Sunday, February 13, 2011

Once upon a time...

A girl named Nikki dreamed of having a clean office.  After months of being lazy it finally came into fruition last night.  Woo hoo!!!  Eric and I sat down and went through papers, filed said papers, dusted, vacuumed and finally I am now sitting in a clean office.  I need to get shelves for the walls.  I want more organization in here. I still have to go through old calendars and recycle them, but yay!!!  Sadly it's the little things I get pumped for.

I weighed myself again this morning...130 still : )  I ate a lot yesterday too...but I worked my ass off cleaning.  Today we do cars and the garage.  I think we will try to get a bike ride or walk in today as well.  It shall be a beautiful day. 

I'm super stoked.  I received my Suze Orman tickets in the mail yesterday.  I love this woman and I can't wait to hear her speak.  I'm a nerd, but I want to properly invest our money, get out of debt and stay that way.  I want to have a nest egg for the future and a good chunk of my mortgage gone over the next few years.

My family room has been inundated with toys.  The basement is mostly spen's toy space.  I need to buy more storage shelves for his stuff.  I can't let Ceddy down in there without watching him like a hawk.  So Eric brought the huge kitchen upstairs and put it in the family room. Cedric LOVES playing with I figure he'll get more usage out of it being up stairs.  So now my family room looks nuts.  Homes are meant to be lived in not become museums....or so I keep telling myself.

We did our taxes.  Now I need to do my business taxes.  I also have to do my old taxes I screwed up on.  Damn you Mr. Uncle Sam. 

I LOVE my new acne medicine I was put on.  It's a combination of two drugs, one is an antibiotic.  I have not had a pimple since I started it.  Laaaaaaaa!!!  That is an awesome miracle.  I don't have horrible skin, I just get hormonal breakouts.  I have fought off acne and breakouts the majority of my life.  So I'm over the moon with my new meds.  I've been using the sample meds my doctor gave me.  I need to go fill my prescription.  I'm so lazy. 

I found an old CD full of images last night.  I about cried looking at how small Spen was.  He was so  cute and such a sweetie.  I love that little guy so much.  It had pics of me coaching on it and Spen's 3rd birthday.  I can't believe my little guy will be 8 years old.  Ouch.  My baby is growing up.

I have my heart set on a trip to NYC for my 30th birthday and 5 year anniversary.  I'm super excited about it.  I want to see David Letterman and have a picnic in central park.  I also want to see all the fabulous museums and small mom and pop restaurants.  The more I think about it...the more excited I become.  That is a place I have long to visit for years. to be productive.  I might go get my car washed : )

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