Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Out damn spot out...

Ok, my face has red spots all over it.  I know it's from my meds.  I apparently used to much retin a.  Funnnnnnnn.  So if you see me out...ignore my spots.

I had a parent teacher conference yesterday with Spen's teacher.  I was told he was a wonderful student, smart and a joy to have in class.  He is reading at the level of an end of the year 3rd grader.  Woo Hoo!!! I'm proud of my boy!!! Spen is such a smart little guy.

Damn you Target and your sales.  I did sooooo good yesterday.  I just walked away.I didn't fall into the sale zombie mode and fill my cart with discounted goodies.  I was good...and my bank account with reflect that.

I decided while roaming aimlessly up and down the bedding aisle at Target, I'm going to have to build my bedding set.  I can't find one prepackaged I like.  I'm lazy and would prefer to buy something already put together.  I have an idea of what I want.

Eric just called informing me of an idea he had for a family vacation.  He wanted to fly into California and drive up to Seattle and fly home from there.   That would be an amazing trip.  But one better suited for when Cedric is older.  We already took him to Hawaii while an infant it wouldn't be fair to take him now when he couldn't remember.  Also, that doesn't fair very well with our budget.  I told Eric why not drive our jetta wagon up to the East coast and stop in at Canada.  He agreed that would be an awesome trip as well, and one we could do again when Cedric is older.  Also, it will save us a ton in airfare.  Now to buy passports.  

Tonight is our couples night out.  I have another couple joining us as well as Amanda and Joe.  The guys still have no clue.  This will be fun.  It will be nice to simply be out of the house as Eric and Nikki for a little bit.

Ok...pointless jibber jabber update.

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