Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am beyond ecstatic!

While looking around on ikea's site last night I stumbled onto an idea for my kitchen. My kitchen is stuck in the late 80's. I call it my Danny Tanner kitchen from Full House. Wallpaper, oak cabinets...yuck. The thing that sucks is it's all functional, and good stuff. The appliances, the countertops, everything is simply ugly. I hate to waste tons of money on things that are good. So here is my new idea, tear down the wallpaper, paint the walls a pretty aqua, have a huge modern canvas painting on the large wall (I'll paint it myself), get new cabinet fronts,(lose the arched ones), paint my cabinets white, dark bamboo floors, white gloss subway tile back splash,(or another color still on the fence) and a dark butcher board countertop. Replace hinges, and hardware with stainless steel ones. I'm actually really excited. I think we could do it all for around $2,000. It helps having a hubby who is good with his hands. Here are the pictures for inspiration.

- the bedding is my painting inspiration
- i like the color of the rocks
- and I want the flooring
- i love all the kitchens

I need new lighting in there...I'm excited. I like granite countertops, we used those at our old house...but to be truthful...I want something different, and something unique. Also, the fact they are way cheaper is a plus :)

I need to go to lowes today. Eric is going to get the supplies to make my frames. Yay! I hope they turn out. He did a good job on his test who knows. I'll post pics if they turn out...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It's the little things that get me excited... I just bought Cedric the cutest little shoes online :) I can't wait to get them!!! They are 0-6 months, so he should be able to wear them for awhile. I really need to get back to my to-do list ....

Medical bills...

They suck, period. Carry on....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New adventures....

Why oh why do I mention things to Eric. He's out in the garage looking for wood to make me some frames. I found some at ikea I like...showed him and he thinks he can make them. He probably can...but buying them would be much easier.

I have a long list sitting in front of me of things to do.

-thank you cards
-re-hanging my curtains
-making a cd
-mailing the cd
-returning my movies
-repairing a wall
-revamping my website
-find my photo books
-and painting around a window...

Not to mention cleaning and laundry.

Alli is sleeping over tonight. I love having a house full of kids. I took her to get her nails done today...spen tagged along. It was cute. He asked her if she felt like she was on a beach while she was having her nails dry under the lights. I guess all the florida-esq pics on the wall made him think so.

We took Ceddy to the doctor today...he is a chubby little guy. Almost 12 lbs. He had a growth spurt this month. He has been eating non-stop. He can't take over 4 oz or he will spit he will wait 15-20 minutes after a feeding and want more. So I talked with the doctor and he told me to try some I did and he LOVED it. His formula already has cereal in it. He's sleeping good right now :) I also added some applesauce to his feeding. He loved that too. I'm going to start feeding him one meal a day. Pediatricians usually don't want solids until later because people are dumb and feed the baby primary solids forgetting the importance of formula. Yes, solids sit on their tummy longer, but they need the fat in formula...fat is essential in a baby's development. People are dumb and usually take the easy way out of everything. Ceddys doing awesome. The doctor prescribed him some more meds too. So we'll see how that works out. Right now paying $138 a

Eric has been off since the day before xmas. It's been nice. to start that to-do list.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The New Year...

I can't wait to be skinny again!!! I've started working out...jogged some yesterday and plan to work out in a few. I miss my old body :( Having a baby will do that to you.

It's snowing out...very pretty. I would love to go skiing but it cost so much. I hung out with Scott last night. Had fun. I miss him when he's away. I hate he lives so far away and I hate I have yet to visit him. I'm such a bad friend. I think Eric and I will go up in the spring. It's funny how much we are alike. I need to have a dinner party. I always say I will have one when he's here...but it never happens.

Christmas was awesome this year. Spen had a great one. He got his DS and that's about all he cared about. He got a bunch of other stuff...but the DS has been glued to his hand. It was too cute, when he opened the wrapping paper he was like I'm not supposed to have one, I'm not supposed to have He lost his gameboy and I vowed he would not have a DS until he was older. I lied. Cedric slept xmas morning. It was cute though eric and I had him play with his toys the night before. Next year will be different. Both boys will be opening gifts. I feel bad, Eric made the huge traditional christmas breakfast and I fell asleep. I crashed hard. We stayed up playing santa so late and I woke up at 6am with anticipation of spen opening his gifts. I'm a big kid. My kid is a weirdo...he didn't wake up until 8am...wth. He's different than I am. I actually had to go wake him up.

We spent time with both families...ate way too much and crashed. This was a good year. Cedric LOVES his's funny...he's so tiny...but he loves to bounce. I think the little guy has a stomach bug. I called the Doctor and got some info on what to do. I think he's fine...just will feed him some cereal and pedialyte when he wakes from his nap.

My little guy will be 2 months the 28th. He seems like he has been here longer than just two months. He's so sweet...he laughs and smiles all the time. He's a love bug. He loves to be kissed and held. He's just like spen was. Spen loved being held. Hell, I carried that kid around forever. I can't believe how tall he is now. He'll soon catch up to me.

