Thursday, February 10, 2011

Party OCD

I love details...the little details is what takes things up a notch.  Transforms an ordinary party into an amazing one.  I'm spending my day today cutting, gluing and constructing Alice in wonderland crap for spen's party.  I'm tired and starving.  I'm going to have to take a lunch break soon enough. 

I plan on doing a lazier version of these for the class.  If I were throwing the party at my house i would stain the paper with tea or coffee use an old font print for the letters.  But alas I am not and I have 25 kids to please in a short I'm just writing them by hand.

I wrote out the tags for the mad hatter hats.  I thought I could glue them on before the party...but no way.  I can't transport 25 top hats without them being stacked.  So the kids can do it.  I need to print out my table toppers.

I am in the mood to paint.  I just can't wait until this weather breaks.  I want to open the windows and paint my entry way.  All the white needs a new coat along with my steps.

I think next week I might invite a mommy friend out to go walk in Anchorage.  It's supposed to be gorgeous.  I shall load up now on my Zyrtec.  I need to start giving Spen his as well.  That poor child will have a flare up.

I love my new workout toy.  I snapped my back with it because I'm such an idiot.  But I do love it.  I'm that's a good thing.

I'm trying to write at least one update everyday for a year on this blog.  Kinda a dumb task or ambition. 

I need to get up to IKEA.  I just know I'll spend a $$$ when I go.

I found an awesome idea for kiddy car storage in the basement.  Using magnetic kitchen knives storage for toy cars.

Too cute! you.

I want Eric to put the baby carried on my bike so I can go for a ride with Cedric during the day.  I need to see if I can find Spen's old helmet.  I can't wait for warm weather!!!  It's coming this weekend.  Yay!!!

I really really really want to buy a jogging stroller.  I feel like a twit...I sold mine (VERY NICE) at a yard sale for way too cheap years ago.  Now I want another one.  I would love to start jogging with Ceddy.  I want a stroller without a fixed front wheel.  Those are bitches to run with.  I could have used a jogging stroller on all the beaches I have visited.  Damn.  Oh and learn. to make lunch.

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