Not hide her away in a house only to be brought out for display. I want them to seek out a strong partner and support that partner and along with them having enough self esteem to expect and have the same support given back to them. To seek out a healthy relationship, but have enough drive that is not all that they seek.  To challenge life.  I wish nothing but happiness for my boys.  

I feel like a recovering alcoholic.  I have slipped.  I had a coffee and diet coke this weekend.  I feel like I've been on a binge...heheheheheee.  My friend laughed at me and told me I was slipping.  She said this in one breath and left a diet dr. pepper in my fridge in another.  It has been calling my name and I might partake in a glass later : )

I need to clean my house.  I'm just not feeling it.  I also need to plan my gaga outfit.  I'm not feeling that as well.  It's like seeing certain aspects of life put into different a perspective and things that are really important at one not seem as important at another time. 

I need to get my sh*t together with my mag.  I have all the stuff, ideas, concepts, hell even a website...but I have this mental block of actual energy to make it happen.  That's my own private war on laziness.  Hopefully, one day I'll beat it. heh.

I'm in a weird, introspective mood today.  I blame aunt flo.  But I've been thinking about things and I'm just really grateful for my life.  I have been blessed.  I have an amazing hubby and two wonderful healthy kids.  My husband just called with news that a fellow colleague lost his baby just a few days before the due date.  I hate hearing that news.  This only makes me want to take care of my friend even more.  I really hate her husband for doing this to her.  Very few people I truly have hate towards.  But how a person can be so selfish in beyond me. 

I cannot end on a negative I am happy to announce my search for bedding may have ended.  Totally a pointless comment.  But it's the little things that make me happy.  Target got in some new gray bedding that I adore.  So I think once we get paid I will pick it up.   I think I will be painting my bed and bathroom.  I need a pick me up and a change. to start the day...and grab a glass of that diet dr. pepper. 

Hug and love the special people in your life : )

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This weekend my heart has ached like no other for a dear friend.  I have seen more strength and courage from my friend than she will ever truly know.  Let me set the scene.  I have a very dear and very pregnant friend facing a scary situation.  Her husband left her without warning.  The coward finds every excuse except the truth that he is indeed a coward to find blame for his leaving.  She has a high risk pregnancy and is caught in the middle of a horrific set of life changes. I have no pity, respect or emotion other that hatred towards her husband.  What man would tell his wife such horrible things and do such a horrible act within the final stages of a very rough pregnancy. No one but a coward. I will leave my comments at that.  This is their business but I spent this weekend trying my best to mend a broken heart and give strength to a dear friend.  I only hope I was some shelter in this storm for her.  My heart is breaking for her.  I can only say karma is a real thing.  I have had the pleasure to witness first hand it's aftermath.  My friend is going to be a wonderful mother to this baby boy and she has a safety net that is walking with her every step of the way.  

This has been a rough week...Cedric's surgery went great though.  I was worried, but honestly, once I met the surgical team I was relieved.  They were fabulous!!!  They explained every detail and I really felt he was in the best hands.  I  had a moment in the waiting room when I almost broke down, but I looked around and felt horrible.  I looked around and saw all these worried parents.  Who knew what their babies were in surgery for?  Who's children were fighting for their my sons simple surgery was nothing to cry about.  I felt almost dumb for being so selfish.  I know he was a higher risk since he suffers from severe reflux, and it can cause for complications, but my son wasn't fighting for his life.  So I didn't cry.  His surgery was super fast.  We were called back to speak with the doctor in no time.  Coming out of anesthesia Cedric was a happy drunk.  All the nurses laughed and loved him.  He was funny talking to himself and giggling.  The hubs and I brought the little drunk home and he stayed up until almost noon.  We got up at 5am.  I couldn't believe he would not crash...but he kept laughing at the silliest things.  After a nap I went and picked up my friend.  She stayed the weekend.  We talked, laughed, cried and tried to make sense of a situation that doesn't.  We made plans for her shower, and bought invitations.  I made calls to my support team of friends and they offered up their help.  I love my friends.  They are a group of people who will give you the shirt off their back, iron it for you and possible even take in if it doesn't fit...hehehehehee.  I have help for the cake, and food...and I know we will be having an impromptu craft night to make decorations for the shower.  We have two weeks...we can make this happen.  I also love my husband.  He was beyond pissed off when hearing what my friends husband did to her.  He wants her to move in here.  He is such a sweetie, he went downstairs brought an extra bed upstairs and put it together so she would have a proper place to sleep.  He also took care of Cedric so I could tend to my friend. 

Life is a set of never know what is waiting for you around the corner.  Good, bad, or happen.  People enter, people leave your life. It's a constant state of change. Sometimes, life isn't fair.  No matter how hard we wish it were. It's not. My heart truly aches for my friend, but I know her life will be great again.  I just know it will.

