Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chicken..cluck cluck....

Ok..so I chickened out of going to get my blood work done.  I have to go to my ob's office and I feel dumb having to still go back there 5 months later.  So I made an appointment with my PCP.  They should really be the ones dealing with my thyroid issue since I am no longer preggos.  I also need them to set me up with an ultra sound for my gallbladder.  It's been KILLING me!!!  I need to have the one with the dye in it.  I had a regular one while pregnant but they couldn't see anything and recommended the dye once I gave birth.  This gallbladder has been bothering me for a few years.  I want it OUT!!!!

Ok...since I will not be going to the dr's today I MUST be productive today.  I have to go to the dermatologist tomorrow.  I joked with eric saying I wanted botox and fillers.  I said I'll come back looking plastic.  Actually, I'm going to have a nasty wart removed.  It's gross, but it's a stubborn little thing that keeps coming back!  I've had it removed so many times.  I'm also going to discuss some skin issues I've been having and have some freckles and spots looked at.  I'm VERY fair and it's rather annoying living like an old lady...but that's how I roll....dr's visits and lab work.  Such fun times...eyes rolling. 

I will never understand people and I shall leave it at that.

Ok, I have a screaming baby...off to do the mom stuff.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

That's what she said...

Ok, so I have been busy this weekend. 

*** Things accomplished***

- Eric and I had a kid free dinner at le gallo rosso...it was yummy and I loved the old house the restaurant was in.  Great atmosphere along with yummy food!

- Bought and put flowers out by my mail box.  I cut the grass on Friday...my allergies about killed me afterward. 

- Cleaned the house.

- Eric made my sling...he's much better at a french seam
I'm in love with this fabric!!!  My sling has a black liner.  I love it.  We tweaked it from the first sling.  Made it a little more roomier.

- Finished painting the wall color for the bathroom.  Now all that is left is the trim and doors...which won't take long.  I need to order the wall decals and I need to buy new light fixtures along with all the bath accessories. 

- Totally used my mom skills to get spen to pull his front tooth.  It was dangling and super nasty looking so I told him front teeth are worth 10 bucks and you get an extra 2 bucks if you pull it out yourself. He about yanked that tooth out of his own head.  He wanted a new game.  It's getting harder to be the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, and Santa Claus...I should totally put that on a job application.  These jobs are hard...esp with each year having to be more creative and out do the last year.

I'm super excited about kinda vamping up my formal living room...Here's my inspiration...

I have no idea where I can score these curtains...I think I might be able to sew trim on the sides of white ones.

I MUST work out this week...I've ate so much this weekend.
I can't believe my little boy will be 7 this week.  It seems he was just a toddler the other day.  I love spen so much.  I hope he has a good birthday.  Ok...off to do more house work I go.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I heard a rumor about me...my ass looks fabulous in my old prepregnancy jeans...spread the word....

Ok....today...so much to do....so much to do.  I have a date night with the hubs...long over due...and I need to go to lowes.  I want to get some flowers for my planter by my mail box.

I'm sleeppppppyyyyy....but off to start the day I go....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy busy busy....

So today I had to play the Easter bunny and go shopping for the kids.  I scored a swing for outside for Cedric.  I'm going to use that as his easter basket.  I got spen some books, clothes a really cool pop up book kit, candy and some little toys.  I still have to get his b-day stuff.  But I did get his room decorations.  I always decorate his room while he is asleep and then he is all excited when he wakes up. 

I need to buy a grocery cart cover.  Cedric can now sit up (assisted) so he would enjoy being able to see things.  I also need to sew my sling.  Grrrrrr...I swear this weekend it shall be done!  I need to buy a backpack to replace my diaper bag.  It will be much more efficient than a diaper bag.

I'm sleepy...but totally excited for date night tomorrow!!!  I need to make dinner reservations.  We haven't been out without the kids in forever.  I'm a nerd but I miss my hubby.  I love him to pieces. I think we are going to go the roller derby girl thing and also hit up Le Gallo Rosso.  I have only been there to shoot pics of food but the atmosphere looks romantic and fun.  Amanda loves it...so Eric and I shall give it a try.  Ok off to pick spen up from school.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I need to clean today.  My house has left the untidy description and entered into the house on cops that was busted for meth description.  Ok...maybe not that bad.  But I have so many projects I should be doing and things I need to finish, including laundry but here I sit instead.  Oh well.

