Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby I was born this way...

I heart Gaga!!!

Ok random thoughts while I wait for Eric to come home.

I'm craving sushi.  I can't wait until Eric comes home with some.   I'm going to call an order in and he'll pick it up after work..  I don't feel like going out tonight esp since it's Valentines Day.  Everywhere shall be crowded. 

I walked a little on the treadmill. Only 20 minutes while watching Tabatha's salon tack over. I think I'm going to go for a walk tomorrow with a friend.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous. 

I have a sneaky suspension Eric is up to something...he has been randomly calling me throughout the day to tell me he loves me.  He's funny.

Eric and I are going to workout hard tonight because we have been slacking.  I want to hit my goal weight!!!

I went to the grocery and all I bought was tea, cheese and an eye lash curler. Ha...I'm such a domestic goddess. 

Ceddy the toilet paper bandit strikes again!!!  Ceddys new found interest is in toilet paper.  He loves to watch it spin and fall all on the floor.  He's worse than a cat.

I'm so tempted to put my pjs on and watch a movie with Eric when he gets home and eat sushi in bed.  I'm in a lazy mood today.

Tomorrow I have an early morning appointment to get my teeth tightened.  Funnnn...I may even start my rubber bands tomorrow.  Funnn...eyes rolling.

My batteries keep dying on my mouse...damn...I hate when this happens. 

Off to write an email...laters...

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