Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Fact Thursday...

- After going to an ENT yesterday and being told all my headaches and sinus issues are due to TMJ, I feel a little bit crazy. Not full on cray cray but...crazy for not realizing it sooner.

- I have watched way too many episodes of animal hoarders today.  So much that Cedric stopped playing with his toys and told me he didn't like doggies. heheheheeehe...

- I am now officially going to get into shape...starting tomorrow...yes...tomorrow...

- I rushed all morning getting the boys ready for camp...part of me is jealous I was left behind, the other part is too lazy to want to deal with kiddo campers. Ha. Been there did that...and my head doesn't feel like it today.

- I am on the hunt for white frames. Lots of white frames for my photo ledges.

- I want to make some family art for my gallery hallway...I'll work on that "tomorrow"

- I tried doing yoga with Cedric tonight.  It was rather interesting to say the least.  He laughed and did everything I did to his best toddler ability.  It was super cute.

- I mastered the fishtail braid tonight.  It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't want to get off the couch : )

- I have a guilty pleasure of visiting gossip websites and my jaw did drop when I read what stone faced Kristen Stewart did. Gasp...clutching chest...didn't see that coming.  Poor Cedric Diggory...maybe now he'll not mess with twitchy muggles...yes, I'm a nerd. I just personally cannot get past her awkwardness.  I get so uncomfortable just watching her on screen...I honestly have only seen one Twilight movie. I refused to watch anymore. I never will understand why people cheat, especially on hot boyfriends...sheessshhhh..karma is a Bitch who takes names and waits for the right moment to strike.
- I'm craving the beach...I need a beach right about now...but my bed will have to do ; )

Pointless update have a fantastical Thursday night.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Being sick is for the birds..

(My BFF)

I have been fighting a bad ear infection this past week.  I have horrific allergies and decided to go swimming when my allergies flared up.  Not a good choice.  So one Z-pack later I still have fluid and pressure in my ears. Sheeshhhh...I hate ALLERGIES!!!  I'm one of those nerdy people who have to cut the grass in a mask and am practically allergic to the outside.  Inside too.  Dust, name..I'm allergic to it.  It sucks, my son inherited my bad allergies.  Poor kid.

I plan on doing my nightly ritual of benadryl and ibuprofen.  So romantic ; ) Maybe a cotton ball in each ear to spice it up ; )

My braces may be coming off next month!!!  Yay!!! I'm excited...and so ready for a good bleaching.  Movie star teeth here I come.

We took Cedric to to the doctor today. There was a huge mess up at the scheduling place and we were told to go to the downtown office.  Nope...we walked in and they informed us to go the east end office  The one not very far from where I live.  Tis life.  The gastro doctor was super nice.  Cedric was a holy terror.  Eric was able to get off work and come with me. He helped keep Cedric from escaping while I talked with the doctor. Long story short he doesn't want to do a scope until he's older.  He thinks his med's are working just fine and he told us to put him on a low acid diet. Eric and I talked and we are going to cancel Cedric's ENT scope.  His voice is almost back to normal, and a lot of his symptoms have gone away. I really do not want to sedate Cedric unless he has to be.  I also, did not like the carefree idea of taking his tonsils out. Knock on wood..but Cedric has never had an ear infection or throat infection.  That is something we will wait and see until he is older. At 2...he's still too little. Eric and I were terrified he would hemorrhage. The kids screams and yells non stop.  He loves to sing and be loud. I couldn't see him understanding not to yell.  I'm glad my husband listens to my fears and feels the same. We are a team when it comes to the kids and always try to be on the same page.  Sheeshhh...this mom job is hard and full of tough decisions.

The boys are getting ready for camp.  Spen is excited and so it Eric.  They're both going away to father and son cub scout camp.  It's cute how they both are so excited.  Spen is over the moon with excitement.  My boys are blessed to have such a loving father. mom worries have creeped in.  Ticks, sunburns, swimming pools and dehydration.  I random.  I trust my husband...I'm just a nervous ninny when it comes to those things.  Spen had a tick on him a few months back.  He was so calm.  Eric calmly removed it as well. He removed it with such precision and smoothness.  I was on the verge of passing out just being in the same room as the tick.  I HATE TICKS!!!  I have been a camp counselor, hiked, and worked outdoors.  I love the outdoors...I just despise ticks. I also worry about the heat and their intake of water.  I'm a nerd.  It's probably good that I am not going.  Eric has this ability to give the boys enough wiggle room to grow into men.  Not pushing them, or neglecting them.  Just standing in the shadow watching them discover things on their own terms.  I'm the helicopter mom who swoops in way too often. It's funny...he has bought Spen his first official knife and bow and arrow set....I still cut up Spen's steak for him and pick out his clothes.I like to think it's a nice combination of crazy for the boys. to bed I go.  Pointless update.  Hopefully, I will be feeling better by morning!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Current thoughts... random order...

