Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time Out!!!

I had a mommy time out today...and it was FABULOUS!!!  I got to hang out with two wonderful ladies and I realized how much my soul needed a little kid free time.  I had a facial and chemical peel...which was insane.  Note to self, groupons are not always the best thing.  I will be officially the judge of this tomorrow, but today I had my faced plastered with a chemical, masques and some laser ray done to it.  They left the chemical on my face. I've NEVER had a facial or chemical peel done like that.  My face was so shiny when I met up with my friends I looked plastic.  It was kinda comical.  We went shopping (and I scored an awesome purse) and we scored great finds for my friends wedding.  Today was a really good day. To top it off...I also got a bonus!!!  SUPER excited for this!!!  I've been working hard on a client and it pays : ) They resigned their contract with us and I'm super excited : )  It's nice to see your hard work being rewarded.

Working my way closer to new floors : ))))) I'm super excited about this!!!

This weekend will be jam packed with Thomas the Tank Engine.  We are taking the boys to Day out with Thomas.  Should be interesting.

Poor Eric has tests done tomorrow.  Fingers crossed everything comes out good. I'm going to go snuggle with him...I'm totally on a happy buzz right now.

Ps...I shall totally make some more mommy friend time this summer : ) It's important for my sanity ; )

Friday, May 25, 2012

....where do I begin...

I'm throwing a party tonight for my husbands birthday, my house is a mess, decorations are somewhat up, food no where to be seen.  I can't for the life of me decide where to begin...ha.  I think the grocery will be the best starting point.  I'm excited for the shall be our first outdoor movie night.  It's an 80's theme.  We still need to decide upon the movies.  I swear this month has been insane.

Yesterday was Eric's actual birthday. We had a picnic at the park for dinner and took his canoe out on the lake.  Ok, for me...I've never been in a canoe.  Yes, I love the outdoors and yes I have camped, hiked and been outdoors numerous times...but never have I been in a canoe....on water.  It was TERRIFYING at first since I had to go in first and walk to the front.  But once we shoved off I FELL IN LOVE!!!  It's so much fun and a great upper body work out.  I will not lie, I screamed and yelled at Eric for all the local fisherman to hear when he started shaking it on purpose.  I did NOT find that funny.  But once he got his laughs out we had fun.  Spencer sat in the middle and LOVED it too!  Poor Cedric wanted to go out, but that child would have dove overboard the moment he got in.  He stayed back at the shore with his grandma and they fished.  Spencer even managed to catch a fish yesterday too.  Spen was a natural in the canoe. So I was able to have fun and not be too nervous. Below are some pics from out outing.

Cedric was not happy not being able to ride in the canoe. He HAD to wear a life vest! I was shocked he even took it off.

It was really beautiful yesterday.

Eric being silly.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Truths....

Ok, feel free to repost this and fill in your own Three truths.

Three Truths:

My House:
1. Is currently a MESS!
2. Is a work in progress.
3. Is has settled through the years.

My Body:
1. Has birthed two children and housed three.
2. Is also a work in progress.
3. Has very ticklish arms and stomach.

My Food:
2. I love milk CHOCOLATE but despise dark.
3. I LOVE any pasta.

My Car:
1. Needs to be cleaned.
2. Is truly a mom-mobile.
3. Probably gives the illusion to others that I am a toy hoarder ; )

My Dreams:
1. To write a book about my life.
2. To go to Europe.
3. To always evolve, never staying stagnant.

My Husband:
1. Is the sweetest man in the world.
2. Is the worlds best Dad and great role model!  I know how cliche
3. Is a hoarder.  Honestly, he is.  Ask anyone who knows him ; P

My Children:
1. Are my WORLD!
2. Drive me to the brinks of insanity, but their smiles and giggles snaps me back.
3. Are the most loving kids ever!  They fill each day with hugs and kisses.

My Life:
1. Is truly blessed by a wonderful family and friends.
2. Is constantly changing.
3. Is very busy!!!

My Hobbies:
1. I'm notorious for picking up a hobby and starting a new one within the same week or day.
2. I love CRAFTS and anything artistic!!!
3. I love photography.

My wardrobe:
1. Is truly sad.
2. Is mostly black or grey.  I'm not a huge fan of bright colors or busy patterns and no I'm not goth. Ha!  More like Tabatha Coffey's style.
3. I desperately need to update it!!!

My shoes:
1. I LOVE shoes and have tons I never wear!
2. I LOVE heels, but yet again never wear them.
3. I LOVE my biker boots.

My friends:
1. I truly have the best friends in the world.  I LOVE them!
2. They all have dark senses of humor. (Which makes me love them more!)
3. We usually get ourselves into crazy situations...but laugh the whole way through.

My addictions:
1. The Internet.
2. Chocolate.
3. Coffee.