Last week I went on a LONG walk with a new friend.  It's's a friend  I never thought I would have.  Hence, the whole you never know thing.  I had a really good time and we talked about some things I think that needed to be discussed.  I feel good everything has been shared.  We really get along and have a lot in's kinda comical, but I'm glad to call her a friend.  I like her. I know people find me nuts, but I don't care...I am who I am...and I am comfortable with who I am.  I think people who have issues or problems with how I choose to live my life are often times projecting their own insecurities or short comings.  So I will be friends with whom I choose to be...enough said...

off to take a shower and sleep...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I should be in bed...

My mind will not stop.  I'm a big ball of nerves.

I'm worried for my little guy...and a friend.  I'm just so over stress right now.  I want to escape to a far off place in the sun.  I thank God for the loves of my life and I thank God for my life.  I just hope everything goes well for the challenges going on right now.

I love Mark Twain...

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.
Mark Twain

This is where my head is right now...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Out damn spot out...

Ok, my face has red spots all over it.  I know it's from my meds.  I apparently used to much retin a.  Funnnnnnnn.  So if you see me out...ignore my spots.

I had a parent teacher conference yesterday with Spen's teacher.  I was told he was a wonderful student, smart and a joy to have in class.  He is reading at the level of an end of the year 3rd grader.  Woo Hoo!!! I'm proud of my boy!!! Spen is such a smart little guy.

Damn you Target and your sales.  I did sooooo good yesterday.  I just walked away.I didn't fall into the sale zombie mode and fill my cart with discounted goodies.  I was good...and my bank account with reflect that.

I decided while roaming aimlessly up and down the bedding aisle at Target, I'm going to have to build my bedding set.  I can't find one prepackaged I like.  I'm lazy and would prefer to buy something already put together.  I have an idea of what I want.

Eric just called informing me of an idea he had for a family vacation.  He wanted to fly into California and drive up to Seattle and fly home from there.   That would be an amazing trip.  But one better suited for when Cedric is older.  We already took him to Hawaii while an infant it wouldn't be fair to take him now when he couldn't remember.  Also, that doesn't fair very well with our budget.  I told Eric why not drive our jetta wagon up to the East coast and stop in at Canada.  He agreed that would be an awesome trip as well, and one we could do again when Cedric is older.  Also, it will save us a ton in airfare.  Now to buy passports.  

Tonight is our couples night out.  I have another couple joining us as well as Amanda and Joe.  The guys still have no clue.  This will be fun.  It will be nice to simply be out of the house as Eric and Nikki for a little bit.

Ok...pointless jibber jabber update.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My teeth are already sore from my orthodontist appointment this morning.  I'm not looking forward to the rest of the week.  I got 7 new brackets in the back and they replaced three in the front.

I have to get out of the house today!!!  I plan on walking to pick Spen up from school.  It's supposed to be a beautiful day.

Ceddy is such the cleaver little guy.  he now sings row row row your boat.  He has the softest little voice I LOVE it!!!

My anxiety over Friday has not subsided.  I'm a nervous ball of energy.  I hate it for him.  I just really hate him being sedated. I pray to God everything goes well and the tongue clipping helps his eating out.

Last night was nice.  Eric was super sweet.  He picked up sushi on the way home from work and had chocolates and roses for me.  Yummy.  I ate way too much and had sushi tummy most of the night.  We watched a movie and it was nice calm night.  My most favorite V-day was when Eric had handwritten notes with a rose attached to each hidden through out the house.  I'm a nerd and still have the notes.  It's the sweet little things.  Tomorrow we are taking the guys out for their v-day.

I have to go to the grocery today.  Not looking forward to this endeavor.  I need to go to two grocery stores :(  I also have a parent teacher conference today.  Funnnnnnn....the life of a mom and wife.

I can't wait to pay off debt.  We will be getting out tax refund and paying off bills.  How responsible of us.(Eyes rolling)  I hate living within our means.  It's annoying...hhehehehehee.  I'd love to blow that money on a trip some place.  But alas we will not.  We are really trying and it's actually working. Both cars will be paid off and a credit card.  Yay!!!  Hopefully, it will be the starting domino.  We aren't strapped for cash or anything.  Like I have said numerous times...I just want to be debt free.  I would love to have no monthly bills and I would love to start saving for retirement and the boys education.  Being an adult sucks.  I'd totally love to take our refund and hop on a plane to Europe.  But in time.  We have been slipping on dinning back to our routine of eating at home.  Boring I know...but it works and saves money.

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for new bedding.  Mine is old and ugly.  I want to update the room and since my bed is a huge massive design black dictates what color theme I will go for.  So Off to look for new bedding before the grocery.  Later...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby I was born this way...

I heart Gaga!!!

Ok random thoughts while I wait for Eric to come home.

I'm craving sushi.  I can't wait until Eric comes home with some.   I'm going to call an order in and he'll pick it up after work..  I don't feel like going out tonight esp since it's Valentines Day.  Everywhere shall be crowded. 

I walked a little on the treadmill. Only 20 minutes while watching Tabatha's salon tack over. I think I'm going to go for a walk tomorrow with a friend.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous. 

I have a sneaky suspension Eric is up to something...he has been randomly calling me throughout the day to tell me he loves me.  He's funny.