I found a new baby boutique I will have to check out searching for a knitting store.

ok...pointless to work out.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We now have food...

WE survived the grocery. I'm super excited how well spen did with pushing cedric in the stroller. I was worried he would get bored or crash into things. Nope...he did awesome. It helped cedric slept the whole time.

I have a new obsession. Pacifier holders. I can't wait to start making some. They are cheap to make and I can buy some cute ribbon and make all types. I bought one at target and I love the function of it.

I also can't wait to start working again on the house. Spen's bathroom is my next project. It's going to be a super mario theme. I don't know who is more excited...spen or eric. I have to strip wallpaper :( I'm not looking forward to that. I hate wallpaper!

I need to go get ready. I have to go to the funeral home. My cousin died. I hate funerals...this just sucks. I hate death.


We didn't get to bed until late last night and the baby decided he needed to be fed 3x's throughout the night. So I'm dragging today. We had fun at the boat. It was hilarious watching everyone trying to eat crab legs. I think we wore more of the meat than actually eating it. Eric and Joe did a good job showing us how to properly eat them...but somehow we didn't quite grasps the concept. Eric and I were not big winners...kinda saw that coming. But it was fun just to play. I had a really good time seeing everyone. It was nice to be out of the house...kid free and among adults. We took spen to the dundee candy shop. LOVE IT! The staff were super sweet and were all over the baby. He's a ladies man already. Spen is nuts..of all the homemade candy he could buy...he bought laffy taffy. Whatever. I picked up some chocolate covered gummybears. Yummy. I kinda froze on my decision. They had so many sweets to choose from.

I'm losing more weight...which is HARD to do during the holidays. Slowly but surely I will be back to my pre-pregnancy size. I did have a small accomplishment the other day...I could wear my pre-pregnancy jeans...just had serious muffin top action going on...but they were zipped! Which is awesome only after not even 2 months.

I need to go to the grocery. DREADING this...I'm taking both kids. I think I'll have spen push the stroller. I need to get a lot of groceries and I can't fit them in the cart with cedric in there. I have not attempted who knows how this will play out. I've taken them before...but not a hardcore shopfest.

Eric and I need to wrap gifts...I guess this will be like every other year...and christmas eve we will be up wrapping. I'm weird and I like to give the illusion of no gifts are seen under the tree until xmas morning. I do have a few gift bags out and some small gifts for others...but spens are in our closet. That boy is going to flip out this year. We got him a ds...and I will have to video tape his reaction. He lost his gameboy and we told him santa will not bring him another game system because he doesn't take care of them. Well, he will flip out. That boy is so spoiled. Poor cedric is getting Actually, he's getting some costly stuff too. Toy are nuts these days. I can't believe how $$$ they are. Spen is really only into wii games or pricey board games. I bought him risk. He's been begging for it. He's only six...why should he care about world domination. He also got the new wii resort and all the gadgets that go with it. I think Eric is happy with all spens gifts because he gets to play too. I think it's funny spen wanted an easy bake oven. My mom got it for him. I hate people who refuse to allow their boys to play "cooking" or get them a kitchen. People are dumb...and also fail to remember most chefs are men. We bought spen a play kitchen one year. This year he will be so stoked on his oven. to get ready for my grocery adventure...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I have so many things to do...and yet here I sit. I need to get the kids dressed and ready to go to nana's house. On the way over to my mom's I'm going to take them to the candy store off bardstown road. I think I might start a new holiday tradition. It looks like a fun little shop. Nothing like candy and xmas light looking. I have to wait for Eric to get home from work. I also need to run to the store. Target had bottles on sale and I need to get groceries. On top of all this...Eric and I are going out for a kid free evening with some friends. Yay! I haven't been out in awhile. I think we are going to the boat. Last time I went there was years ago? I wish I could find my memory stick for my camera. It's so tiny for my point and shoot. to get ready.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jumping in...

I've been discussing things with Eric and we both agree I need to get a studio space outside of the house. I hate having clients in my house. I want my business separate from my home life. I found some cheap space...I just don't have the revenue to lease it...but I'm not going to have the funds until I lease something. It's a catch 22. I'm not sure what I will do. I plan on going and checking out the space. I might have to take out a business loan. Something I REALLY do not want to do. My work is picking up. My main concern is this...I do not want to be working for space. I would like to make a profit. It's a sticky situation...and I'm really not sure how to proceed. I have a bunch of things I need to get in line before I jump into leasing. But I'm ready to get my studio out of my theater room... The only plus to having it here is there is no overhead. But with saving money I'm exposing my family and home to strangers.

I need to go to target..I need diapers,formula and some pacifiers for Cedric's stocking stuffers. I'm dreading the her I sit.

