Sunday, June 24, 2012

Date Day!!!

Eric and I actually had an official day to ourselves yesterday!  We had originally planned on going to a water park just the two of us or taking the canoe out on open water.  Buttttttt...he was on call. Boo! So that meant he had to be within reach of his laptop and cell phone.  We thought about seeing a movie, but I was worried he would have to leave in the middle of it.  So we did something super fun I've been wanting to do for ages!  We kinda were tourist in our own town.  I drive past Nulu (East Market District) at least 4 times a month.  I love the creativity that is happening down there.  Tons of artist shops, and fun antique stores.  We usually have Ceddy with us and he could NOT go into their shops.  Lord know what he would end up grabbing, breaking or him running and getting lost in.  So us being kid free had the day to explore some great stores! 
Here are some shots from our day... 

{Proof I actually curled my hair...only to be put up because of the HEAT...but it looked pretty for second}

While walking we noticed some smoke coming from the side of a building. So we walked closer and saw some mulch was on fire.  I ran in and alerted the closest restaurant.  Thankfully, I did because by the time we came back there was already flames.  It was right beside a newly renovated building. People need to pay more attention to where they toss their cigarettes!!! I had to laugh when I saw the chef putting out the fire...and had to snap a pic!  I'm a dork like that!

My adorable hubby checking out some chachkies.

I wish I had taken my good camera, but my cellphone has to do until I get my camera back from canon. I want to go back down there again and take some more architectural photographs. My heart swoons over strong lines and textures!!!

This places was AWESOME!!! We plan on going back soon.  It was jammed full of fun fines and just eye candy galore!!!

My heart literally skipped a beat with the antique doorknob collections.  I LOVE THEM!!! 

I LOVE Modern design and I love pink.  Here was a store front I had to snap a picture of!  I shall be visiting it again!!!

I was finally able to drag Eric to Tom and Chee and then we finished off our meal with Graeters.  I got Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream.  Can you say YUMMMMMY!!!  It was kinda bitter sweet going there.  We use to go all the time with Spencer when we lived down the road.  It just makes me realize how much has changed and how fast my baby has grown up.  Insanity I say!!!  

So we also did something we can never do when we have the kids.  Go car looking.  Eric's new dream car! 
We also looked at some SUV's...that's more in our future! 

Yesterday was a blast.  We also went to hobby lobby, home depot and Marshall's.  It was a jammed pack full day!!! Which reminds me I need to go back and get a bamboo rug from Marshall's ; )  

Off to pick up Spen and then head over to my moms.  I had a great weekend thus far and I hope all my followers did as well!!! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So where have I been you ask?

- Working...working some more and working a little more after that.

- I'm currently in the middle of overhauling the office. (Nothing like a little water leak to inspire you)

- I started a gallery wall in the hallway. Not sure how I feel about it.  I don't like frames within arms reach of my kids...and they can totally reach them. I need to hit up hobby lobby for some accessories.

- I had an abundance of frames left over after I took them down from my dining room and office so I put some up in my master bath.  I really am loving how they look. I was afraid they would get broken if I did not find a home on a wall for them soon.

- My hours will be increased to 15 next week for work.  (new floors hello!)

- I need to be swimming asap!

- I've been beyond stressed.  My camera broke while I was shooting a wedding this past weekend.  Talk about heart attack city!!!  I have a great friend/assistant who kept me grounded and I shot with her camera.  I had Eric drop off my back up.  I did a huge no no and had left my back up camera at home.  Lesson learned!  I sent off my camera to canon and am terrified how $$$ the repair will be.  Fingers crossed not too much!

- I'm excited Eric and I finally am going to get a date night this weekend.  It's been ages sadly since we have been able to go out.  I have no idea what we will do.  Possible trek own floyds fork and take a picnic lunch. Who knows...

- I need to build some floating shelves for the office.  I'm not digging the ones I've been finding out at stores.

- I need to have Eric cut the shelf for the kitchen.  I have a bunch of projects for in there.

- I have to plan my friends bridal shower.

- I'm freaking out over Cedric possibly having surgery.

- I think my mom heard how stressed out I am in my voice.  She offered to watch the kids for me.  I get to have a day to myself.  I'm amazed. to figure out dinner and help Eric paint the theater room....I'm so over painting! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Attention Followers!!!

I will be hosting some fun summer giveaways at Nicole Pullen Photography 

Like me on Facebook and get in on the summer giveaway fun!!!  Thanks!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have been immersed in work.  From my social media job to my photography being a wife and mom.  I have honestly, been sucky at balancing everything.  I feel bad because I have been a sucky friend too.   I just have been working non-stop.  I had a family photo shoot last night, which turned out adorable! I have more pics to edit...but here is one I LOVE.  

This one turned out cute too!

I worked up a new logo.  I'm kinda digging it : ) I should totally have been a graphic designer...I taught myself everything I know   : )  Who knows maybe when the kids are in will go back too.  I'm excited because my new business cards came in the mail last week.  They turned out super modern and elegant looking.  I loves them!!!  

Put floating shelves up above the loo last night in the master bathroom...(or should I say...Eric did...I held the level). These are blurry cell phone pics, but you get the idea. It's funny but I have wracked my brain for a long time trying to figure out what to put in I'm happy it's done and there is no blank wall.  I hate blank boring walls.  I need to purchase the grey and white zebra print hand towels from target and a few more accessories to jazz up the shelves.'s the little things that get me pumped. I plan on gutting the master shower area and putting in a new glass wall and tile.  Soon enough...just so many ideas and house projects to go.

I now have 5 million picture  frames from my dining room makeover to relocate.  I need to figure out where to put them.  I am OVER the moon.  I printed off three HUGE canvas prints of Chicago last week.  They turned out way better than I could have ever imagined.  Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to gallery wrap them.  I'm also going to start offering them to my clients.  I did this before but had to charge a lot for them because my printing house charged me a lot.  But, now since I'm printing them in house I can pass the savings on to my clients.

Spencer has started Tae kwon do and is beside himself with it.  Saying he loves it would be putting it mildly. It's super cute seeing him happy like that.  My husband is going to start taking classes with him too.  I think it will be a fun bonding experience for them.  I swear they are two peas in a pod. to find some trouble to get into...I think some walls need covering in frames ; )  Have a good week coming up guys : )