Eric and I are going to workout hard tonight because we have been slacking.  I want to hit my goal weight!!!

I went to the grocery and all I bought was tea, cheese and an eye lash curler. Ha...I'm such a domestic goddess. 

Ceddy the toilet paper bandit strikes again!!!  Ceddys new found interest is in toilet paper.  He loves to watch it spin and fall all on the floor.  He's worse than a cat.

I'm so tempted to put my pjs on and watch a movie with Eric when he gets home and eat sushi in bed.  I'm in a lazy mood today.

Tomorrow I have an early morning appointment to get my teeth tightened.  Funnnn...I may even start my rubber bands tomorrow.  Funnn...eyes rolling.

My batteries keep dying on my mouse...damn...I hate when this happens. 

Off to write an email...laters...

I need a medal or something...

I'm sitting here trying to gather my thoughts and breath.  I am recuperating from cleaning yesterday.  I am super allergic to dust.  Yesterday I kicked this houses ass. So dust was flying everywhere.  So I brought out the air purifier and sat it down stairs.  I need to buy some more.  They do work and I have a feeling this will be a horrific allergy season. Eric tackled the garage yesterday...I cleaned the entry, powder room, dining room, kitchen, and family room.  I vacuumed, mopped and scrubbed the floors.  I need to clean upstairs today and clean out the jeep.  It looks like I'm a hoarder from mere glimpse at the jeep.  I need to finish painting my steps.  I have been so lazy.  I need to get some storage for Cedric's toys in the family room.  I still need to tackle the basement.  My goal is to have this whole house cleaned and simply manage keeping it clean.

I'm waiting for Ceddy's doctor office to call me back.  I have to pay for his surgery ahead of time.  Fun.  I hate my's a joke.  But nonetheless I'm sitting here waiting.

I did a HUGE no no for my diet..I went to Marks yesterday and ate a BBQ cheeseburger...and everyone knows how huge and yummy those things are.  I'll have to work out today at some point.

Today is valentines day.  I really hate this day.  It has so much build up.  I know I'm a hypocrite because I celebrate this day.  It's a double edged sword.  I like getting nice sweet gifts and cards...I just hate being "told" it's the "thing" to do.  But with that said Eric woke up and brought me my V-day card.  He was super proud of himself because he bought it days in advance.  Not the day of or night before...and he reminded me of this..hehehehe.  It was cute.  Spen also had one for me as well.  I feel bad because I hadn't even signed Eric's.  He'll get it when he comes home from work.  Amanda and I are taking the boys out for their v-days the 16th.  So who knows what's in store for me today. 

I find it hysterical Spen thinks you have to sign your card on the very back page. Super cute!!!

Ok, the doctor office called and I paid $220 from my deductible.  She said he's scheduled to arrive at 6:15 am.  Ouch.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Spencer.    It is becoming more real.  My heart is in my throat...grrrrr..... not looking forward to Friday.

Pet peeve of the week.  Lately I keep noticing these absentee fathers.  Yes, you are technically there for your child.  You provide shelter, food, and the occasional attention.  But where is the joy?  Where is the pride in being a father?  Where is the pride from having a child and sharing their life, goals and seems so many of these "dads" have checked out. They are going through the motions of parenthood and are along for the ride but are simply by standers watching their wives, girlfriends or partners be both parents.  It's not right.  I hate seeing the kids longing for attention and I hate seeing people I care for being treated in such a distasteful way.  It's called manning up, growing up and giving your child the childhood they deserve.  One with both parents present, both physically and mentally.  Eric experienced an absentee dad and he knows the effects it has on a child.  My father got sick while I was young and I know how it can feel.  It's one thing if you cannot be there, but it's another thing if you choose to not be there.  Your child only gets one childhood.  It's mind boggling how many married couples are out their and the moms are being forced to play both mom and dad.  Either dad is out with his friends, gaming or sitting there just checked out mentally. I keep seeing this over and over.  I have been in this position.  My ex made me do EVERYTHING for my son. It's hard.  I just hope for the sake of the kids these men wise up and see what they are doing.  Children are sponges and soak up ideas and concepts and unfortunately that is how cycles are formed.

Ok...I can't end on a negative let the sun shine on your face today and smile back at the sun.  Life is beautiful.  No matter where the day may bring you know you are loved!!!  Have a great V-day guys!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Once upon a time...

A girl named Nikki dreamed of having a clean office.  After months of being lazy it finally came into fruition last night.  Woo hoo!!!  Eric and I sat down and went through papers, filed said papers, dusted, vacuumed and finally I am now sitting in a clean office.  I need to get shelves for the walls.  I want more organization in here. I still have to go through old calendars and recycle them, but yay!!!  Sadly it's the little things I get pumped for.

I weighed myself again this morning...130 still : )  I ate a lot yesterday too...but I worked my ass off cleaning.  Today we do cars and the garage.  I think we will try to get a bike ride or walk in today as well.  It shall be a beautiful day. 

