Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things to do...people to see..

Eric is home...yay! Poor guy had to go to michigan yet again. He will have to go back for another week. I hated he was gone. I hated it even more so because I was so sick. I'm feeling better, but I was getting worried on my coughing. I didn't want to throw myself into labor or get pneumonia. I've never had bronchitis before...nor do I ever want to have it again.


I'm 30 weeks pregnant. I'm almost 8 months...holy hell...this kid is close to coming.

Spen lost his first tooth. It was so tiny...I bet his new ones will be huge.

I designed my baby shower invites. I love them :) Now to get the paper and print them out.

***To do list***

Pick up hardwood floors and install them...this will have to wait until next weekend..the wood has to acclimate.

Get my nails painted. I'm going to "attempt" to shoot some maternity shots. Wish me luck. I'll have Eric's help.

Go to spens cub scout meeting tonight.

Go shopping for fall clothes for the boys. Spen has out grown everything, and Eric needs more. Old navy has a sale on jeans...19 bucks...can't beat it. I bought Eric a pair yesterday..but he needs some more sweaters and shirts.

Biggest challenge finish baby's room. It's almost painted. I need to buy a curtain rod, new blinds, put up wall decals, frame some artwork, and find a table to go in there. Fun.

Ok...enough wasting time...I need to get myself dressed and out the door.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm so excited!!!

My floors have been ordered woo hoo!!!! Here's the link...

I can't wait to get them. It will take 7-10 days and then a week for them to acclimate. I can't wait. I'll post before and after pics. Anyone who has seen my carpet in the family room knows why I'm so excited.

Spen started school today..he was nervous. He did awesome...but was still scared.

He looked cute sporting his new shoes and clothes. He's a cutie. I hope he likes his new class and has a great day. He was dragging today...and really did not want to go. I walked him to his class and helped him find a seat. Eric teased me saying I'll walk him to class in high school...I told him hell, I'll walk him in college if my baby wants me I put a little love note in his backpack saying Eric and I loved him. He probably won't notice..the boy is blind as a bat.

Now what to do with my new found freedom. cleaning..and then prepping the baby's room for painting. I'm super excited. I went to hobby lobby and bought some letters for his name to go on the wall. I original...dur...but I think it's a fun look..and I'm going to spice up the white boring letters with some paint. I also need to order my curtains for in there..they are on sale on I buy everything on sale. I'm cheap..and when it comes to usually have to replace everything at least I do not feel bad pitching a broken item when I didn't pay full price.

I have a long to do list. Off to start it...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So when it rains it pours....

Last night..after spen's visitation with phil, my car wouldn't start. It was lighting off in the distance, and the storm was coming up on us fast. I was beyond freaked. I was hoping it was something easily fixed...and perferrably before the storm hit. Our luck lately has not been so fair. Thank God it was just the battery and some nice people were there to jump it for me. Eric came over from his work and took care of the car business. I think I might have left the car on or something when I went in to get spen. Who knows... pregnancy head is annoying.

We bought spen his new desk and chair. He likes it..always a plus.

I need to cut spens hair...and go to his orientation. I hate that I'm not signing up for room mother this year. I But I love throwing the kids parties..I'll just have to help out. I don't want to be in the hospital or almost there when it's their halloween party.

I"m sooo excited...we are kicking this houses ass. I need to spackle some holes in the nursery and go buy my crib bedding. Then off to lowes to buy some paint. I'm super giddy about this. I know Eric is not looking forward to painting. I'm not..I'm just looking forward to it being done. We need to go order the wood floors. After all the painting is done...I'm going to get the carpet cleaned up stairs. Hopefully, it will cut back on allergies and it will be better for both spen and the baby.

I can't wait to decorate the nursery. I'm silly and get excited over matching fabrics and mixing color palettes.

I plan on doing maternity shots very soon. I have some ideas in my how to make them come to life without looking dumb? That's the true test.

Pointless blog..and I'm off to make lunch I go.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Clean...clean...and some more cleaning...

I'm so tired. Eric and I have cleaned all day. We kicked spens toy rooms ass. Now it shall become the nursery. We need to empty the closet and take spens computer out of there and we will be done. I need to go and buy a new computer desk for spens room...preferably a much smaller one.

Spen is dreading school. He's not very excited about this year. I've tried to pump it up to him. But he's smart, and can see through my charade. I think he'll enjoy this the home work is another story.

We are going to buy our floors this week. I'm excited. We went and picked everything out and did the measurements and all that jazz. Soon I shall have hardwood floors...yay. I need to also buy my crib bedding this week. I need to use it to decide on the color of the room. I have an idea...but I want a perfect match. I'm super stoked about starting the baby's room.

ok...eric is home with ice cream sandwiches and a be continued.