My Current Wants:
1. The new iPad.
2. New floors.
3. More mulch for my yard...I random...ha!

My Pet Peeves:
1. People who copy my ideas and use them as their own.  Hey, at least give me a shout out!
2. Bad parents!
3. Rude people...but isn't that every ones?

My Idea of Fun:
1. Getting lost in a new place exploring.  I love doing this whenever we travel.
2. Traveling...I LOVE new locations.
3. Decorating.  I get a high off of it.  Maybe it's just paint fumes ; )

My Favorite Places:
1. Anywhere near the ocean.
2. The Beach at sunrise in Kauai.
3. I know this is lame...but my hubby's arms. I know...gag.

My Favorite Things To Do With My Family:
1. Travel!
2. Camping
3. Throw parties!

Things I Procrastinate On:
1. Editing photos.
2. Cleaning my shower...I HATE it!
3. Getting the clothes out of the dryer...Lord only knows how many times I restart it.

My Past:
1. Has been a roller coaster ride.
2. Learned from my many mistakes.
3. Made me grow up fast!

My Future:
1. Is exciting.
2. Possibly another child?
3. Watching my children grow into kind men.  Daily, I see the transformation from baby to boys.  I can't believe how fast they are growing! that I have avoided work long to go buy that mulch.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Some people give gift cards...I give a canoe...

My husband has been wanting a canoe for YEARS.  That and everything else under the sun, but I made up my mind I would surprise him with this gift for his birthday.  How on earth would I accomplish such a feat though?  With the help from my awesome friend and partner in crime Sarah!  We lied and said we were going to the gym.  we even put on our gym clothes and I threw my hair up in a ponytail.  Borrowed Sarah's husbands truck and drove to Dicks sporting goods.  It was actually quite comical when the sales guy asked if he could help me.  I answered with I need to buy a boat...or actually a canoe...actually that canoe and I pointed to it.  Long story short. WE looked nuts and had no idea what we were doing. Eric was VERY shocked when he saw it.  I ran into the house lying telling him the Jeep had died while I was driving it.  I told him I was able to get it home and Sarah had to follow me.  I also said it was smoking.  So he ran to put his shoes on and dashed out to the Jeep.  It was funny...his eyes did the once over on the Jeep trying to see the non-existent smoke. I saw him squinting.  I then proceeded to tell him a part fell off too and it's in the back of Sarah's truck...he asked why I hadn't told him that first and made a mad dash to her truck. I could see his mind going over every possible scenario of what was wrong with the Jeep.  Once he looked in the back of the truck he froze, turned around and smiled.  He said it took a second to see the canoe...he was too busy searching for the part.  He loved it!!!  I can't wait to get it out on the water!!!  Cedric said it was beautiful and Spencer is excited to use it.  Yay!!!

Here is a photo of Sarah urban paddling at the Mall...we had to snap a picture.  How often does one buy a canoe?  This had to be documented.  It was also just super funny to see her pretending to be on a lake in a parking lot.  We love making asses out of ourselves.  You have to be able to laugh at yourself.  It's our mantra!

Super Happy!!!

I'm not gonna lie...I am totally relieved and thanking God right now!  Cedric's doctor appointment went well.  Ok, well as in my fears for the lump were relieved.  He feels that it is just swollen from him being sick a few weeks back.  Now the not so happy news...he feels that his reflux is causing nodules on his vocal chords (hence his Barry White tone) and he might have to have his adenoids and tonsils out.  He thinks he has sleep apnea.  Totally, see that now that he pointed it out. Ha!  He schedule a scope done for him in July.  Cedric will have to be sedated, and if he feels the adenoids and tonsils need to come out...he'll perform the surgery then.  They said he will probably spend the night in the hospital.  Which I would want.  My sister had a friend lose her daughter after having her tonsils out.  So this will relieve some of my worries there.  They also scheduled a gastrologist appointment. They still have to call me with the time and date.  I hate it for him.  He has an extremely high tolerance for pain....but I hate just thinking about the surgery and all that jazz for him.  But he is in good hands at Kosair.  They are so awesome there!  So I feel blessed to be able to take him there.  I'm not looking forward to the medical bills though.  Fun...eyes rolling...just when were almost done with all bills...pile some more on : P I must say I have the worlds best friends!!!  They worry about my kids like their own.  It's sweet that they are just as concerned for Cedric as I am : )

Now onto super happy news...I found the best spraypark for the kids not very far from my house. I must live under a rock because it was built last year. I plan on taking the kids there this summer.  Yay!  I love some free family entertainment : ) My friend and I stopped by after school and the Kids LOVED it!!! Most the pics are of Cedric because he kept running off and I had to chase after him.  He even managed to duck under a roped off area and sprint from me.