I'm super stoked.  I received my Suze Orman tickets in the mail yesterday.  I love this woman and I can't wait to hear her speak.  I'm a nerd, but I want to properly invest our money, get out of debt and stay that way.  I want to have a nest egg for the future and a good chunk of my mortgage gone over the next few years.

My family room has been inundated with toys.  The basement is mostly spen's toy space.  I need to buy more storage shelves for his stuff.  I can't let Ceddy down in there without watching him like a hawk.  So Eric brought the huge kitchen upstairs and put it in the family room. Cedric LOVES playing with I figure he'll get more usage out of it being up stairs.  So now my family room looks nuts.  Homes are meant to be lived in not become museums....or so I keep telling myself.

We did our taxes.  Now I need to do my business taxes.  I also have to do my old taxes I screwed up on.  Damn you Mr. Uncle Sam. 

I LOVE my new acne medicine I was put on.  It's a combination of two drugs, one is an antibiotic.  I have not had a pimple since I started it.  Laaaaaaaa!!!  That is an awesome miracle.  I don't have horrible skin, I just get hormonal breakouts.  I have fought off acne and breakouts the majority of my life.  So I'm over the moon with my new meds.  I've been using the sample meds my doctor gave me.  I need to go fill my prescription.  I'm so lazy. 

I found an old CD full of images last night.  I about cried looking at how small Spen was.  He was so  cute and such a sweetie.  I love that little guy so much.  It had pics of me coaching on it and Spen's 3rd birthday.  I can't believe my little guy will be 8 years old.  Ouch.  My baby is growing up.

I have my heart set on a trip to NYC for my 30th birthday and 5 year anniversary.  I'm super excited about it.  I want to see David Letterman and have a picnic in central park.  I also want to see all the fabulous museums and small mom and pop restaurants.  The more I think about it...the more excited I become.  That is a place I have long to visit for years. to be productive.  I might go get my car washed : )

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I am now at 130 off to try to lose 5 more and I shall be at my dream weight!!! ( Not goal)

Funny child was absent all the fuss about having 25 of everything went out the window...(But I did have 25 of everything)...also I got my cupcake yesterday...actually 2 and 1 cookie.  Yummmmy...  Ceddy LOVES soft cookies now.

off to take Spen to swim lessons.

Have a fabulous weekend guys!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello hello hello...

I bought a diet Big Red today.  I have been really good lately...but I was craving something so I slipped.
I washed it down with a candy bar...sue me : )

Holy batman, Eric and I worked out last night hardcore.  I'm kinda feeling it today.  I need to walk on my treadmill today and then shower and get ready for the class party. 

I ran up to the store to get some more hearts.  I picked up some v-day candy for my nieces and nephew.  I already have spen something.

My laptop is infected with a bunch of nasty virus' s.  Damn you

I need to order another pair of liquid leggings.  I'm determined to be at 128 by the concert.

Eric found an old cub scout handbook while cleaning out the cub scout closet last night.  He discovered some interesting games that would definitely have to be renamed...

Also...shout out to my hubs for being awesome today and fixing a messed up facebook post.  I posted an update from my phone and my phone locked up or fb did and I had a million updates of the same update.  So I called Eric since I can't delete a post on my phone and had him fix it for me.  I know some people were probably like wow Nikki really is REALLY excited...heehehe. to workout and get ready for the party.  I'm dreading having to drag all the crap into the school.  Have a fun day guys!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Party brain...

I should be in my nice comfy bed but I'm sitting here just finishing up writing out Spen's Valentines.  I completely forgot to have him do it.

I also realized that I am short ONE...yes ONE heart for their class craft project.  So hopefully tomorrow they have some still left at the store.  I hate miscounting.  I also hate that EVERYTHING comes in a pack of 24 and there are 25 kids in the class.

Craft projects galore.  My house is not covered in dust...but glitter...ok that's a lie...dust and glitter.

I still have a bunch more for the party.  Balloons and some v-day decorations.  I have the bags pre-filled with a craft and I'm about done : )  Now not to forget the ice cream.  Eric is going to watch Ceddy.  So I won't have to take him to school and be covered in big kid germs.

Ok...I got my black liquid pants.  They fit but are baggy is some areas.  So I'm going to buy a smaller size.  I'm excited though.  I do like them.  Here's a pic of me modeling them with my funky shoes.  There is no way I could rock these shoes at the concert.  But I love how tall I am in them.  I towered the hubs.

I have the worlds smallest ankles.  

I sent my friend a text of me wearing these...I hope I sent it to the right friend. That could be an awkward explanation of a text. to sweet dreams I go.

ps...I want a cupcake right now at this very moment in the worst way...if I wasn't so sleepy and in my pjs I'd drive myself up to Kroger and buy one or two or three.  Yummmmm...

Party OCD

I love details...the little details is what takes things up a notch.  Transforms an ordinary party into an amazing one.  I'm spending my day today cutting, gluing and constructing Alice in wonderland crap for spen's party.  I'm tired and starving.  I'm going to have to take a lunch break soon enough. 