I need to have a smidge of coffee.  My gallbladder has been killing me lately and caffeine sets it off.  But I need caffeine to merely survive.

I love my hubby.  He surprised me with a book I have been wanting.  He stopped by borders on the way home from work yesterday.  I love when he does little things like that : )   Makes me feel loved.

Ok..enough mush mouth stuff.  I have started walking away my pounds...or so I hope.  I walked so much yesterday...I have no idea how far or long I walked.  But hopefully it will get me back to skinny.

oh beautiful sleep....my bed is calling me...maybe cedric and I will crawl in bed for a little nap in the am.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A beautiful day....

We went for a walk today in Anchorage.  I love how they remodeled it.  We did not walk the whole trail because we were losing light, but we will soon.  I think this is going to become my little walking spot.  I like it...you have the outdoor woodsy feeling, but in the middle of town.

Cedric is officially teething.  I literally had to hold him ALL night.  My arms and body were so stiff this morning.  I love my hubby...he got up throughout the night to help Cedric and me.  Poor little guy was in so much pain.

I scored the shark teething hoodie.  He looks adorable in it.

I also got the boys their Easter clothes.  I need to do pictures and take Cedric to see the Easter bunny. Grrrrrr.....

Ok...while talking to a friend I just remembered my love for V.C. Andrews...awwwww...the joys of my weird youth.  I think all chicks went through a V.C. Andrews phase.  I swear I read all the books twice over.  I loved them.  Now looking back, they all had the same story plot and set of events...incest, baby snatching and rape along with love and money. Made for an interesting innocent youth read.

I've been thinking about things lately and how life unfolds before us with a set of choices.  Often time we have to make decisions on our feelings and how we react to certain events.  I will never understand why people are the way they are, nor fully grasp why they choose to do the things they do.  That is merely the path in their journey they have chosen and one I choose not to follow behind.  I will not fill my heart with hatred or be mean to people.  I welcome people into my life with open arms and greet everyone as I would want to be greeted. I'm really digging this positive thinking mumbo jumbo.  

Ok, off to snuggle with the hubs.  I missed him today terribly.  We need to have a date night.  It's been months since we've gone out alone.  Maybe I can get a babysitter this weekend and have some good food and a little roller derby on the side : )

Friday, March 19, 2010

I love being a mom....

Today is one of those days when your kids smile melts your heart and makes everything else in the world not seem to matter.  Spencer was his adorable self at breakfast.  I could not kiss him enough today and Cedric is his wonderful morning baby.  He's all smiles and laughs. He's melting my heart.  Of all the jobs I've had in my lifetime...and there have been a lot...I'm kinda a gypsy in that respect, being a mother is the best one so far.  I love it!!!  It's only amplified by the fact I have a wonderful partner.  Eric is an awesome dad...and hubby.  I'm blessed.  We talked this morning and we are going to start hiking.  Woo hoo...I'm sooo stoked.  I love hiking...before the heat sets in that is.  Actually, it's cooler in the woods when it's hot outside.  I want to start soon.  We need to get a baby backpack.  I'm weird and get excited over stuff like this.  I'm a princess in the city and a princess mountain woman out in the woods.  I can remember camping and applying makeup...it's kinda funny looking back.

Cedric is playing with his voice...aka...screaming.  It's adorable.

I have so much to do today...grrrrrrrrrr....I want to buy some flowers for my front planters.  But I'll just kill them:(  I suck at real plants.

It's funny, Eric is opening up to the idea of having another kid.  We were both on the fence a while back.  But Eric was actually thinking about it and throwing the idea around the other day.  I don't know if I want to carry the next time or adopt.  We both want to adopt...so maybe that will be the avenue we choose.  I love my husband.  He is the most loving and understanding men I know.  I love how his heart bleeds for the kids out there without parents.  I could see us being foster parents once our kids are older.  I hate quiet houses.  Homes are meant to have children running about them.

Ok...enough mush mouth fool nonesense...I must start the day and go shopping...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally...time to sit still....

I have ran all day today.  I went to joanns fabric, hobby lobby, the bank and home depot. Geesssshhhhh...not to mention as soon as I did get home I fed the baby and finished painting around my front door.  It's finally done.  I scored some perfect fabric today for my garbage bag holder.  I couldn't find numbers I liked for the outside of my house.  So I decided to just put my address on the mailbox.  I feel naked right now because my house doesn't have any big numbers telling others it's address...weird I know. 

