Thursday, September 30, 2010


So I have lost even more weight :)  I'm stoked on that.  I'm now skinnier than before Cedric.  Still not at my goal weight, but closer.  Having a bad thyroid truly sucks. It makes it 10x's harder for you to be able to lose.  I've lost 2 pounds this week...squeal!!!  The good thing is I'm doing it the right way.  I'm watching what I'm eating and working out daily.  I lift weights everyday and try to do the treadmill.  If not I go for a walk.  I want to be cut.  Not amazon woman, but defined and in shape.  I miss my fit body, but I'm on my way to getting it back :)  My arms are a lot more defined then that's a plus.  I need to work on my stomach.  That's where having two babies will do the most damage.  I've been doing crunches too.  At least 120-150 a night.  So progress is being made.

In the news...
I've been reading about kids being bullied for their homosexuality and then turning to suicide to end their torture. That is so just so sad.  I hate that these poor kids feel they have no where to turn or that what they feel is wrong.  Homosexuality is not wrong!!!  These kids are merely kids.  I wish more parents took a more active role in their kids lives and let their children be who they want and need to become.  I even saw where one boy had his arm broken because he was a cheerleader.  WTH???  This sickens me.  I hate male macho insecure people who feel the need to make fun or or break down what is different to them.  We are all different snowflakes in this water globe and that's what makes it so beautiful.  That's one of the reason's why I went off at the P.E. teacher acting as though it was wrong for spen to cry or made him feel bad about himself.  Kids are precious little people.  Our jobs as adults is to build them up, not tear them down!!!  I will fully love and support my kids with whatever lifestyle they choose.  The hubs feels the same way.  Being homophobic is sad on so many different levels.  Not only are you losing out on wonderful friendships, but your negativity is not needed in this very harsh world.  We are open minded parents.  Sadly, I know too many people that would not welcome gay children into their arms.  Sickening!!!  I just hope and pray that there is more support and counseling being offered to young kids needing to talk about their choices and I really hope and pray that more kids realize that different does not equal bad!!!  I don't understand how a person could find it ok to bully or be mean to another person.  I can only imagine what abuse have the abusers witnessed or been exposed to themselves.  There's a quote I've heard that is very true, hurt people, hurt others.  It's an ugly cycle.  I try to teach my boys that we are all different and it's ok to not be the norm.  People who bully are hurting inside and trying to rectify their own short comings.  It was so awesome...Spen told me he kinda got bullied in the school bathroom.  He said he told the teacher and she took care of it.  But he told me the boy had emotional issues...hehehehhahahaaa.  I was shocked with this coming from a 7 year old mouth, but that's my kid.  The therapist.

Ok...this also has been bothering me.  If I am nice and polite to you, I expect the same.  I hate rude people!!!   I will leave this at that.

I get my new flip camera and portrait lens today!!!  I'm sooo excited!!! I will be stalking my front door, waiting for delivery.  I can't wait!!! to work out.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

These are awesome!

Zombie family decals

I want these!!!

It's nap time here....

Ceddy is taking a nap and I'm fighting the urge to join him.