I plan on doing a lazier version of these for the class.  If I were throwing the party at my house i would stain the paper with tea or coffee use an old font print for the letters.  But alas I am not and I have 25 kids to please in a short I'm just writing them by hand.

I wrote out the tags for the mad hatter hats.  I thought I could glue them on before the party...but no way.  I can't transport 25 top hats without them being stacked.  So the kids can do it.  I need to print out my table toppers.

I am in the mood to paint.  I just can't wait until this weather breaks.  I want to open the windows and paint my entry way.  All the white needs a new coat along with my steps.

I think next week I might invite a mommy friend out to go walk in Anchorage.  It's supposed to be gorgeous.  I shall load up now on my Zyrtec.  I need to start giving Spen his as well.  That poor child will have a flare up.

I love my new workout toy.  I snapped my back with it because I'm such an idiot.  But I do love it.  I'm that's a good thing.

I'm trying to write at least one update everyday for a year on this blog.  Kinda a dumb task or ambition. 

I need to get up to IKEA.  I just know I'll spend a $$$ when I go.

I found an awesome idea for kiddy car storage in the basement.  Using magnetic kitchen knives storage for toy cars.

Too cute! you.

I want Eric to put the baby carried on my bike so I can go for a ride with Cedric during the day.  I need to see if I can find Spen's old helmet.  I can't wait for warm weather!!!  It's coming this weekend.  Yay!!!

I really really really want to buy a jogging stroller.  I feel like a twit...I sold mine (VERY NICE) at a yard sale for way too cheap years ago.  Now I want another one.  I would love to start jogging with Ceddy.  I want a stroller without a fixed front wheel.  Those are bitches to run with.  I could have used a jogging stroller on all the beaches I have visited.  Damn.  Oh and learn. to make lunch.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New toy...

So I bought a new workout toy today. Gold's Gym Long Series Resistance Tube Kit with Workout DVD  HOLY HELL these tubes are hard.  I thought it would be another frivolous purchase.  But they are hard to do.  I watch that show Heavy on A&E and I see the personal trainers using them all the time so I figured I'd give them a whirl.  I LOVE them.  I can't wait to show them to Eric.  I'm bored with lifting weights.

Today was Cedric's feeding therapy.  He's funny.  He was slap happy during his session because he had refused a nap before hand.  He giggled and giggled.  It was cute.  Too bad my newly cleaned kitchen is destroyed from his session...but that's life.

My liquid pants should be coming this Friday.  YAY!!!  I need to call and pay for Ceddy's surgery.  Not looking forward to that.

This whole budgeting thing is kinda working out.  It sucks...but in the long run we will have way more money.  Soon the cars will be paid off!!!  Yay!

So it begins...Spen informed me that his friends all want Jordans and he did not know why.  I thank God for my sons reasoning abilities.  He was like they don't make you run faster or be like Michael Jordan.  Yes, he's only 7 and yes he is awesome.   He said his friends all think they are cool.  He was like they're not...they're just shoes.  I love and adore fashion, but to have something to just have something is absurd.  I told Spen it was great he was a free thinker and he wasn't being sucked into insecurity.  We always tell him to be who he wants to be.  I just don't for the life of me see spending that much money on a child's pair of shoes.  I get it if they were medical shoes or something and performed a service to the child, but to "look"  That's doesn't fly in our house.  I try to teach my kids what you wear, what you own and where you live does not make you who you are.  It's how you are that makes you treat people you love, know or strangers accounts to your character.  I swear it's sad so many people assume fancy cars, clothes, an image gives them class or makes them better.  What makes people better is how they treat one another.  I love my son for seeing through the charade of insecurity and mass marketing.  He is Spencer and no one else...and I love him for that.  It's funny Spen is an awesome little man.  He has told me for the longest time that he thinks he was born to do something great.  It was insane hearing this come from a 5 or 6 year old mouth, but I've gotten used to it.  He just plain as day tells me that he thinks he was born for a reason and he is going to do something great when he gets older.  I don't doubt he will.  He is extremely special and gifted.  He is an old soul...weird as I say this some people look at me like I'm nuts, but when he was little he never looked at the world as it was something new.  He was just an old could see it in his eyes.  He is very different from other kids.  He's way more mature and mentally just different.  It's hard to explain.  Anyone who knows him gets this...he's just different.  The funny thing is I truly believe Spen was born to do something great.  I know all parents say that about their kids.  But  I know in my heart he was.  Who knows what his journey will be before him, but I know it will be an interesting one.  Cedric will be my child that calls me in the middle of the night to inform me he moved to Brazil and is starting a new life.  He has no fear.  Spen..he is gentle and thinks everything through.  He will be my surgeon, my Mr. President, my scientist...Ceddy...he will be my cave jumper, mountain climber, gray hair maker, but I wouldn't have it any other way : )  I love my boys. to stuff my face.  I've had two 90 calorie ice cream bars today and subway.  Not looking good...hahahahaa...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Balls to you!!!

Ok...quoting a little Liza Minnelli.

Today has been one of those annoying days that nothing seems to go right.

list of complaints...