The family and I need to write our yearly Summer bucket list.  I can't wait to go back to the drive in and I have a feeling something will be added to this years, but I'll write more about that later! I know Eric wants to make some homemade ice cream.  I'm thinking about taking another trip to Holland again.  I really like it up there.  Maybe a weekend family getaway.

I have so many things I want to buy, but my new want is the new iPad.  I'm thinking I could also write it off for taxes...or so I keep telling myself...ha!  I can't wait for my braces to be paid off.  That's $$$ I could be spending on fun stuff...haahaa. Eric jokes and says that almost 6k of bling ; ) He's such a guy.

Ok, off to finish some work...Have a lovely day guys!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Great Weekend

This weekend has been a fun one, but has kept me VERY busy!  I swear that should be my new catch phrase....busy. We were in charge of cub scout graduation on Saturday and I had a photo shoot this evening.  I have Eric's birthday party next Friday to plan.  Sheeshhhh...running on fumes.  The boys had a blast at the graduation though.  Eric did an awesome job!


My heart is in my throat.  Tomorrow Cedric goes to the ENT.  I'm beyond nervous.  I hope they can figure everything out and it will be an easy fix.  I'll update more after the visit.

I have so many projects around the house that need to be done.  I have rooms begging to be cleaned and laundry desperately needing to be washed.  I chose to do nothing.  So much to do...but as of right to water my flowers at almost 11pm.  Ha...I just now remembered. Have a great week guys!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy Busy Busy...

That's my story this week...busy.  I took Cedric to the doctor yesterday.  I'm going to be honest and put myself out there...I have been FREAKED out over his gland that is swollen in his neck.  Yesterday's trip marked his third visit to the doctor over it.  His pediatrician feels that it is his reflux causing irritation in his throat. He also was concerned with his voice being so deep.  He thinks he may have a polyp on his chords from the reflux.  It's insane how much trouble his reflux has caused.  So now  we have an appointment with his ENT.  I was so proud of my little guy.  He had blood work done and he was so good.  He didn't cry and sat perfectly still...a total unheard moment for a toddler.  I hated it for him being poked, but he did so well I was super proud of him.

This weekend is the cub scout graduation.  I need to figure out what games we will play and next weekend is Eric's birthday party.  I need to figure out what I'm doing for that as well.  He said he wants an 80's movie night/BBQ.  So I have a starting point. We also have our neighborhood yard sale.  I hate dragging things onto the lawn to be looked over, rummaged through and then discarded.  I'm not a person who enjoys negotiating with people.   So the whole I put $1 price on something, no I'm not going to sell it to you for a quarter.

One of BFF's came into town this week.  It was really nice to get to see him and hang out.  I also got to see my other friend kick ass in stand up comedy competition! He competed and won the funniest Health professional for Louisville.

We were so proud of him up on stage.  He was so calm and the timing for his jokes were perfect!!!  It's funny my friends and I were sitting on pins and needles when he walked up there.  I jokingly told them I was prepared to take one for the team and flash the crowd or fake a seizure if he choked...hehehhee...but he did not choke and he totally rocked!!!  I totally admire his bravery for getting up there to begin with.  I would have froze and starred at the spotlight. Chirp chirp ...nothing but crickets.

I'm excited because I'm getting my canvas roll tomorrow.  I have so many projects swirling around in my head.  YAY!!!  Ok, off to finish up my day : )

Friday, May 11, 2012

...I think...I sold out...

Have you ever had that aha moment when you look around at your life and sold out?  What happened to the punk rock mama that used to consume me?  What happened to my screw the world mentality and riot girl inner sinew?  It's still there and days like this it's yearning to break free.  I'm surrounded in boring colorless suburbia.  Where the yards are all perfectly manicured (minus ours) and the houses are all cookie cutter delight.  I'm screaming inside to play loud music all day and get lost amid my paint brushes.  I have not painted in years.  Ok, let me rephrase that, a canvas in years.  I've painted more walls than my eyes wish to have seen. I cannot remember the last time I went out to take photos for fun, not work. I feel odd and peculiar.  I don't belong here.  I have weeded through the boring soccer moms searching for other artist to befriend.  I've made some awesome friends living where I do...but my heart yearns for more art and music.  Don't get me wrong, I feel beyond blessed to have the house, and safe neighborhood that I do.  I love that my son goes to a great school, and doesn't have to sift through crack needles at his playground.  But days like this...I miss the old me.  The me that wore what she wanted, had three different shades of hair and oozed art out of every pore of her body. It wasn't a "phase"...I was a free spirit. I still am to some degree...but one that has two babies and a husband by her side. Today, I have yoga pants on and my hair is tied up in a ponytail. Really?  The old me would have flicked me in the forehead and told me to get a clue. I'm the shadow of sparkle I used to be.  Kinda, depressing one could say.   But I guess, the sparkle is still there, I just need to unleash it once and awhile.  So, I shall declare today to be punk rock girl day!!!  I'll sift through some old songs, blast them on the computer with my toddler and dance to our hearts are content.  Maybe while he naps away I'll sketch something, or work on that novel I always promise myself to write. Maybe...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Warning Bitchfest...hold on tight...

