Thursday, February 10, 2011

Party brain...

I should be in my nice comfy bed but I'm sitting here just finishing up writing out Spen's Valentines.  I completely forgot to have him do it.

I also realized that I am short ONE...yes ONE heart for their class craft project.  So hopefully tomorrow they have some still left at the store.  I hate miscounting.  I also hate that EVERYTHING comes in a pack of 24 and there are 25 kids in the class.

Craft projects galore.  My house is not covered in dust...but glitter...ok that's a lie...dust and glitter.

I still have a bunch more for the party.  Balloons and some v-day decorations.  I have the bags pre-filled with a craft and I'm about done : )  Now not to forget the ice cream.  Eric is going to watch Ceddy.  So I won't have to take him to school and be covered in big kid germs.

Ok...I got my black liquid pants.  They fit but are baggy is some areas.  So I'm going to buy a smaller size.  I'm excited though.  I do like them.  Here's a pic of me modeling them with my funky shoes.  There is no way I could rock these shoes at the concert.  But I love how tall I am in them.  I towered the hubs.

I have the worlds smallest ankles.  

I sent my friend a text of me wearing these...I hope I sent it to the right friend. That could be an awkward explanation of a text. to sweet dreams I go.

ps...I want a cupcake right now at this very moment in the worst way...if I wasn't so sleepy and in my pjs I'd drive myself up to Kroger and buy one or two or three.  Yummmmm...

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