Started the day off rushing with no sleep

Rushed to the dr's

Had to fill out a new year form at said dr's...I hate these.  I also had to use a public pen...I didn't feel like hunting for one in my Mary Poppins purse.  That is one of my biggest pet peeves...public pens.  I always try to use hand sanitizer afterward.  Germ freak yes.

I dropped my billion baby pictures out of my wallet in the waiting room.

Shockingly I had a short wait so I didn't have a chance to fill out the annoying form.

Cedric ended up getting a shot today.  He was due for three...but I chose one.  He handled it pretty well considering he screamed and cried during the whole visit.

I stopped by my moms.  I tried making one of the brown paper sack hats...ummmmmm no.  I don't see the kids finding it fun.  I had to laugh because I know they'd be like Spen why does your mom have us putting garbage bags on our heads. They looked dumb in person. So fast forward and I ended up swinging by the party store on the way home.  Yeah...the hats were priced wrong that I purchased and I ended up paying $40 for top hats for the class.  So there is my budget.  Looks like Ms. Nikki is throwing this party on her own dime :(   I'm not sure how much I've spent already.  Oh well.  I just figure since I don't go to church this is my donation to life.  Entertainment for kids.  I swung by the dollar store and bought spoons, sprinkles, two bottles of whip cream and a balloon for Ceddy because he grabbed it and refused to part with it.  It was super cute seeing how much he loved his balloon.  He laughed and played with it all the way home...which consisted of me trying to drive and watch him not choke or eat the ribbon.

I printed out some Alice in wonderland coloring pages.  I decided we're not going to play any games this time.  I have three crafts for them to do and they have to eat their cookies, cupcakes and ice cream so I'm sure their parents will love me.  But I'm not one of those moms that ascribe to the no sugar rule.  In moderation and on special occasions let children be children I say.

Ummmmmmmmmmm......purging the day.  It seems I's dropped everything I touched today.  I came home to a messy house and really no idea what we shall eat for dinner.  I totally almost broke down and did fast food today.  But I didn't.  I made my soup at my moms...but I'm having major cravings right now.

I have no idea what we will do for Valentines day.  I want to take the boys some place fun.  Not sure what Eric and I will do.  I hate this holiday, but fall victim to it yearly.  I'm a sucker for mass marketing. to relax and call a friend.  My friend just had a new baby and I'm supposed to go see her newest addition of sunshine : )  I need to get my baby fix on.  Hehehehehhehee....latersssssss

Holy hell the beast...

the beast was released this morning around 2-4am.  Cedric woke up with mounds of energy and wanted to cry if I wasn't holding him.  As soon as I would pick him up...he'd stop and laugh and say hi, then proceed to try to get me to play.  I'm so tired.  I know Eric is too.  Ceddy loves to wrap his blanket around his head while he sleeps.  This freaks me out so throughout the night I peek over to make sure he has a cover on and that it's not on his head.  I solved the dilemma last night by getting the one my mom crocheted for him.  I figured there were breathing holes for him.

Today is Ceddy's well baby checkup.  This shall be interesting considering he HATES the doctor.

My nails are in dire need of a mani...but no time for me.

Eric and I worked out hard last night...and no that isn't sex code.  We have been pushing each other and lifting weights.  We laughed so hard at each other we almost couldn't finish.  But I'm seeing results!!!  Mrs. Scale read 131 pounds today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!  Now only 6 more pounds to my goal weight.  We have been doing these hardcore leg lifts. One stands up and the other lays their head between the others feet and use their legs as a brace.  Then we lift our legs (as straight as we can) to the others hands.  OMG it kills your stomach.  Also, we've been doing push ups, crunches, and squats.  We increase the amount each night.  I have no upper body strength.

I've decided what I want for my b-day/ anniversary gift.  I want a trip to NYC.  I've never been there and I really really really want to go.  I told Eric a picnic in Central park is how I want to celebrate our anniversary and maybe a trip to see David Letterman for my b-day. I found a cool bed and breakfast in Manhattan.  I'm excited about it.  So hopefully we can go.

My body is killing me from working out...the results are worth it....but ouch.

I got the thumbs up from Spen's teacher for the ice cream party.  Now I need to buy all the supplies for that.  No nuts because I know a few kids have allergies.  But chocolate sauce, cherries, whip cream and marshmallows. Hopefully, Ceddy doesn't have a melt down at the party.  I need to go to the party supply store soon.  So much to do!!!

I want to put some layers in my hair.  I like this minus the blond streak in it.

I know my hair is too short...but something like this. to get ready for the doctor.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Black Liquid Pants...

I'm over the moon...I scored a kick ass pair of pants for gaga (possibly) for cheap!!!
Yay!!!I'm leaning towards wearing them.  Who knows.  My mind is too fried to really think straight.

I did not sleep very well last night, and I got up early this morning.  Oh, a morning to sleep in I long for.  Spen came home in an awful mood.  I ended up making him lay down for a bit.  big boys need naps too.  He seems in better spirits now.

