Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A great week...

Ok, so far this week has been fabulous.  I'm so excited about things...I really am on cloud nine.

I feel like praising God....I have so many blessings in my life and I feel so lucky.

Things going on this week...

I started back doing freelance for the CJ.  Woo hoo!  I can use the cash and I miss shooting.  It's part time and with freelance I get to pick and choose assignments. Maybe once a week or more if I like.  BEST OF ALL....  I get to shoot the Oaks and Derby.  I'm over the moon excited about this.  I need to pick up my media credentials sometime before Friday.  I love Derby.  I'm just super excited about it.  I hope to get some good shots this year and sell some prints.  I feel super blessed.

I went to the doctor today and found out I probably have IBS.  I was terrified it was something more serious.  I have to have more tests run in a few weeks to rule out some stuff, but he really thinks it's IBS.  I thought IBS is the disease where you poop all the time and have a yucky tummy so I ruled that out for me.  Turns out abdominal and back pain can be caused by IBS...who knew???  Not I!  But I'm really happy that is what he thinks is wrong.  He explained a lot to me....So I'm stoked.  He put me on pro-biotics.  We shall see if it helps.  My hormones are going crazy so that is probably why I am having so much pain.  He was a really nice doctor...so I'm really happy about that as well.

I also figured out some new editing techniques.  So YAY!  I can't wait to start shooting up a storm : )   I really hope Sarah wants to work with me...this will take some weight off my shoulders.

I love my family...I have two wonderful sweet little boys and an awesome hubby who loves me and my craziness.  I have a very busy schedule the next 2 months...weddings galore, senior pics, and family pics...I LOVE IT!!!

I just feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I've been dealing with this pain on and off for two years and I've had so many tests done with no answers.  So I'm praying the doctor is correct in his assumption and I can get back to normal.  Whewwwwww.......

Ok...off to get spen.  Thanks big guy : )

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Eric is home.  I'm happy.  He was gone on a business trip to Michigan for a few days.  Spen really missed him too. 

Cedric said momma super clear today.  I was playing with him on my lap and he blurted it out and then continued to babble.  Too cute!

I have a bunch of photo shoots and weddings coming up.  I'm excited because I got my warmcards.  Small victory.

I need to get Eric a birthday gift.

I'm super nervous about my doctors appointment.  Hopefully, he will know what is going on and it can be fixed soon.  I also hope it's nothing serious.  I'm worried...but that is what I do.

I go to the orthodontist next week...I'm nervous and excited about that.

I'm slowly losing weight...not as fast as I wish.  Eric has been helping me...I'm a recovering fatty.

I've been working out everyday.  I can't wait for my side to stop hurting so I can go jogging again.

I bought some cute clothes...I wish I could fit more of the ones I already have.

I will never fully understand people and I will leave it at that. Ok...off to work out some more...I'm addicted.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So much to do today...

I need to take spen to the library...

I need to take spen to target to replace his m.i.a. mp3 player.

I need to clean.

I need to go to the grocery.

I need to workout.

I need to cut the guys hair.

I also still need lunch...but that will come.

Eric and I are attempting to lose weight together.  We shall see how this works out.  I did work out today.

Ok...side note...how do you tell someone you think their partner is a douche?  I have a few people I know that this applies to.  No, I am not head of the board on appointing douchebags...but I just hate seeing people with jerk face losers.  I also hate seeing them with pompous assholes.  You know the type...the guys who have no respect for anyone other than themselves.  The momma boys who think the world owes them something just because they were merely born.  Yeah, those guys.  I saw this one chick yesterday (complete stranger mind you) standing on the corner of Cherokee.  Apparently, her and her thug life forever boyfriend were fighting.  He had his pants pulled down, baggy shirt and hat tipped to the side.  He for sure thought he was a bad ass.  Only problem is he looked like a douche.  Anyhoo, the chick was pretty and young.  I had my window down and for split second I totally wanted to yell at her she could do better.  Way better.  But instead I watched him yell for her to come along and watched her obey his command.  It sucks knowing what I know now, and not having a time machine to travel back and correct some of my own stupid girl moments.  Oh well, that's life.  So back to the situation at hand.  I think some of the chicks know the men they are with are jerks.  They are merely comfortable.  That's a pretty dangerous place to be.  It's funny because they try to give the illusion everything is perfect and he just "adores" me.  I think often times they are merely trying to convince themselves of these silly notions.  Because the world knows the truth.  How a man treated his ex, strangers, friends and everyone else is how he will treat you.  Actually, usually they treat their wives, girlfriends or partners worse because they can.  Ok...I'm stepping down off my pedestal.  I just feel sorry for these ladies.  I hope the abuse isn't too bad...and maybe they will learn they deserve better. 