I had to take on momma tiger form today and go talk to Spen's principle.  Here is the jest of the story.  Spen was playing flag tag yesterday in P.E.  Some kid grabbed his flag off his belt before he had the chance to put the belt fully on.  This upset spen because he was out before he had the chance to play.  So he started crying.  He's 7, and I'm not ashamed of a boy who cries.  I'd rather him have his emotions out than in.  But anyhoo, his jerk of a P.E. teacher tells Spen to stop and that he "wasn't going to deal with it".  He then told Spen to sit out.  He later told Spen's fellow teammates to not unfreeze Spen because he will only cry if he gets his flag taken away.  This was a whole lot of wrong on soooooo mannnnnnny levels!!!  These kids are in the 2nd grade.  If a kid cries you do "deal with it".  That is your job.  Second he is setting up the image it's ok to pick on Spen because he will cry if he gets out.  I've talked with a lot of parents and he's had a lot of issues with picking on kids and saying inappropriate things.  So I went and discussed things with the principle.  I demanded an apology to Spen and told her this guy should not be an elementary teacher.  He has no tact nor common sense when it comes to dealing with young kids.  I informed the principle I have been a soccer coach, sunday school teacher and camp counselor along with my husband who is the cub scout den leader for their ages and we would never dream to treat a child like that.  I told her his job as an elementary school P.E. teacher is to teach physical education promote good health and to build their self confidence.  She told me he had some rough edges in the past and she has worked with him.  I told her he apparently has not learned from his past mistakes.  She told me he had a good heart.  I told her that was great, but this is my son's reality and memories he is shaping.  You can't call a kid out and belittle him in front of the class.  I will not stand for it.  I love my hubby to death.  He wanted to go there and have a talk with her himself, but couldn't due to work.  But he was so livid himself.  He loves Spen so much and will not stand for that.  From what I gather this guy is a wannabe football star from U of L and he lives in his past.  It's sad but Spen told me last year that he only likes the jocks.  WTH?  How does a 1st grader even notice that.  After all was said and done today I was promised that the teacher would make it right.  If he doesn't, looks like I will have to make a little trip to the school board.  I'm a pretty passive person.  I'm really nice, and I let people slide if they are jerks.  That's their issues not mine.  But I refuse to have my son treated in any manor other then encouragement from a teacher.  The thing is, Spen is a sensitive kid.  He's had a lot of issues from my ex, and he's a nice sweet kid.  He listens and is a good student.  I will be damned if I have some frat boy tarnish my kids ego.  So hopefully everything will be rectified. I hate confrontation.  But when it comes to my kids, the claws come out.

Off to workout I go.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Because I'm bored out of my mind...

Cedric fell I'm killing time playing with my computer camera and screwed it up...enjoy my randomness.. 

                                                       I love my jeans with holes in them!

                                               People never have enough top of the head shots.

I'm over the moon!!!

I scored a ticket to the Lady Gaga and Scissor Sisters show.  Laaaaaaaa...I'm excited.  I have to decide on a costume to wear. 

Current thoughts:

- I have to go to the post office and mail two clients pictures.  I will be relieved when this task is done.  I hate shipping things.

- I need to put together everyone's Halloween costume.

- I need to make Ceddy's b-day invites.

- I'm super excited about my new lens and flip camera!  I can't wait to start using them...I may start video blogging after all.

- I had a good workout today....I might workout tonight, depending on my energy level.

- I have a whole house to clean, and I have been avoiding it like the plague.  I guess I could start on it when I get home.  No fun there.

- Still not done with the kitchen....I HATE PAINTING CABINETS!!!!!!

- I also have to organize spen's class party.  Whewwwww....this will be an awesome Halloween.  Hopefully.

- Missing the hubs, but he's off making I won't complain.

- I really wish Eric could take a week off and help get this house back together.  I swear I feel as though I'm always living in the middle of a house project.  We need to go to IKEA and get our counter tops. I want to put those in before we put up the back splash.

- I need to revamp my fall clothing selection.  Mine is full of stuff that has lost it's shape or has shrunk.  Fun.

- I need to buy the kids more fall clothes, and Eric as well.  He's lost so much weight his pants are baggy.  The kids keep growing like weeds.  So we shall see.  I'm trying to save money.  So this is a hard task.  I say this in one breath and buy stuff in the other.

- Today is Cedric's 11 month little guy is getting so big.  I blinked and it was a year later. to post office I go.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weird encounter...