Spen mentioned something to me last night and it sent me back in time.   All I know is my heart goes out to someone, and I wish this person would escape such an abusive man.  People can change, but not mentally ill people who refuse to see they are abusive.  I have been in that place and I have lived that heart just weeps for her. 

I found a cute idea for the valentine party...cute and cheap...I was going to make mad hatter hats for the kids, but it was going to be too pricey so I settled on having them make them.  I found this idea online.  Now to come up with 25 brown paper bags and things to decorate them with.  I have bought a few crafts already so it will be a busy party.  I also found some Alice in wonderland images that I'm going to have eric blow up.  I think they will be fun.   I'm debating on making it a pizza party.  I have to see how much money I have left after I buy everything else.  The school allows for a budget of $40 for each classroom.  I know the kids will be insane that day and I think I'm probably going to have to take Cedric with me...funnnn..... is home and food needs to be made for dinner.

Gaga head...

Ok...I've been so focused on class parties, clients and Ceddy's surgery to figure out my gaga outfit.  So Today I ordered my skirt.  I'm in love with it!  Hopefully, it fits.  I hate buying clothes online.  I have no idea what shirt I'll wear with it...but here she is...

Love it!  I can't decide on leggings or tights...depends upon the shoe.  I'm thinking something along these lines...

But then I thought of rocking these outfits...

I could totally see me wearing these outfits again. I've been on the hunt online for liquid black leggings.  Hummmmm.....I'm so confused.  I ordered my skirt already...damn.

I'm also digging these shoes...

I need to hit up TJ Maxx for some ideas. to fold clothes and clean...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blue Valentine...

Ok, what a tear jerker and hot movie all in one.  My friends and I did not like the ending so we constructed our own version of one. Ha.  I had a blast with my friends.  I hated that a few friends couldn't make it.  But it was an awesome time nonetheless.  Amanda and I had dinner before hand and Shannon joined us for the movie and drinks afterward.  Holy hell, that movie was hot!!!  Also, holy hell I feel old.  We went to the back door for drinks after the movie and it was comical that amid all these bar goers we were talking about our lives, children, and marriage.  I kinda wish we had opted for a coffee shop instead.  But I did enjoy my amaretto sour :)  I had a very good night!!!  I think I'm going to make this a monthly event.  I miss my girls!!!  It's nice escaping mommyland and venturing out into the real world.  I came home to Eric and told him about the night.  He was happy I was happy. God, I love that man.  That movie just reminded me of why it's so wonderful to never lose your silliness, your zest for each other and your desire.  I think Eric and I will sneak away for a holiday sometime soon just us and get lost amid each other and think of no one but ourselves for a split second in time.   It's important to not lose that love and youthful bliss for each other.  Reality and adulthood is a cold bitch that slaps you in the face every morning.  But sometimes, you just have to pull the covers over your heads and snuggle and giggle about life.  Marriage is hard.  It's not an easy task.  The movie was just sad seeing how they fell apart and drifted further away from each other.  That's why it's so important to reconnect.  Because the longer the in between times last the harder it is to find each other again.

Today is Mr. Uncle Sam day.   We do taxes.  Funnnnnnn...Actually, I should rephrase that.  eric does taxes.  I'm horrible with numbers.  

New weight goal....125.  I think I can do it!  I just need to pump up my workouts.  Eric and I worked out and did some yoga moves yesterday.  Too bad Eric looked more like someone having a seizure, but gotta give the boy credit for trying...hehehehehahahahaha.  I think I'm going to try hot yoga.  I LOVE yoga and I used to be really flexible.  I can put my legs almost behind my head...they're right beside it.  Eric laughed yesterday at me and was shocked with how flexible I still am.   I told him I'd love to teach yoga if I got good at it.  He thinks I'm nuts. Oh well....idea of the week.

I'm determined to get back to 125.  This shall be interesting considering I can't crack 131.  The scale just reads 132 day in day out.  I know the whole jazz about it's only a number...hell, I used to be a work out queen.  I want to be 125 period.  Time will only tell on that one. to start this day.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Girls night out!!!

I'm excited about tonight...hopefully the weather corporates. I'm meeting up with some friends to go see a movie and have some dinner.  It's been ages since I've done this!  It was funny last night I was talking to Eric about me going out and how comfortable he is with being left alone with the kids.  Then I started thinking about how early he started watching Ceddy by himself.  At the time you don't realize how small a baby is until you look back. But holy cow he watched him from birth by himself.  We talked about the time I had to shoot the derby and he took the kids over to a family derby party alone all day in Indiana.  Looking back I was so busy with working I didn't realize how awesome a task he had done.  He told me his family was impressed with how natural he was with both boys alone.  I know a lot of dads freak out when moms away.  I told Eric that is something to be proud of. I feel bad leaving him at home tonight, but not so bad I'm not going out ;)  Mommy needs some alone time!!! Ha!   I just hope the weather doesn't snow a lot and it's not icy. 

