Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Balls to you!!!

Ok...quoting a little Liza Minnelli.

Today has been one of those annoying days that nothing seems to go right.

list of complaints...

Started the day off rushing with no sleep

Rushed to the dr's

Had to fill out a new year form at said dr's...I hate these.  I also had to use a public pen...I didn't feel like hunting for one in my Mary Poppins purse.  That is one of my biggest pet peeves...public pens.  I always try to use hand sanitizer afterward.  Germ freak yes.

I dropped my billion baby pictures out of my wallet in the waiting room.

Shockingly I had a short wait so I didn't have a chance to fill out the annoying form.

Cedric ended up getting a shot today.  He was due for three...but I chose one.  He handled it pretty well considering he screamed and cried during the whole visit.

I stopped by my moms.  I tried making one of the brown paper sack hats...ummmmmm no.  I don't see the kids finding it fun.  I had to laugh because I know they'd be like Spen why does your mom have us putting garbage bags on our heads. They looked dumb in person. So fast forward and I ended up swinging by the party store on the way home.  Yeah...the hats were priced wrong that I purchased and I ended up paying $40 for top hats for the class.  So there is my budget.  Looks like Ms. Nikki is throwing this party on her own dime :(   I'm not sure how much I've spent already.  Oh well.  I just figure since I don't go to church this is my donation to life.  Entertainment for kids.  I swung by the dollar store and bought spoons, sprinkles, two bottles of whip cream and a balloon for Ceddy because he grabbed it and refused to part with it.  It was super cute seeing how much he loved his balloon.  He laughed and played with it all the way home...which consisted of me trying to drive and watch him not choke or eat the ribbon.

I printed out some Alice in wonderland coloring pages.  I decided we're not going to play any games this time.  I have three crafts for them to do and they have to eat their cookies, cupcakes and ice cream so I'm sure their parents will love me.  But I'm not one of those moms that ascribe to the no sugar rule.  In moderation and on special occasions let children be children I say.

Ummmmmmmmmmm......purging the day.  It seems I's dropped everything I touched today.  I came home to a messy house and really no idea what we shall eat for dinner.  I totally almost broke down and did fast food today.  But I didn't.  I made my soup at my moms...but I'm having major cravings right now.

I have no idea what we will do for Valentines day.  I want to take the boys some place fun.  Not sure what Eric and I will do.  I hate this holiday, but fall victim to it yearly.  I'm a sucker for mass marketing. 

Ok...off to relax and call a friend.  My friend just had a new baby and I'm supposed to go see her newest addition of sunshine : )  I need to get my baby fix on.  Hehehehehhehee....latersssssss

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