Ok...I had a weird encounter today in a parking lot.  While putting Ceddy in the car I was loving on him and kissing him.  He's too adorable not to.  His chubby cheeks and sweet just have to kiss him.  He also has started patting you on the back when you pat him. So I was patting and kissing him for a moment before putting him in the car. So while buckling him in his car seat this man comes up to me.  First thought,  what do you want from me...people are always asking for money up and down bardstown rd., second thought, please don't mug me, then I scan the guy assessing the situation and notice he is wearing an officer shirt and is driving a metro call.  Third thought, oh shit...did I hit something with my car or do something wrong?  But to my surprise none of my thoughts were correct.  He told me, thanks for being a good mom.  He said I was smiling sitting in my car watching you hugging your son.  He said it was good to see good moms, and that I made being a mom look like the best job in the world.  I told him it is.  I also said it helps when the baby is as happy as my little guy.  I thanked him and we parted ways.  I was a little taken aback by the situation.  It feels good that people notice you love your kid, but then it's weird that people actually notice you.  I talked to Eric about it, and we both agreed the guy probably sees a lot of horrific moms out there being a police officer and it's a nice change of pace to be reminded why people actually have kids.  To love them.  It's funny as I was driving away I thought of the things I didn't say.  I didn't tell him, hell yes I love being a mom.  This child here was wanted and planned for.  After 2.5 years of trying to conceive, one miscarriage, bed rest and many doctor visits later, I thank God everyday I'm blessed with him.  I love both my boys and being a mom is the greatest gift I have ever been given.  It's funny I was once asked by a close friend who isn't a parent why am I a mom and is that my only identity.  You can't sum up all it is to being  a parent in a few sentences.  In one mere conversation.  It's so vast and emotions run so deep...I simply couldn't find the words. I know some of my friends without kids think I'm consumed by my children, I have no other needs or desires.  I do.  But I know there will be a time in my life that my little boys will no longer fit in my arms, or need me, so I will be consumed by them now.  I will be there for them and love them with all my heart while they are young.  I want them to grow up to be loving, kind and intelligent men.  So I pour myself into them. When they are off at college and my house is quiet I'll remember their heavy footsteps running upstairs, and tv blaring spongebob or video games. I'll miss the whines and gripes of doing homework and dirty little faces giving me kisses. I'll miss being a mom, so I want to be there for them now.  My husband feels the same way.  He adores our boys and makes sure they know it daily.  Being a parent is hard.  I'm not going to lie, there are days I want to crawl back into bed, or sit in the car and not go inside.  Sitting in the car with music on and drifting away for a mere moment not having any responsibility for anyone other then myself is my little oasis of solitude is nice.  Sometimes it's pure bliss to only be thinking about a song, or thinking about nothing at all.  To just sit and drift away.  But then when I gather the groceries up and enter the house smiling faces greet me asking what I got them is a nice reality to come back to.  Being a parent isn't for everyone.  Nor is it easy.  But I must say it is the greatest job I have ever had!  Ok, I'm a dork and teared up writing some of this.  I'm lame....ok off to buy fabric I go. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Woo hooo Bitches!!!!

I reached my pre-pregnancy weight!!!  I still have some more pounds I want to lose...but yay nonetheless!!!

Carry on...pointless blog...but I'm full of excitement!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy new shoes day!

I bought these yesterday.  Can't wait to wear them!


I'm sooo excited.  I scored a vest for spens Halloween costume yesterday.  He's going as Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future.  Cedric is going as Doc Brown.

My 7 year old is obsessed with the 80's.  So this was a natural costume choice in our household.  I have to order Ceddy a baby wig.

I found this one and think it might work.   I'm going to sew it to a hat so it won't be scratchy for the baby.  I also have to sew him a little white jump suit.  They will look adorable.  Eric and I are debating on going as Lorraine and George at the dance.

We will have to see if we can come up with something. I need to hit up some thrift store for a blue jean jacket for spen.  I'm excited!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Totally had an oh sh$t moment this morning....

My oldest woke me up this morning crying that the tooth fairy did not come.  I TOTALLY forgot.  I felt awful!!!!!!  I had a bad headache and took a benadryl that knocked me out last night (I'm a sissy).  So I told Spen that the tooth fairy once didn't come when I was little too and maybe she will come soon.  I told him she has a lot of houses to go to and teeth to collect.  I told him to take a shower and I pretended to lay back down.  As soon as he was in my bathroom shower.. Eric and I jumped up.  He collected the money and I ran and cut out a giant tooth out of printing paper.  I had Eric write a "sorry I was late" note on the giant tooth.  We stuffed it in the little baggy under his pillow with his money and hopped back into bed. It's funny, I had to put his tooth in my nightstand because I didn't want him to hear me up. So we just shoved it in there and pretended to sleep. Shewwwww.....spen later checked for his tooth after his shower and was over the moon excited when he discovered she came.  It was funny...he totally bought it, esp since we acted like we were still asleep.  He asked if I had heard her.  I was like no..I was asleep. He was like, she was probably really busy and had to stop by this morning.  He was happy and the world was made right.  Now, to never forget that again.  The joys of being a mom.

Today, I choose to smile with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair...fall is upon us....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Found this amusing...


Valley of the dolls....

Sometimes I feel that's where I live..only in white suburbia.

I have a long list of things to do...

