Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feeding therapy...

I learned some interesting facts today about reflux and how it can mimic other problems in a child.  Ceddy's eating has started to slow down.  A lot of factors could be going on.  I discussed a bunch of things with his speech/eating therapist today.  It could simply be a phase, his teeth, his mouth hurting or his reflux.  I didn't realize that's why they are always asking about his weight. Reflux can cause so many issues for a baby and toddler.  She said to be careful and make sure that his reflux is under control.  I have noticed he has been somewhat swallowing more at night when he lays down.  I might need to start giving him two doses a day.  I'll mention this to the doctor at his next visit.  I was also told to keep an eye on food allergies.  They are hardcore about those.  I was told food allergies can cause reflux symptoms.  So something I need to do is start logging what he eats, esp since he is trying new food.  Apparently, food allergies can be the cause not reflux, and medicine will not alleviate the refluxing.  I know that spitting up is not the only sign of reflux or food allergies, crying, discomfort, rashes, lack of eating(my current worry), and lack of growth.  Not so much.  I did though discuss a vitamin with Ceddy's doctor last visit because an obese child can still be malnourished.  I was told since, Cedric is on formula he doesn't need vitamins.  Although, most vitamins are water soluble and he would simply pee out what his body did not absorb I will listen to the doctor.  Cedric did eat some pieces of a cheddar roll tonight, but he straight up says no now to certain food.  It's funny I have now gotten so I wheel him over to the pantry and show him food.  If he says yum when I show it to him...I know he will eat it.  He's funny.  Since his tongue has been clipped he is speaking in his own language.  It's funny...he goes a mile a minute talking to himself about things.  His speech therapist said she's not worried at all about his speech.  He is a little parrot.  It's sad though, he still cannot stick his tongue out.  He tries somewhat, but doesn't have the muscles or know how to move the muscles yet.  We keep trying to get him to lick things and stick his tongue out.  I told his therapist today that most moms try to keep their kids from sticking their tongues out...I'm encouraging it. Ha.  We worked with a mirror today for the first time.  He liked it.  He let me brush his teeth too.   We are working on his tongue movement. 

Eric is helping a friend out with the arcade expo.  They are currently tucked away in the basement gluing decals on an arcade.  I hope it works...and I hope they don't get too high from the fumes.

I plan on making baby shower decorations this weekend.  I'm thinking paper pom poms, and a few banners.  I'm tired.  I need to take my allergy meds...oh the lovely ohio valley.

I need to start working out.  I took a break last back to the grind.  I need to reach my goal weight.

I feel awful...but I really need to fill out Cedric's baby book.  Spen's is filled to the max with little tidbits of his everyday things.  Dates of EVERYTHING he did.  Ceddy...not so much.  Heheheehehee...oh I feel sorry for my next child.  They will be lucky if they have a baby book. 

I'm kinda scared.  Friday is my chemical peel.  Eeekkkkk.  I'm having some friends over that night too.  This shall be interesting.  I'm sure my face will be red and scary. 

I need to figure out my gaga outfit.  To be honest my heart isn't in it right now.

I've been thinking about going back to school.  I have a few ideas...but we'll see what happens.

I wish I could get rid of this sinus to take meds I go...

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