Thursday, February 24, 2011


The weather is nasty out.  Cold and raining.  It would be perfect if I could snuggle up under the covers and watch a movie.  But no...I've been to Michaels, Factory Card, the bank,  Target, and Walmart today.  Tonight is Spen's cub scout blue and gold banquet.  I grabbed a party tray for it.  I'm too lazy and busy to cook anything. 

Eric is currently on his way home.  The reporter from Velocity called him...of course he missed the call.  He plans on calling him back when he gets home.  They are doing a story on old school arcades and all that jazz.  Eric is the man to speak to on the subject.  He'll forever be an 80's kid.

I have no nerves today.  I'm jittery and in a awful mood.  I feel like crap.  I think I'm getting sick.  Like I said...I need to be in bed watching a movie.

Ceddy is really amplifying his pinching phase.  He kept pinching me at all the stores today.  He destroyed a flower at Michaels.  That store is too tiny for the both of us.  He can reach way too fast.

I have to order a clients pics tonight.  I need to order some canvas for myself.

I picked up most of the stuff I will need for the shower.  I still have to figure out the food and cake, but I bought the decorations and favors today.  I was going to hand make a lot of stuff, but I only have two weeks.  So I figured I'll just buy it.

I think next week shall be gaga week...and I'll put together an outfit. to take some meds I go.

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