I shall blame the following on hormones...

I'm really upset right now.  I'm a photographer and occasionally I will offer my work as gifts to close family and friends.  But this is how I make a photographer.  I do not for the life of me understand why a lot of people think I should give them free portraits.  I understand we are family/friends and I understand you like my work...but respect me enough to pay me.  It hurts my feelings.  I hate when my feelings are hurt and I can't find the voice to share my feelings...instead...I turn to my blog to vent. Ha!  A few months ago I had my feelings hurt involving doing free work for a friend and that stung as well.  A lot of people do not understand what it takes to go out on location to shoot and edit along with having to find babysitters for my kids. ESPECIALLY if I am doing it for FREE.  That dime is on me!  I am getting my voice.  My two BFFs are getting married this year and I offered to shoot their weddings as a gift.  I'm cool with that.  I totally offered and that is my gift.  But I usually charge $1200 and up for a wedding.  I love my friends but I usually do not give $1200 wedding gifts nor did they give me that $$$ of a wedding gift.  I need to let them know I am attending the wedding as a friend not as an employee. I will take portraits and photographs...but not for hours on end.  I want to be there as a guest and a friend.  To be honest I really am feeling unappreciated at the moment.  I work my ass off for everyone and I sacrifice time away from kids.  This is why I have made the conscious decision to not do any more free work. It makes everything too complicated.  Also, where do I draw the line.  If I do something free for one person...another person will demand it.  Oy VEY!!!  I have been working on fumes lately. I feel like I'm being pulled every which way on everyone else's whims. Trying to balance photography, family, and my other job...and I have to start being an adult and standing up for myself.  Not that I won't be nice Nikki...anymore...but I won't be doormat Nikki ; ) Sheeshhhhhh...I feel better.  I don't want anyone to get mad...but I just need to let people know my feelings are hurt.

Ok...I think shooting the Derby and the heat has sent me into a tizzy.  I'm so tired...I literally walked with FULL gear (camera, laptop, lens's and rain boots) from Floyd Street to Churchill Downs..Map....then ALL  around Churchill  and again shooting for the paper.  Then I walked to Central and Taylor to be picked up.  Came home laid down for a second, walked to go get some dinner, went on a bike ride with the kids and now I'm beat. I know tomorrow my legs will scream from the punishment I put them through today.

Ok..sweet dreams...Hopefully, tomorrow I will wake up in a better mood.  I'll leave you with some pics from my cellphone from my day...

I LOVE Churchill Downs in the morning of Derby.  Long before the crowds follow in. 

Crazy religious people shouting at EVERYONE as they entered.  I had to snap a pick of them.

Inside the media center waiting in line for lunch.

...and then the crowds came...

Me sitting on a bus stop waiting for my husband to pick me up....VERY TIRED!

...and the crazy happy dancing man I named Earl...dancing his heart out on the corner.  He had some awesome moves I will have to admit.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Android Photo dump...

Nothing makes oneself feel oh so pretty like tin foil on your head ; )

I snapped this pic as I had my did yesterday.  My hair stylist is a sweetie who I adore!  He talked me into going ombre.  I LOVES IT!!!

The ends are lighter and he added some highlights around my face...aka...cover those greys baby!!!  Now to just have my hair grow oh, another 12 inches or so and I'd be set ; )

Cedric and I took a bike ride while Eric and Spen were at Cub Scouts tonight.
Ahem, that boy is HEAVYYYYYYY...and I soon realized I would have to turn around while attempting to trek up a hill in the wrong gear.  FUN TIMES!!! It was a nice evening for a ride and we both enjoyed the fresh air.

I LOVE MY SHOES and had to share this fact : )

Cedric showing off his blueness.

It's Derby week here in Louisville and my local grocery was celebrating with  the captain from the Deadliest catch signing autographs.  I snapped a pic from the aisle...I'm too lazy for lines.

Proof that I am Miss Havishmam!!!! Kidding. My friend needed my petticoat to borrow for wedding and I had it stored with my dress.  So I figured why not try it on while I had it out.  It still fits!  I love this dress : ) Yes, I'll be the crazy old lady roaming in it one day...hehehehehee.  Cedric LOVED it...he smiled and said that I was a princess and then proceeded to try play in my veil and yank it off my head.  Spen just said I was crazy. Boysss...sheeshhh. 

Now that I've shared my days pics...Goodnight and sweet dreams...