Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Perception is a rather amusing thing.  Today I was dressed like a mental patient.  A full fledged mental patient at that.  I had to get spen up for school, find pants that actually fit him (he's going through a growth spurt),print and pack his class supply list for the party, make his breakfast, make his lunch, feed ceddy, clean ceddy up, make ceddy a bottle, pick said bottle off the floor because that's the game, put ceddys coat and hat on which all mothers know the joys of a toddler and their outside clothing and rush out the door all with a toe that feels like an elephant stepped on it and then suddenly caught on fire.  So I really looked like hell.  I had makeup under my eyes from the night before, my pj's on, rain boots and dress coat on (Because it's long and warm)...and prayed I made it to spen's school and the gas station without running out of gas.  I had been a ninny and not got any gas yesterday because of the rain.  So I whisked into the Kroger gas station and pulled into the lane on the outside. I pulled behind a little old lady who had so many political bumper stickers on her car it was amusing to see how she even drove.  She was hunched over and tiny with makeup three shades too dark for her face, but she had a kind smile.  I looked at her and felt sorry for her out in the cold getting her gas.  She looked at me and smiled...I could see it in her eyes she felt sorry for me too.  I looked down at myself and laughed...I did look a mess. It's just funny how life is.  While you're busy feeling sorry for someone they are feeling the same way towards you.  I laughed to myself on the way home and changed my outlook on the little old lady.  Hell, she was probably in her 80's and she was up and out by herself...go her!  She was able to get out in the cold, she was strong and was driving herself around.  I'm sure she saw mommy-ness written all over me and can recall those days. 

Poor eric couldn't sleep last night.  He was up at 3 and 4 am and had to be at work before 7am.  I hate it for him.  Poor guy.  I have an idea of something I'll do for him soon. 

I'm having some self realizations going on and I'm loving where I am in my life.  I'm really digging this journey I'm on and am beyond blessed.

Off to clean before Cedric's therapist comes.  Fuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..........................

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