Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Hello, 2012. It's insane how much has happened and how much has stayed the same this year.  My two beautiful boys grew taller, smarter and faster this year.  I think I grew slower.  Friends have gotten engaged, moved, and graduated from college.  Our house has taken on different looks and become more of the home we have envisioned.  I celebrated 5 wonderful years with my husband and turned 30.  My youngest outgrew his eating disorder!  A HUGE triumph in my book.  My little guy was able to eat cake at his birthday party : )  I went on some fun trips and made lasting memories.  All in all 2011 was a very kind year to my family.  I have to pay respect to the ones who passed on.  I pray the ones that feel the pain from their passing find peace and joy in the year to come.  I know they will never be forgotten.

I'm excited for the new year.  I'm not going to make any new years resolutions but rather goals ; )  Shout out to Vanessa for this idea @ : ) I love the idea of not tying yourself to completely change but rather setting obtainable goals.  Goals have a much more positive imaginary than the word resolution.  I like to envision bettering oneself...and I know they both mean the same thing...but I like the word goals better ; )

2012 New Years Resolution Goals:

~ Create more art...either from knitting, jewelry making, painting, sketching or any other medium...just create MORE : )

~ Exercise and eat better.  Eric and I are really serious about this one.

~ Be a kinder more understanding person.  I try to be more understanding, but sometimes frankly, I'm not.

~ Recycle more!!!

~ Get organized: closets, cars, office, drawers, basement and craft/work room.  I'm tired of never finding anything I need or knowing where an item is.  I also am tired of my closets busting at the seams.

~ Go on a trip to somewhere new.  I try to do this each year.  I love a good adventure.

~ Get Cedric potty trained : )  We started today and he has already gone twice in it : )  Insert the pee pee potty dance....yup I went there ; )

~ Love more and love the people who need it.  AKA the jerks, the brats and the mean people.  Obviously, they're hurting inside.

~ Volunteer more!

~ Work more.

~ Pay off bills!!!  I have one credit card left and would really love to have no debt.

~ Finish the plethora of house projects I have concocted.

~ Throw more awesome parties with friends and family.

~ Lastly, live and be happy.

I would like to wish all my blogging buddies out there an amazing New Year!!!  I hope it's filled with good health, friends, family, love and warm hugs all the year through : )  Make 2012 the year you are you, and follow your heart and dreams!!!

PS...don't forget to kiss someone at can be your hubby, your babies or your fur babies...just seal it with a kiss for good luck : )

Goodbye 2011....

Friday, December 30, 2011

Current thoughts...

I have so many thoughts running through my mind.  I should be prepping my dining room for painting.  I should be working on my built in project or I should be cleaning.  Instead, I'm sitting here avoiding them all.  I'm excited for 2012.  I have some ideas and projects in the works.

Today started off with us getting some molding for my bookshelves around my fireplace.  I want to give them a more finished look.

The nice guys at Lowes were super helpful...and the boys loved watching them cut the pieces.

I then ran to Target for diapers...everyone knows that's code word for, I'm going to take my sweet ass time looking at all the new stuff : )  A chevron explosion has happened there BTW.

I WISH I had bought the giant white finial vases at Zgallerie for my fireplace.  I've been on the hunt for something similar to those for awhile now with no luck.

I had to laugh at these.  A few years ago I was IN LOVEEEE with these.  I wanted chrome jacks.  Searched the internet and found some but they were $$$.  Now you can find them at Hobby Lobby or luck.

*** Excited**  I love these black and white containers.  I plan on buying some for my office and putting them on the floating shelves I also plan on installing...heh....yeah...I still need to get around to that.

Finally, I saw this necklace and thought it looked cool.  I may attempt to make something like this at my jewelry night : )  Sometime soon, Eric is going to go off and work on arcades with a friend and I'm going to have all my friends over to make jewelry.  Hopefully, I will find a babysitter for Cedric and Spen will be able to play in the toy shop/basement with everyone else's kids.  If I don't make it...I might go back up there and buy it ; )

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Projects projects projects!!!

I have a LONG to do list.  I keep adding to my list daily.  BUT we will start off small and work our way up.

I love the look of molding on doors and built-ins. I stumbled upon an awesome little trick for detail that I am debating on doing in my house.  I have crown molding everywhere so this might look nice.

Is where you can find a whole DIY for adding molding to your doors.  I love it.