I hate when clients won't pay, or put you off for payment.  It just drives me crazy.  I keep learning more and more with each transaction that goes down.  I now require full payment before weddings and with portraits the day of service.  Shheesshhhhhh.  Give a person an inch....

Kitchen pics....

Above is what I have been dealing with.  Thankfully, I have a talented hubby who has the new walls up and ready to be primed.  He proved me wrong.  I bet him he couldn't do it in one weekend and he did.  I HATEEEEEEE drywall dust.  But am thankful the walls are onto decorating!!!

Off to make lunch....

Monday, September 6, 2010


Current lists of stress in random listing...

- My thyroid...I'm gaining weight, and losing hair...always a nice combination.
- My kitchen.  Eric is about done with the drywall and sanding.  My hat goes off to the man...he did it in the time frame he said he could under budget.  Now onto the clean up.  Drywall dust is HORRENDOUS.  It's everywhere in the kitchen and on everything. 
- Cedric's birthday party.  I changed the theme.  I had my heart set on the sideshow circus theme, but I want him to be able to enjoy it.  I want games and booths.  It would be a waste because he couldn't really understand or participate.  Also, funding.  The little kitchen leak has set us back on budget.  So I changed the theme to a Halloween party.  I'm excited about that now...and a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  We have a lot of the decorations and we can just add to them.  I have tons of ideas of what to do and I might pick up the new martha stewart Halloween magazine.  I'm excited and relieved.  I plan on throwing the circus theme when he's a little older. 

- My give someone an inch..they take a mile and I will leave it at that.

I'm tired...sometimes it just sucks being an adult and responsible for the happenings of your house, life and everything in between.  Eric and I do everything ourselves, and sometimes, it's hard.  I'm happy I have an awesome partner because I couldn't survive this crazy life we have without him : )  He calms my nerves and is super strong.  I'm pmsing so everything is a million times worse in my head then it really is.  I have a long list of things I need to tackle.

Off to make lunch....or get take out...hummmmm.....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vote for Ceddy!!!!

Yes, I know my son's name is misspelled...somehow it got screwed up and I can't fix it...but vote for him anyway...he's adorable!!!
Vote for CEDDY!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's raining it's pouring...

in my kitchen!!!!!!!!!

I'm so tired...I really think I may go to bed and not get out of it.  I came home today after a wasted shopping adventure to discover my kitchen ceiling was leaking.  Long story short...a pipe leaked and now my dry wall needs to be replaced.  On a positive note....all the wallpaper is down in my kitchen :)  We started ripping it down to check out the damage.  Thank God it came down super easily.  Sadly, if I had known it came down so easily, I would have done that a long time ago.  But that means nothing now.

I'm super bummed.  My thyroid is sucking.  I need to go back to the doctor.  I work out, watch what I eat and am not losing anymore weight.  Well, I am losing my hair.  Grrrrr......I need to get my levels checked.  I'm just depressed over it all.

I'm also so tired of being nice.  I'm always the nice person.  I'm tired of people being rude.  It's annoying.  I pretend to buy the BS excuses or listen to their lies...but I call shenanigans!  Rude is just stop being rude people.  I don't understand certain people and their lack of niceness.  Oh well that's life.  Off to cheer up....

Damn hormones!

I'm so's driving me nuts so I can only imagine how the people around me feel.  I was going to take Cedric to the library this morning.  They have a baby hour there.  They sing and play with the kids.  Well, he's passed out in his playpen.  So scratch that off the agenda. 

My allergies are in full swing right now...and my thoughts are foggy so maybe a morning full of babies and hormones would not mix very well.  I say it's for the better.

I need to go buy ribbon and tissue paper.  I'm burning images for a client and I wrap them up all spiffy.  It's all about presentation. I plan on stopping by Michaels and picking up some there.  I also plan on picking up some more fall decorations.  I'm know I'm early, but I have already put up my fall wreath and have been burning my fall scented candles.  next halloween decorations go up.

Dear Diary.

               Heather told me she teaches people 

               life. She said, "Real life sucks losers 

               dry. If you want to fuck with the 

               eagles, you have to learn to fly."  I 

               said, "So you teach people how to 

               spread their wings and fly?"  She said, 

               "Yes."  I said, "You're beautiful!"
Just a quote from a great 80's movie the...Heathers. Carry on...........