Ok...now off to shower and get ready for the daily events...pointless blog...

Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm a word skipper.  I have this weird little quirk about me...it's annoying..but when I write...I skip words...and when I re-read something I insert them from memory...very annoying and I often times end up appearing retarded in literature.  I'm sure there is some name and disorder out there for it...but to me...I'm a word skipper.

I slept pretty well last night considering I'm terrified of the ultrasound I'm having today.  I was just so tired.  Hopefully, today I'll see what is going on with my side.  I've had pains for about two years.  I've had a CAT scan, x-ray and another u/s.  Today they test the functionality of my gallbladder.  Fingers crossed it's not working properly and that is what the problem is.  Eric is going with me today.  My hubby takes such good care of me.  I love him so much.  It's funny how polar opposites Eric and I are.  He is very reserved and shy.  I on the other hand am not.  We are different like night and day with traveling.  He clings to schedule and a map.  I make sure I have enough cash in my back pocket to get back home just in case and take off.  I love getting lost and having to find my way back. I love the thrill of a new place and I love talking with locals.  This will be a true test of my marriage when we go to Europe.  Poor Eric has to be pushed to get out of his comfort zone.  I live out of mine and thrive.  Throw some kids on top of the mix and we shall see who loses their minds...heheehheee.  I'm looking forward to Europe.  I'm more scared I will not want to come back.

I had a great photo shoot over the weekend.  I need to take the kids pics.  I HATE how the ones I shot the other day turned out.  I'll be reshooting this week.  Fun...eyes rolling.  I'm really thinking about digging deeper into commercial photography.  I enjoy it and I love that there really isn't that much pressure.  Furniture doesn't have to smile or sit still. 

Ok...off to clean this house.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm a royal idiot...

I'm really pissed off at myself at the current moment.  I lost a big job...I mean a BIG job. I'm so dumb...just because I didn't answer my phone...fingers crossed the guy calls me back.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Finally time to sit still...

Ok, I have been beyond busy the past week...

Spen's 7th birthday was the 1st. I decorated his room the night before.  He loves waking up to balloons and streamers.  I took him in a cookie cake and had lunch with him at school.  The lunch consisted of me watching him talk to his friend.  Kids are funny.  He begged me to go and then was consumed with tall tales with his friend.

We bought him two gerbils for his b-day.  Two tiny gerbils became a pretty big investment.  Good grief who knew all the "little" things they need.  He loves them and is over the moon with excitement so I'm happy.  He ended up naming them after the characters he made up...Caption cucumber and Mr. Cheesehead.  They are currently in his room.  Fingers crossed they don't get loose.

We hurried after school to buy them...then we ran over to the mr. gattis by my mom.  We all had a blast.  I swear that little kid is so lucky.  He scored almost $100 for a 7th b-day.  My whole family came out.  It was nice and the kids all had fun.

Each night Cedric has kept us up with his teething.  He is cutting four of his bottom teeth.  Poor guy...and poor mommy and daddy.

So then Saturday we had spens "friend" party at lazer blaze.  It was a total success and everyone had a great time.  Spen loved it and all the kids did really well.  No tears and no fits...it was a blast.  We will definitely be taking him back there.

The Easter Bunny was very kind to the kids today. Spen got books, toys and candy.  He had fun searching for the eggs hidden throughout the family room.  Ceddy got a swing for the swing set and clothes.  I TOTALLY forgot to get rid of the carrot we left out for him last night.  So this morning I hurried down and broke it into pieces and tossed some on the back deck to give the illusion of him eating while hopping away.  (I'm weird I know) But Spen eats it up and LOVES it.  My mom used to always do things like that.
Today we went to my moms.  The kids had fun with the easter egg hunt.  Eric and I hid the eggs.  I love watching them run around like crazed kids searching for eggs while passing the majority of them up.  So you try to give hints while they completely tune you out.  I ate WAYYYYYYY too much.  Back to dieting.  I've been back sliding.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.  Blood work and a discussion about my lovely gallbladder.  Fingers crossed there maybe is a magic pill that can ease it.  I have to take both kids with me...fun times.  Spen has a dentists appointment Tuesday.  He actually loves going to the dentist.  I have a photo shoot this weekend and then next week some business classes.  I hope they are worth the money I spent on them. 

I have a meeting with Dr. Howell on the 20th.  The start of my brace face...I'm happy.

We have been working on the boys bathroom.  I HATE WALLPAPER!!!

I have so many ideas swirling around my head for decor with this house and lack of funding sucks!  One day..one day....

My face is broke out...but I was warned my meds would do this...soon I'll have pretty skin...hopefully anyway.

Ok..off to bed I go. Wheewwwwwww...I'm tired...lots of cleaning tomorrow : (