I'm dragging today.  I took a benadryl and a half at 3am because I had an allergy attack then.  All of the sudden I couldn't breath and my eyes, nose and throat were swollen.  No fun.  I blame the weather.  I had to wake up and get spen off to swim lessons today.  I let Eric take him...I was too tired.  He said Spen is doing really well.

I know I keep saying we are trying to become debt free.  We have a plan...slowly but surely it's working...or so I hope.  It's not that we are struggling or anything I just hate owing people.  I want the car paid off and to have no credit cards.  I want to start dumping money into our house payment.  We talked last night about refinancing for a 15 year mortgage once everything is paid off.  It's sickening to see the interest we are paying on our home loan.  We plan on getting a new car down the road.  Not sure what we will get next, but whatever it is, it has to fit a lot of people.  I need a mini van but I despise them.  I told Eric I would love an Audi Q7..tee hee.  But I'm really not sure what we will get.   Gas mileage is a huge factor for me and safety. I love my wagon, but I can't fit very many people in it.  We go out with friends and then we take Spen's friends out too.  The jeep and the wagon only fit 5 people and with a huge car seat in the mix not very comfortably. 

I feel like crawling back into bed before we start working on taxes.  Eric is down stairs fixing my laptop.  I have a million virus's from  FUNNNNNN.  

Amanda and I have devised a plan for the boys.  We are taking them somewhere for their v-day gifts.  This shall be interesting to say the least.  I need to finish planning spen's party.  I also need to go to the party supply store and go to Michaels.  Crap thinking about this, I realize I have no time for sleep!  Damn. to workout, shower and go to the store.  Have a great weekend internet land...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hell has frozen over...

Ok, today my husband did something that is very out of the normal for him.  He bought a new pair of dress shoes for biggie...the biggie is he bought a pair of Nikes.  OMG...not vans or chucks.  He actually liked them.  Granted they are a simple design.  But he is slowly coming out of his comfort level and trying new things. He needs shoes that will support his feet hiking and working out. He needed a change too. That is what I am all about.  Getting out of  your comfort zone.  I love change.  I live for it.  I love meeting new people and experiencing life from all different views.  So this is a huge step for Eric and I'm proud of him.  He's worse than a chick shopping. But I'm super happy he got new shoes.  It's sad but it's like pulling teeth to get him to open up to new things.  Once he does though he usually loves them. 

I did nothing today and it was blissful.  I had a long list of things that needed to be done, but I did nothing. 

Tomorrow we attempt much fun.  I'm sure my eyes are spinning.

Tomorrow night is my mommy night out.  I plan on catching the movie Blue Valentine with some friends and getting dinner somewhere other than my kitchen.  Such a delight : ) 

Life is funny.  You never know the path you will take tomorrow and where that road with lead you.  New friends will enter your life while old friends exit.  I'm a firm believer that people are placed in our lives for reasons.  At what ever moment you need something or someone, a person will be placed.  We learn and grow from each person that we come in contact with.  I have been blessed with many special friends over the years. 

I love my hubs, he sometimes explains things so simple and so straight forward. He told me to never care what others think and I do not have to explain myself to anyone.  My choices, my life are merely that.  Mine. Simple, yes..but  I can be a push over at times and let others views allow my spirits to be brought down.  I'm a free spirit and I hold no grudges against anyone.  Some people don't get this and in confusion can look down on certain things I choose to do.  I live my life in the respect that I am not a mean person.  I have open arms to everyone and if people find this crazy or weird they can deal with that themselves.  Just because something is not the "norm" doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. 

Life is a funny thing...

A boy and his sock monkey hat...

My Ceddy and his adorable new hat that my friend knitted.  I love his smiling face..

 I have to go and take some training courses online for the cub scouts. Funnnnnnnnn.....not.  But oh well.  Off to do mom stuff I go.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sweet sleep...

Ceddy was up last night from 3am-4am and then back up again sometime after that.  I gave up paying attention to the clock.  I kept bringing him into our bed and he wanted to play.  No sleep for him.  I made a 9:30 doctor appointment so I've been dragging today.

I had lunch with a friend today.  It was nice getting out of the house and getting to know her a little better.  Ceddy was not in the mood though.  I woke him up from a nap...a short lived nap and he was cross.  He's usually smiles and giggles...not so much today. 

I'm happy my blood work showed my thyroid levels are perfect.   Yay!  So I'm currently on the right dosage.  Always a good thing.  I feel a little guilty, I didn't work out today.  But I just don't have the energy.  I'm so drained.  I should sleep well tonight.

Apparently, Terry Meiners thinks it's ok to touch other peoples chicldrens heads while he is out and about.  Ummmm...kinda comical considering he's a weirdo.  I loathe local celebrities.  Ceddy had his head touched by a royal douche today. Now how to write that down in a baby book...hummmm...

Sadly, tonight I just gave my neighbor her christmas gift.  I'm such a slacker.

I had to hurry this evening and draw a bunch of native american signs on poster board for the cub scouts.  Poor Eric has been so busy I threw together something for the kids to do tonight.  Now I need to finish gathering supplies for Spen's class valentines party. to snuggle with Ceddy while Eric and Spen are away at cubscouts.