I love the finished look and detail.  I'm a stickler for details.  It makes a room or space.

I have so many projects I need to finish.  Soon I will start painting my dining room : )))))  I plan on adding wainscoting beneath the chair rail.

here are two DIY's I might use...

I can't wait to get started on all my projects : )

Christmas 2011...

Cedric with his new mini!!!  How freaking cute!!!  He LOVES it as does my husband.  A mini is one of his dream cars. He actually tried talking me into buying one a few years ago as a family 

My house looks like a bad episode of Hoarders.  I keep expecting a knock at the door and a camera crew along with Dr. Z to burst through.  I will proudly proclaim I attempted to clean the Christmas Aftermath up.  I collected all the boxes, paper and gift bags and threw them away.  Ok, that was a lie...I totally kept the gift bags...everything else I tossed.  Gift bags are like receiving two gifts in one....especially if the name tag isn't used.  hah...I joke with my friends and family about this.  Often times we trade back and forth the same bags.  I need to figure out where to house these toys.  It's pretty insane.  I need to figure out some type of storage for these toys.

This was a great Christmas!!!  I loved that the kids had a truly magical one.  Eric and I totally suck and gave each other our gifts before Christmas.  But the kids...we made magic happen.  I played it up to Spen that I was clueless to what he would be getting.  That it was all in Santa's hands and I only got him a few gifts.  Cedric just knew Ho Ho was coming...and no real concept of what that meant.  Christmas morning came and my kids had the best reactions on their faces    : )

Take note to the left hand corner...that is a GIANT BALL! 

 When they came into the family room...they saw IT...It was the giant red ball you can climb in and roll around in.  OMG best thing EVER!!!  Spen dove in and Cedric soon followed.

This is how Cedric spent the morning...either lounging playing with his trains or riding in his car.

I swear he is so adorable!!!  (and he knows it ) It's funny I have people stop me all the time telling me he should be a child model.  It's a sweet thought...but no way.  My child hates having his photo taken.  I had to explain this in line the other day at TJ Maxx.  Spencer used to get the same thing.  My oldest was a beautiful baby and toddler.  It was funny with him.  People were more forthright.  It was kinda comical. 

Spen inside the giant ball.

 This is where Cedric stayed during the present opening. He wouldn't budge.

He would climb in and out. Over and over again.

Spen and his spy gear stuff. He loved it!

I wish I had known Cedric would have taken to the drums so well. I would have bought a better set.  He LOVES them.  He rocks out and sings...too cute!!!

Eric bought Spen this.  He was super excited!!!

I do this every year.  Notice the powder foot prints.  They are Santa's magical prints from the fire place.  Every year I end up hurrying and cleaning them up because the "magical powder" gets EVERYWHERE!

 This is the face of a child who got the gift he has "always" wanted...I love it!

Funny story, these are a few things from Spen's stocking.  I'm evil and refuse to buy honey buns.  They are so full of fat, calories and sugar.  But Santa...Santa does what he wants.  Hehhehehe...Spen LOVES honey buns so he was over the moon when he saw them. 

The ring to rule them all...The Lord of the Ring Ring. Spencer was soooo excited.

Finally we were able to drag Cedric away from the car and Spen helped him open gifts.

Cedric had to share his toys with his best new buddy....the car.  It's funny my friend explained the reasoning behind this to me with psychology.  It was rather interesting (he's a psych professor) 

Look to the left...that's the ball...and it has been moved back and forth from the kitchen to the family room.

He is TOTALLY not ready.  But when he is...I will be prepared.  I looked at all the "fun" potty chairs...but this one was simple and easy to use.  I also figure he would not be scared of it.  We are having toilet fear right now and I didn't want to get anything that he would freak out to sit's completely normal to sit on a frog...hummmm....

My two boys...being two little boys.  I love it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or Holiday!!!  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

So much to do...tonight : )

I have my checklist in hand for the nights magic making.

- Hide Christmas pickle
- Camera(s) ready and battery charged
- drag all the toys hidden from around the house out and place said toys in the family room
- try to remember where all said toys are actually hidden
- Place the letters from Santa by the fireplace
- Eat some of the cookies and drink some of the milk
- Spread the reindeer food outside...gotta look like they enjoyed it
- Leave Santa's foot prints from the fireplace to the tree and back
- Charge what gifts that need to be charged...and put batteries in what needs them
- Blow up the giant ball and somehow magically find a space for it in my family room
- Snuggle with my hubby after everything is said and done

I have a feeling this may be Spencer's last Christmas believing in Santa so I plan on having him go out in a bang   : )  We bought the gifts he really wanted but never thought he would get.   I can't wait for morning.  I'm awful...I'm worse than one of the kids, I'm so excited.  I love seeing their faces light up as they walk into the family room.

