About Me

I am a freelance photographer in Louisville KY, mom to two dashingly handsome boys and wife to a great man.   I love art, design, and all the wonderful worlds in between.  This blog is a small glimpse into the everyday happenings of my crazy life.  Surrounded by laughter, love, and sticky little hands I try to document all the wonderfully crazy situations I stumble upon. My children are my world and through their eyes I get to see life anew again. Never a dull moment in my house and I would not have it any other way ; ) I have a great set of friends and wonderful family who help in this adventure.  With all that said, please enjoy the ramblings...and thanks for stopping by!!!

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Life is too short to not become who you want to be, or go where you want to go. You get one chance, and in the moments you live and breathe you should fill them with joy. So go out and be silly...seize the day and enjoy every ounce of the wonderment life has to offer!!!