My mind is swimming with ideas for this house...but my body is lacking the motivation of energy to make those ideas come to fruition. In other words I'm geeked up on allergy meds. My body is dragging. I'm trying to get rid of this fluid in my ears and the meds only seem to be making me groggy not well.   I HATE ALLERGIES!!!

Yesterday was nice.  Eric and I had another date day.  We ran some errands that we have put off for far too long simply for lack of excitement in the task of actually doing them and then went shopping.  We checked out some new stores and ran back to downtown.  We went to an art flea market and walked amid local art and design stores.  I LOVE it down there.  I told Eric I need to open a studio down there.  One day to just devise a plan to actually be able to afford the space. ha!

I have a new idea for this blog.  I'm kinda excited about it.  This has always been a little place for me to vent and purge my feelings, ideas or just every day happenings.  I have to get some things in order for this to actually happen.  But...soon I'll fill you in on the idea...

I'm thinking about taking a creative writing class at the local college.  I think this will inspire me and light a fire under my butt to actually start writing what I want to.  My friend actually told me about it and my husband has encouraged me to do it as well.  I looked up class info last week, this week I need to commit to it ; )

I have made a purposeful attempt at keeping my bedroom clean.  As simple and silly of a task this may be for's not for me. I'm a natural slob. Laziness is in my genetic DNA. But I'm a firm believer in your surroundings breed your energy for the day.  If you wake up to disarray you will walk in that shadow all day long.  Now...I just need to take charge of my office and do an overhaul in it.  I need organization and inspirational pieces in there.  In where I want to create and where I work.  But sitting amid stacks of outdated papers, creatively rarely flows. More like feelings of guilt.  While pinning organizational tips or ideas on pinterest...I really should be doing them.

The theater room is almost done! As I type that the word pretentious burns into my mind. My husband has been hard at work on it and I'm truly proud of him.  I'll leave it at that in fears of sounding like an arrogant snob...because...I'm not..but home theater just seems to display that persona.

I actually managed to find some energy and paint today.  The mood struck me and I painted my entry. It needed to be done.  I had patched the drywall and it was primed ready to go. This week I need to  re-caulk the stairs and paint the white trim.  I work from home, so therefore...I rarely leave.  I stare at the same cracks...paint chips and annoyances everyday.  So someday's I crack,cave in and drag out the paint cans and brushes.  Progress was made today...

I think I may have to color my hair soon.  The ombre has turned south and looks more like bad dye job.  I'm not a 6 foot, 20 year old model who could make ratty hair look chic.  I'm a short, pear shaped 30 year old mom...and I'm looking a tad bit like a calico cat.  I'm thinking more like a Zooey Deschanel hair do.

  I already have the bangs and blue eyes ; ) She's a cutie! to bed I go.  Tomorrow is the start of the work week for me and I have lots of things to do; doctor appointments, meetings and emails to return.  Have a great week! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hehehehee...that is what Cedric will tell people if he gets into trouble..He puts his hand out and says...relax Mommy...relax bro bro, relax Daddy...he even told my brother today to relax after he got in trouble for something or another.  With that child you NEVER know.

Let me set the scene of this mornings chaos.  I think I am getting another ear infection from swimming last week.  Always I'm dealing with a headache and ear pain (could be TMJ who knows), I had to sub for my boss at her local BNI meeting.  I DO NOT LIKE PUBLIC SPEAKING...and yes that calls for all caps.  I had to deliver a 45 second commercial and do a testimonial.  Ummm...this is beyond my comfort level.  So I have been fretting about this all last night.  I had everything prepped for the kids to be taken to my moms in the morning.  I had sippy cups even filled and ready in the fridge.  Yup, that ready.  I was ready to dazzle the BNI crew.  One hiccup...Cedric.  While getting ready, he managed his way into his older brother's room.  He then managed his way up his brothers bunk bed.  All I heard was his crying.  I ran to him and found him laying on Spen's beanbag chair.  He told me he fell.  Dear God this child will give me a heart attack sooner or later.  My husband had already left for work, so no one was there to calm me down.  I think I had exasperated all my nerves due to the public speaking worry and I was able to stay calm. I looked Cedric over.  Did the mommy 101 accident assessment.  Looked for bones poking out, red marks, bruises, or anything odd.  I asked where was his boo boo...and asked him what happened.  Cedric is smart...and I know he lies to not get into trouble.  So we shall never really know what happened.  I personally think he slipped on the ladder.  He was back to normal in no time.  Then I had the mommy freak out of what if this had happened.  My nerves were officially shot.  So I managed to forget my business cards and was half frazzled at the start of the meeting.  Sheeshhhhh....