Tonight we had Christmas with my mother-in-law.  It went really well.  The kids LOVED their gifts.  Dinner was yummy and we actually managed to bake cookies before night time.  Usually, we are running behind. Although, their was a slight hiccup.  Each year the kids get new Christmas pjs.  Well, Cedric gagged on some food and managed to cover himself and the floor in vomit.  Nothing says Merry Christmas like trying to clean up vomit off your wood floors in front of guest getting ready to eat. Yeah....nice...  So his new pjs went straight into the wash.  Lovely. to rock this night hard!!!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my fellow bloggers.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday : )  

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sooo slleeeeppppyyyy...

I need coffee like yesterday!

One of my best friends came into town this week so all my friends got together.  Sushi, champagne, and  mint chocolate chip ice cream did not sit so well on my tummy. I'm getting old. It was great seeing my friends though.  Two of my friends are funny when they get together.  One is a psychology professor and the other is training to become a therapist so they have interesting conversations.  I did learn of a crazy personality survey.  It's called Implicit Association Test ...visit the site to see all the fun things you can learn about yourself.

We also celebrated my other bff's engagement.  I'm so happy for her!  Nope, she was not even tipsy...she just loves a good ball pit...heheheee.  I don't blame her...I've been in there myself.

Cedric LOVESSSS the ball pit as does everyone.  My sister gave it to him. As much as he loves it...he also LOVES to throw the balls out of it.  Guess what my new job has become : )

I took the kids to the library the other day.  I told Spencer he could pick out whatever book he would like.  This is what he got...

He is 8 and has high hopes...heheheee.  It is insane how much he is like my husband.  We did not get together until Spencer was 3 but OMG they are like little clones of each other.

The year is soon coming to an end and I am making myself a set of promises on things I would like to change or do this year...

- Read more.  Actually start going to my book club meetings.

- Have more date nights with the hubs.  

- Go hiking and camping more.

- Travel more...go to a place I've never been.

- Finish house projects.  I have a list out the door.  I need to finish the theater room asap.  Poor Eric has been waiting on this for years.

- Get in shape.  I want to reach my goal weight of 120-125.  I got down to 126...but can never crack that number.  Yes, I know it's "just" a number...but my ego really wants to be 125...heh.

- Change up my wardrobe.  I'm tired of my mom gear.  Don't get me wrong I love my comfy clothes...but it's time for a change.  I miss wearing funky outfits.  

- Grow my hair out....

- Take a family vacation somewhere fun.  

- Pay off DEBT.  I  hate having debt.  We have one credit card left and we will be debt free (besides a mortgage).  Then we can start on house projects.  

- Train for a mini-marathon and actually complete one...I don't care if I'm walking at the end...I just want to finish.

- Make more art.  I need to start painting again.

- Start doing actual work more.  I've taken off to be a stay at home mom...but I can add some more photography to my plate.

- Do more crafts with the kids.  Cedric is getting older and can hold a paint brush.  

- Start making jewelry.  I LOVE doing this...just never sit down and make it happen.

- Eat healthier.  I hate the way I's kinda sad on what I run on.  Coffee, diet coke and a chocolate.  Not the best for a busy mom.

- Get my braces off...woo hoo!!!  Can't wait for this one : )

- Stop letting people bother me.  I'm a pretty sensitive person and I need to let go of things I can't change or people who are rude.

- Volunteer.  I would love to volunteer at the woman's shelter down town.  

- Lastly, start back up my monthly date nights with Spencer.  I love that little guy and I always enjoy going out with him even if it's only to My Favorite Muffin. : )

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quote and song of the day...

I wrote a friend who is going through a tough time an email today, and this quote kept resonating in my mind...

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.Joseph Campbell

This quote pulled me together and kept me sane during my divorce.  As simple as it's the truth.  We all have this idea of what our lives are supposed to be.  The image from childhood that rest in the back of our minds.  Or the image we create as adults...sadly, life has other plans.  God interjects his path and a new path/ journey is created.  My heart breaks for my friend.  But I know there is a reason and plan to this years to come she will know why. 