Speaking of mail boxes...how do you politely tell someone they put their new lovely mailbox in YOUR YARD!  Yes, my new neighbors did that.  I don't want to get into a tiff so I have a plan...hopefully it will work.

Ok, I have been bombarded in the news...celebrity gossip news...the only news I really follow...with so many people cheating on their spouses.  WTF?  Really, they're famous...do they really think they will not be found out?  I'm amazed how many people cheat on their spouses in regular boring life.  I don't get that either.  The grass is never greener on the other side...usually when you get over there you discover it's AstroTurf and you were a fool to think other wise. 

ok...I need to go shower...I feel gross and smell probably like an old sea captain...I've been painting all evening.  EEEkkkk...


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where is the sun???

I was promised sun today and dammit I want it!!!!  

I have been so freaking productive this week I am astonished!  I kicked this houses butt yesterday.  I met with a client...scored another wedding!  I washed the jeep, went to the grocery, put an ad out, not to mention actually got sleep last night.  We took spen out to the Irish Rover for a pre-paddy's day celebration.  I was not about to fight the crowds today.  Enjoyed good food and came home got spen in bed and crashed.  I swear I was out cold.  My lovely hubby took care of the baby.  He fed him, and got him ready for bed.  He's such a good dad.  I on the other hand enjoyed my night of slumber. 

I need to paint the frame around my front door today...funnnnnnn...eyes rolling.  It's to that point that it has to be painted.  My kid is dressed like a white trash baby...milk on his face, and no pants.  Lovely. 

I swear this is how I feel.  I use grocery bags to put diapers in.  They work on keeping down the smell.  Well, I am becoming over loaded with them. So this week I'm going to make a holder for them to hang on Ceddy's changing table.  I need to go pick up some fabric and new thread.  Ok...off to start the day.  I'm in a weird chipper mood...I guess it's that mysterious thing called sleep.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hurry hurry...

I'm in such a rush today....I need to sit still for a mere second.  I've been up and running since I woke up.  Two cups of coffee and off I went.  I have to meet with a client today.  I have some much still to do.   I need to wash clothes...grrrrr...I hate this chore. 

I still need to get Easter stuff and Easter clothes for the kids. 

I'm kinda bummed about some stuff.  This house has so many things that we have to do to it.  It's reaching that age when a lot of things need to be replaced...ie, WINDOWS!  Ouch.  Those cost a pretty penny.  I think we might buy one at a time.  I don't want to aquire more debt.  I also need to start painting the trim outside.  I DESPISE this task!!!   But it needs to be done.  It's mere maintenance.  It just sucks monkey balls.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....thank God I have a hubby that will help.

I got spens party invites.  I need to send them out.  I think we have decided on gerbils for him.  His head will explode with excitement.  He's funny.

This weekend is state championship for chess.  We will be going.

Ok...wasted enough time...back to the house hold grind.


Ok, Eric and I played around most of the weekend and really did not get all that we set out to do done.  But I'm cool with that... spen's closet organizer is up..woo hoo!!!  The cars have oil changes and new fluids so it was a productive weekend nonetheless.  I love spens new closet organizer.  We need to put one in Ceddys room next.  We are going to redo our closet all together and put in nice built-ins.  When, I have no clue.  Money is the factor and we have A LOT of other pressing household demands.  I even bought spen a little tie and belt holder.  It's low enough for him to reach.  He's good at keeping organized.  He just has to have a space to put the items.  He's a creature of habit, so it won't take him long to get used to and use his closet properly.

We have been trying to recycle more lately.  I hate how much plastic and other products we consume.  We have been taking them to the recycle bin.  I'm excited (yes, I realize how lame I am) but I'm stoked on my new reusable coffee filter.  It "supposed" to last 5 years...we shall see.  But I won't be wasting extra paper a day : )  This is a nice plus.

Eric is at the doctor and I hate I'm not with him.  We usually always go with each other, but his appointment was at 8:30 and spens school doesn't start until 9:05...so I couldn't go.  But he's been having some hearing issues.  I hope all is ok.  I emailed him and he hasn't responded so who knows.

I need to start buying the boys some spring clothes.  Both boys are growing like a weed...I have no idea what I will do when they are teenagers.  Good Lord, they will eat me out of house and home.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The wrong part of me...

-how wrong is it that I...

