Friday, March 12, 2010

The wrong part of me...

-how wrong is it that I...

-am a photographer and yet have empty frames around my house?
-stopped working out expecting my weight to magically fall off.
-just now realized it won't
-never cook
-really needs to finish my kids bathroom, but am afraid to use the steamer next to the I'm leaving it up for Eric to do.  (electricity scares me)
-never go down in my basement, and I have three rooms down there including a theater room.  I'd rather watch a movie in my bedroom.
-refuse to buy any new clothes until I'm skinny, but will justify new sandals.  They will fit when I reach my goal weight.
-have an unhealthy addiction to target.  I won't allow myself to go in there if I can't spend money.
-just now realized how many freaking calories are in my coffees daily...and I have about 3-4 cups a day...ouch!
-have yet to take ceddy's pics in awhile...I'm talking studio pics.
-sit in my office daily and yet have no desire to clean it. (it's stock piled with junk mail)
-I have a shredder and NEVER use it.  I hate how slow it is.
-I don't recycle all that I should.  I try, but not hard enough.
-don't take care of myself as well as I should.
-I can be mean to the people I love the most.
-I was mad at Eric so I scheduled his doctor appointment at 8:30 am, (he hates mornings as bad as I do)and wish I hadn't because I really need to go with him and can't.
-I really wish I could run a mini marathon, but expect to be instantly in shape after a few days of training.
-I don't stand up to people like I should and many times pretend not to hear, nor see things that piss me off in the attempt to be "nice"
-I hate being nice!
-I really want to volunteer, but I really do not have the time....and that sucks.
-I cry easily about dumb things.
-I love crappy music.
-I don't like twilight.  I'm a chick isn't this some prerequisite for having ovaries? 
-I wish I lived in NYC.
-I probably need medicine for my ADHD, but I think it makes me quirky and more artistic.
-I hate I suck at sewing.
-I hate I never paint anymore.
-I forget EVERYTHING unless I practice it.
-I wish I could sing...I suck and sound as if a cat were dying.  But this does not keep me from giving private concerts in my car daily to my kids.
-I need to fill out my kids baby books more...but really will they care...probably not.
-I'm terrified to fly.
-once in my art fag phase I drank a whole bottle of wine, and ate pineapple cupcakes while watching hamlet.  Needless to say wine and pineapple cupcakes still turn my stomach to this day.
-I am a funny drunk.
-I love to read but never do.
-I suck at swimming.
-I HATE fishing.

ok...this is boring.  I have so much to do today.  I've made myself a workout routine.  I know how lazy I I have to split things up.  I'm starting off easy so I won't get burned out.  I'm including things I can do around the house.  My goal is to start walking is out because of the weather : (  But I will run up and down my steps to cover the walk. to weigh in and workout!


Jessica said...

You and I are a lot alike... from reading this list.... but I kinda knew that already. haha. but yeah, if you ever want to try to get together to walk or something let me know.. and we should hang out and do something soon... what, I do not know.. but something.

oh and jason and i are trying to walk a few days a week now... i'm also trying to build up some jogging skills. haha. but if you ever wanna do something for charity and workout, you and i could sign up for a 5k charity walk or something. maybe this summer?

Nikki P. said...

We should. We should walk in the march of dimes this may 8th. I had an invite to do it...that might be fun. It's great cause...I found out recently they do research for stillbirth and sids prevention too along with all the wee little ones they help out.

Jessica said...

Awesome. I am down. That would be like RIGHT before my surgery, so it would be one of the best times for me to do something like that... Let me know the details and everything and I can let you know for sure after the 29th of this month.... (thats my consult appointment for the surgery. heh).