The end of the day actually turned out awesome. I went to go pick the kids up from my moms.  I ended up staying for a while and just hanging out.  It seems at some point in adulthood distance grew between my mom and myself.  Not sure the exact moment...but it was there. Tonight was different.  I ended up laying on her bed tonight talking with her, gossiping,  laughing and carrying on like old times.  I miss my mom...she's my mom and I adore and love her.  We took the kids for a walk and let them run wild in the tennis courts.  It was just really nice. I'm going to make a point to really try to bridge that gap of closeness with my mom.  Life is too short that type of non-sense.

Pointless update...

Ok, off to self medicate.  I have a hot date with Benadryl...hopefully, I can kick this headache! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Short update...

This coming week will be beyond busy.  My boss is going to Disney and I'll be responsible for making the clients happy.  I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't nervous.  I have spent the morning getting organized for the week the week to come.

I had a great weekend!  I actually sat down and did things that I have been putting off.  Like finally finishing my kitchen curtains.  I had never hemmed them! It drove me CRAZY!  Checked off the to do list.

I made a KICK ASS art project for the office. I'll update with pics of that once the office doesn't look like a tsunami hit it. I'm really excited how they turned out!!!  Super modern and they add texture to the room.  I LOVES IT!

I got bangs!  Like for reals bangs.  I've been wanting them for a small eternity and just could not get the time to have them cut.  I ran out after Eric was home from work and popped in a local hair salon. I feel bad like I was cheating on my hair stylist, but I can never make an appointment. I'm always too busy. I had an insane experience at the new salon.  I had been there once before.  It's a nice salon and they accept walk-ins, a plus for me. Long story short, this little Russian man cut my hair.  He was kinda intense.  I felt as though I was in an SNL skit.  His thick Russian accent asking me if I knew what I was getting into?  Him questioning all these different aspects of my life.  He was nice, just intense to say the least.  He warned me of how drastic I was going.  I informed him I was a professional hair hopper.  So, nothing scares me.  I have been every color, cut and hair style.  Bangs...pffftttt...not a big deal.  But actually, I was AMAZED and TOTALLY WRONG with how he did them.  The way he cut them OMG.  I LOVE THEM and totally stand corrected.  I got told I looked hot by a guy waiting to get his hair done.  Always a nice boost to a mom's self esteem ; )  It was funny, it totally transformed my look.  Updated and modernized my mom hair!   I personally loved the responses when I came home.  Cedric told me he did not like it.  My hair was broken and looked confused at me.  The joys of a toddler.  Spen said, he too did not like it.  He HATES for me to change my hair.  But my husband...he had the best response.  He was down stairs working on the theater room, and was totally caught up in his work. I yelled for him and he rounded the corner, looked at me and his jaw actually dropped.  The jaw dropping soon followed with a huge smile and a OMG wow you look hot.'s nice to see I can still swoon and surprise my hubby : )  It's funny, I ran into my friend at the store and she didn't recognize me. Ha!  I think the little Russian man put a spell on me...but that's fine...I like it : )

Ok, off to take the boys out somewhere to have fun! Wishing everyone a great week!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mini Trip to Indy...

We just got home.  I have yet to unpack, clean the car out or start laundry.  I figured all that fun stuff can wait.  My husband and I decided Friday night to take a mini trip with the kids.  I swear I have a gypsy spirit and I need to travel, see new sites and have fresh experiences every few months or I get restless.  It's something my mind and spirit crave.  I know it's silly, but it renews me and gives me energy for the everyday mumbo jumbo.  Kinda like a re-boot button for the soul. 

We decided on Indianapolis because it was close, they have an AWESOME children's museum (which I had  never visited) and the hotel had a pool.  Need I say more with this heat wave?  Indoor air-conditioned fun? YES PLEASE!  We decided not to tell the kids where we were going.  I had packed our things without them seeing and we played it off as a simple family outing.  Once in Indy my oldest honestly thought we were  going to a hotel to swim.  Just swim and then come home the next day.  He was super excited when he learned we had actually planned to make two days of it.  The second day including a visit to the museum.  I was blown away with the Museum BTW.  They has so many exhibits for the boys! The hubs included ; )  We loved it so much we actually ended up buying a membership.  We plan on going back there many more times.  The kids had so much fun and I did too.  All in all a fabulous family outing : )

Below are some cell phone pics I snapped of the trip : )

***Edited***  Fast forward...I forgot to post this blog entry.  This was last weekend. When you do social media for a living the excitement of updating kinda loses it's sparkle.  

Currently...I'm excited it is the weekend (again).  I have a client coming over for her photos.  I have a movie ready to be watched and a house that is pretty much cleaned : )    

Eric has been hard at work on the basement theater room.  This is not a very good pic, but it's a sneak peek : ) to get ready for my client. Wishing everyone a great weekend!