-am a photographer and yet have empty frames around my house?
-stopped working out expecting my weight to magically fall off.
-just now realized it won't
-never cook
-really needs to finish my kids bathroom, but am afraid to use the steamer next to the outlets...so I'm leaving it up for Eric to do.  (electricity scares me)
-never go down in my basement, and I have three rooms down there including a theater room.  I'd rather watch a movie in my bedroom.
-refuse to buy any new clothes until I'm skinny, but will justify new sandals.  They will fit when I reach my goal weight.
-have an unhealthy addiction to target.  I won't allow myself to go in there if I can't spend money.
-just now realized how many freaking calories are in my coffees daily...and I have about 3-4 cups a day...ouch!
-have yet to take ceddy's pics in awhile...I'm talking studio pics.
-sit in my office daily and yet have no desire to clean it. (it's stock piled with junk mail)
-I have a shredder and NEVER use it.  I hate how slow it is.
-I don't recycle all that I should.  I try, but not hard enough.
-don't take care of myself as well as I should.
-I can be mean to the people I love the most.
-I was mad at Eric so I scheduled his doctor appointment at 8:30 am, (he hates mornings as bad as I do)and wish I hadn't because I really need to go with him and can't.
-I really wish I could run a mini marathon, but expect to be instantly in shape after a few days of training.
-I don't stand up to people like I should and many times pretend not to hear, nor see things that piss me off in the attempt to be "nice"
-I hate being nice!
-I really want to volunteer, but I really do not have the time....and that sucks.
-I cry easily about dumb things.
-I love crappy music.
-I don't like twilight.  I'm a chick isn't this some prerequisite for having ovaries? 
-I wish I lived in NYC.
-I probably need medicine for my ADHD, but I think it makes me quirky and more artistic.
-I hate I suck at sewing.
-I hate I never paint anymore.
-I forget EVERYTHING unless I practice it.
-I wish I could sing...I suck and sound as if a cat were dying.  But this does not keep me from giving private concerts in my car daily to my kids.
-I need to fill out my kids baby books more...but really will they care...probably not.
-I'm terrified to fly.
-once in my art fag phase I drank a whole bottle of wine, and ate pineapple cupcakes while watching hamlet.  Needless to say wine and pineapple cupcakes still turn my stomach to this day.
-I am a funny drunk.
-I love to read but never do.
-I suck at swimming.
-I HATE fishing.

ok...this is boring.  I have so much to do today.  I've made myself a workout routine.  I know how lazy I am...so I have to split things up.  I'm starting off easy so I won't get burned out.  I'm including things I can do around the house.  My goal is to start walking everyday...today is out because of the weather : (  But I will run up and down my steps to cover the walk.  Ok...off to weigh in and workout!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easy peasy...

I'm excited...Ceddy's shirts turned out cute today. I have another iron on to do, but I only bought a two pack of onesies.  I've been busy lately...spen has been sick, I've been cleaning and catching up on laundry along with attempting to organize spens closet.  I need Eric to help me.  I want to put some shelves up he can actually reach and use. 

I need to get the boys pics done and buy them easter outfits.  So much to do!!!

Ok off to make dinner.

Friday, March 5, 2010

So much to do...

Here I sit...with so many things to do...

Oh...just finish/start 4 spider costumes.  I do have a great mom who made my bee costumes.

Update my site...including new packages...oh and think up these packages.  That would help.

Work out like a crazy woman.  I hate being fat.

Email some clients back.

Clean my basement and bedroom.  I kicked this houses ass yesterday. 

and so much more stuff it depresses me just thinking about it...so I won't.

I'm going out to lunch with some friends who I haven't seen in FOREVER.  I'm excited about that.  Then I'm going to swing by and pick up another friend.  Went to a jewelry party last night.  Had fun, but Cedric kept me busy.  Eric had to take spen to scouts so Ceddy had to come with me.  He was quite entertaining.  I felt bad for the woman who sold the jewelry...Ceddy was kinda interrupting her spill.  I did take him out of the room...but I still feel bad.  My friend and I met up with the guys at Marks and I of course ate my weight in bbq and fries.  Soooo not on my diet.  I feel guilty.  But it was yummy and so I'm over it.

Pinewood derby this weekend...hummmmm....hopefully spen does well.  I'm so excited it's pretty out.  I'm going to start walking with Sarah and Lauren.  Hopefully, I'll walk off some of this weight. 

I have a very busy week next week.  Spens play, derm appointment, dentist appointment, and get blood work done.  Fun stuff.

Ok...off to get dressed and