Life is so nuts right now...I'm really just in a whirlwind trying to find solid ground. All I can do is breathe. I need to go for a jog. Jogging clears my helps me think. I might go for one when Eric gets home. I used to run all the I never do. It will make me feel tons better. I need to buy a jogging stroller. I sold mine over a year ago...I thought it would be a longer time for babies.

I think I'm going to go work out...I need to stop being so lazy.

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a monday.....

This weekend went by fast. I dyed my hair, got it cut...and started working out...I even managed to paint my nails...I'm on my way to feeling normal. My hair looks awesome. Although, I wanted to get it done by Chris...I am I did most myself..besides the cut. I need to clean and do laundry. Took the boys xmas pics....spen did not want to partake in the event...and cedric was out cold. I give up. I want to do a family portrait...but screw that. I will probably in the spring. The baby will be able to sit up then. My mom came over and watched the boys. Eric and I got our xmas shopping done. Eric is just as bad as me with buying gifts. He wanted to get spen everything. This will be an awesome xmas for spen. Cedric...he's getting He's just getting a few stuff. I already gave him one gift...his play mat. I did buy him a jumper was regular 99 bucks...I got it for 74. small victory. It's so adorable..cedric will smile if you smile at him. He's so sweet. He loves to cuddle. He's just like spen was. Today was yearbook pics for spen. Yes, elementary schools have year books...funny. Spen had to wear his cub scout uniform and chess club shirt. Spen did such an awesome job at his chess tournament...came in 2nd out of 60 kids and it was his 1st match. He's so smart. He's an older soul...he's just different than other kids. As a baby..he was different. I think he's going to have some of his friends over to spend the night this winter break. I don't want him bored. I have so many things to off to do them.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I had to take some pics of Cedric looking dapper in his letterman sweater. He was falling over laughing in the one pic..the other he was in his swinger starring at me wondering what the hell I was up to.

I have a long list sitting in front of me of things that need to be done...and I'm taking a break for the moment...checking out on life. I scored some sleep today...all be it was only 2 hours and it was interrupted was sleep none the less. I have some energy. Which is nice. I went in for my 6 week check up today. Everything was good. I have to go back next month for my pap. I love my dr's office. Although it's the busiest in the land...I love them. I also stopped by Eric's work today with the baby. Then we went out for lunch. Some crazy man sat down beside us...which kinda put a damper on the mood. Of all the free tables at Ermins...crazy man had to sit down by us and start rubbing his head in his crazy way. Oh well...pointless.

things to do...
put a stamp on the mail I tried to send yesterday...I didn't notice I didn't put one of the envelope. I'm that tired.

edit pics.


wash bottles

wash clothes

set up a hair appointment

work out...hahhahaaaaa...think about doing so while watching tv eating ice cream.

make xmas gifts.

shop online for xmas gifts

fill out insurance information

fill out and send birth announcements

print pics

send netflix back

and tons more....and this is just for tonight.

I think I'm going to take some photography classes. I need to brush up and it never hurts to learn more. I spoke with Eric about the vasectomy. We are kinda both on the fence about it. Dr. Bell's husband is a urologist so I got his number today. We both might want one more kid. I know I had a lot of issues with Cedric but we both talked about not knowing if we want to close the door on that option forever. I love kids...I just want to be able to afford and love the ones we have. My outlook on the situation is...never say never and who is funny. I just HATE being pregnant. Give it another 6 years and I'll forget how bad it was.

I need to go xmas shopping. I'm going to look around online tonight and see if I can find some things. The wind is awful outside...I can hear it. My xmas decorations were blowing across my yard I had to put them up in the garage. Yet, another thing I will have to put back up.

Well, off to look around online then edit pics.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hormones suck...

Today is one of those days you want to crawl back in bed and throw the covers over your head. I think it's the weather and my hormones. I feel guilty for everything right now. I should be cleaning...I should be putting up the rest of my xmas stuff, and I should be xmas shopping. But I have no energy. I think it's some of the baby blues, and lack of sleep. I'm tired most days. I need to work out every other day...but I'm lucky if I get one day in a week. My body is falling apart...I feel old. I know it's the fact I just had a baby...I just wish it would snap back into shape. That would be nice. I need to go shopping and buy some more clothes that fit. I did score a cool steve madden coat at marshalls. I need to buy some skinny jeans for my boots. Blahhhhhhhhhh. I hate shopping lately. Which is not like me at ALL. But I too do not have the energy for it. I think I'm going to go look online for the boys some xmas outfits instead of driving around town for them. This blog is a total bitchfest. I hate being on a brighter note I scored a sony flat screen tv for my bedroom today for a sweet price. It's eric and my xmas gift. Since we now live in our bedroom we needed a nicer tv. I'm going to give spen our old one, then the baby will get spens. It was meant to be. It was the very last black friday sale tv. Eric is happy and on cloud nine.

Cedric is smiling now. It's so sweet. He coo's and tries to talk. He moves his little's too cute. Ok...pointless I will go put bows on my wreaths for outside.