Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Holy hell the beast...

the beast was released this morning around 2-4am.  Cedric woke up with mounds of energy and wanted to cry if I wasn't holding him.  As soon as I would pick him up...he'd stop and laugh and say hi, then proceed to try to get me to play.  I'm so tired.  I know Eric is too.  Ceddy loves to wrap his blanket around his head while he sleeps.  This freaks me out so throughout the night I peek over to make sure he has a cover on and that it's not on his head.  I solved the dilemma last night by getting the one my mom crocheted for him.  I figured there were breathing holes for him.

Today is Ceddy's well baby checkup.  This shall be interesting considering he HATES the doctor.

My nails are in dire need of a mani...but no time for me.

Eric and I worked out hard last night...and no that isn't sex code.  We have been pushing each other and lifting weights.  We laughed so hard at each other we almost couldn't finish.  But I'm seeing results!!!  Mrs. Scale read 131 pounds today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!  Now only 6 more pounds to my goal weight.  We have been doing these hardcore leg lifts. One stands up and the other lays their head between the others feet and use their legs as a brace.  Then we lift our legs (as straight as we can) to the others hands.  OMG it kills your stomach.  Also, we've been doing push ups, crunches, and squats.  We increase the amount each night.  I have no upper body strength.

I've decided what I want for my b-day/ anniversary gift.  I want a trip to NYC.  I've never been there and I really really really want to go.  I told Eric a picnic in Central park is how I want to celebrate our anniversary and maybe a trip to see David Letterman for my b-day. I found a cool bed and breakfast in Manhattan.  I'm excited about it.  So hopefully we can go.

My body is killing me from working out...the results are worth it....but ouch.

I got the thumbs up from Spen's teacher for the ice cream party.  Now I need to buy all the supplies for that.  No nuts because I know a few kids have allergies.  But chocolate sauce, cherries, whip cream and marshmallows. Hopefully, Ceddy doesn't have a melt down at the party.  I need to go to the party supply store soon.  So much to do!!!

I want to put some layers in my hair.  I like this minus the blond streak in it.

I know my hair is too short...but something like this.

Ok...off to get ready for the doctor.


Joe's blog said...

I always enjoy reading your posts.
But you know this.
Wish you a very nice day.
And please continue your workout. I'm on my crosstrainer every day.

Nikki P. said...

Wishing you a nice day as well!!!