I know with my divorce I was heart broken and a mere shell of a person I once was...but I pulled it together with the help of my family and friends.  Life is beautiful...through the ugliness, pain, sadness and craziness of it's beautiful.  We can't let the sadness consume us.  I pray for my friend and I hope she finds peace and strength to go on.  She is a brave woman.

I adore this song...if you have never heard Aesop ya go...

Happy few days of Christmas shopping left guys...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Updates...

My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts right now...

- I super excited for Eric's Christmas gift!  I got him a scuba diving lesson.  He wants to get certified and this will be perfect for him to see if he really likes it.  He is an excellent swimmer, so I'm totally cool with him pursing his passion.  We always try to support each others dreams.  As corny as it may seem, that's what relationships are about.  We always try to inject a healthy dose of reality to those dreams though.  One year I got him flying lessons.  He LOVED it...and that is one of his dreams as well.  I would MUCH rather him scuba dive than fly...I'm a weirdo and flying makes me nervous.  Scuba training is WAAAAAAYYYY cheaper than becoming a pilot. I'm a nerd and have already told him.  It's super hard for me to not give a gift I buy instantly.  Thankfully, Eric is better than me.

- I'm also very excited for one of my best friends getting engaged!!!  She deserves to have her prince and she totally found him.  He is a great guy and they are perfect for each other!!!  Yay!!!  Eric and I are so happy for them!!!  I have been scouring pinterest for engagement photos. I can't wait to take them : )

- We are totally done with xmas shopping and wrapping...go me...go me...go me...and it's not even midnight on Christmas Eve.  I usually wait until the last minute to wrap things.

- My boots came in the mail.  I can't wear them until Christmas...or so Eric thinks...hmmmm....I just need to return them to the box everyday before he gets home from work and he'll never know ; P

- I had a great date night this past weekend.  I plan to make more time for us in the up coming year.

- I have been going to the gym weekly.  Sadly, I have been eating my weight in cookies and cheese weekly as no big weight loss to be had.  Ha.....damn you yummy food.  I had a pretty good work out tonight.  I tried a new machine that kicked my that's a good thing..  Once this Christmas stuff is over I plan on hitting the gym up hardcore and getting back in shape. Till then...pass the cookies : )

- I think I'm getting sick.. My throat feels scratchy...I will drown my sickness with NyQuil tonight.

- We made our gingerbread house tonight.  The boys were adorable.

Off to take some meds...ick...hopefully, I feel better soon. Mom can't be sick on Christmas.  I have a lot planned craft wise with the kids this week. I plan on making star wars snow flakes soon.  Fingers crossed they turn out. 

Friday, December 16, 2011 with kids...

It's funny while at the mall yesterday it dawned on me how much my tastes and life have changed with having kids....ok, let me rephrase that.... HAVING TWO BOYS.  My heart swoons over so many fabulous decor details and designs along with fashion...but the mommy side in me always wins out.  The mommy "practical" side I should say.

I adore these lamps.  I looked at the one at ZGallerie...hahahhahehehee...yeah this thing wouldn't last an hour in my house.  The boys would use it as target practice.

Love it...and so does dirt, and little boy tracks.  This white would soon be grey in my house ; (

Too many sharp edges...I have a scar over my eye from falling into a coffee table as a kid.  I'm sure my kids would be one giant walking head wound.

Pinned Image

Love this look...what I don't love is the ankle injury that would occur running after my youngest.

Somehow my boys ALWAYS have dirty little hands or faces....I swear it amazes me how they are always sticky.  Just like this morning...Spencer was able to get syrup on every counter space I I'm sure some how their sticky hands would find a way onto my white bedding.

But, I wouldn't have my house any other way.  The sound of little feet running throughout the halls, fingerprints on every surface and smiling faces always there waiting to be hugged : )  Maybe a new little soul will be added to the never know ; )  Until then, I will love my two little guys and try to freeze them the best I can...they are growing up too fast.  

Ok...ending this blog head is killing. This morning  I went on a field trip with Spencer to Actors theater and my allergies decided to explode during the play.  Nothing like having to cough in a quiet theater...heh.   Have a great weekend guys!  Date night tonight...super excited for that.  

I'm not a huge fan of modern country...I'm a bluegrass, classic country girl...but here a few songs I think that fit this posts theme...

Off to take a nap...