Monday, November 28, 2011


I put up two Christmas trees today.  With a toddler handing me ornaments off one tree every step of the way.  I'm wore out.  I had an 8am. orthodontist appointment today and had to take both boys along for the visit.  THANK GOD they were both too sleepy to hate it.  I really wasn't worried about Spen, but Cedric...if he's in a mood step back.  But thankfully, he was good.

I put my wreaths and candles in my windows today too.  We put the lights outside up this past weekend.  I still need to put my porch trees up and decorate my mail box. I'm debating on making a gingerbread house for the outside. I'll take pictures once it's all done.  Eric keeps teasing me about my over zealousness for Christmas decor.

I have SO many projects.  We FINALLY settled on a couch for our family room.  Our current one has seen better days.  I can't wait to decorate around it.  Here is the "theme" I want for my family room...

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

I'm crushing on the ceiling. Little does Eric know or fully comprehend my idle threats of starting this project will happen this winter : )  We will get a coffered ceiling. Even if I have to build it myself. Heh...ok..scratch that...more like tell the hubs he gets to buy new tools for the project.
 I like the accent chairs and the just mellow feel of the room.

I researched A LOT before we bought our couch.  I LOVE this couch...

and this one as well...

Insert the "but" here...the first one had horrible reviews...fell apart and the other one has one cushion.  I personally LOVE the look but not the practicality of it.  It will break down and be lumpy.  I've seen it first hand and read tons of reviews.  Boo. This will be our daily "driver" couch...we needed durability and aesthetics : )  Not to mention I have a child who has already managed to break one fingers crossed we made the correct choice. It comes Friday!!!  Yay : )

I want/need this chair...

My thrifty mind is in the works on how to make it or buy it for cheap. It would look awesome in my office.  I just need to add a different light fixture and floating shelves and the office will be done.  Oh, and clean and organized it...heheheee...the boring job.

So much to to sleep I go.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday and all that jazz...

Last night I was so pumped to actually get a few good deals. My friend and I checked out the black Friday sales online days before. Target opened at 12 and Walmart at 10 for their Black Friday Sales.  Yeah...this is what the Middletown stores looked like...

This was the LINE to get into Target...

So needless to say my friend and I headed home. I really do not like crowds and it was a madhouse in Walmart. We did make a quick stop at Walgreens for snacks.

I found some cute Christmas Story stuff I might have to go back and buy.

Then we called it a night.  Today I told myself I would drive by Target around 11am to check out the crowds.    It wasn't crowded at all, so I ran in.  I'm SOOOOO excited I did.  I scored the LAST mini cooper power wheel for $99 and Spen's Kindle.  No lines, and no crowds.  Yes!!! 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and safe Black Friday : )

Thursday, November 24, 2011

New gym...old gym...

My friend and I joined a local gym.  I used to a member and quit years ago.  Well, tonight was our first workout there.  We actually went through all the leg machines and did some stomach machines as well.  I know I will be sore tomorrow.  We walked on the elliptical for what seems a small eternity, but was only 10 minutes.  The guy in front of us who was in his mid-to late 50's was doing laps on us.  After all the "serious" workout we went and played with the toys.  The gym was dead and we wanted to see what they had.  We did some step aerobics along with some sit ups with weighted balls.  Then we discovered the HULA HOOP!!!   Sarah and I LOVE hula hooping.  Sadly, we totally thought about buying the work out video one.  Yes, they have a hula hoop work out video, do not judge me ; )  The hula hoop was weighted.  It hurt like a b*tch to do, but was fun.  Then we discovered the shake weight and everything else was history as they say   : )  She snapped a pic of me being silly. The night crew thought we were nuts.  We joked and said we need to get matching sweat bands.  You have to make working out fun...if can suck.  

I totally look crazy in this pic.  I weighed myself today....129.  My goal is 125 and cut.  It was super funny.  When we were given the tour, the fitness guy asked what our goals were.  I told him I wanted to be cut.  He made a gesture of being huge with muscles.  I told him no, I'm a lady...I want to keep my lady shape and parts. Then I realized how funny that was...I usually do not refer to myself as a lady.  I'm actually excited to get into shape.  My goal is not jiggle.  Seems doable.  I'm also ready for Thanksgiving!  I won't feel as guilty eating all my sweets this year.  I plan on becoming a late night gym junky. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Be safe and eat well : )

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Addiction!!! {Word ART}


I was once asked to make this type of art/photography for a friend. I was super busy when she asked and I never got around to making it.  It was buried in the back of my crafting mind and neatly placed on my to do list. Well, damn you pinterest, because I saw something similar yesterday and bam quick as a flash...I had to make one : )  It's mine and my husband initials along with wedding anniversary.  I am totally going to own up to the fact I borrowed these lovely pictures from the internet. ( I personally hate when my images are taken off the internet and used for personal gain...but this is simply for a frame in my house.  Hopefully, no bad karma my way : ) )Thank you flickr. 

It's really easy to do.   I found a tutorial on how to make these in Microsoft Office Publisher. I used photoshop myself...but the tutorial seems like it might be useful.  

  I'm now thinking of all the fun things I could do this for...framed xmas gifts possibly?
If I make these for Christmas I'd love to drive around Louisville and snap photos of the alphabet. I think it would be fun to see pieces of signs you know. (Note to project ) I also tweaked another photo I found off the pinterest.  I love it...

I added some different layers and I like how it turned out.  This line always chokes me up   : )  Thank you who ever out there in pinterest land took this picture : )

Have a great day guys!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

This and that times two...

Things that occurred the past few days in random order...

- I banished all my lovely gray hairs.  I am now a solid brunette again : )

- I returned the lamps that Eric said belonged in an old ladies house. (sadly I agree)  I hate when you are on a mission for something and then settle out of pure frustration.  I knew in my gut I didn't like them...but I needed lamps so I thought I could make them work. Eric just reaffirmed that I didn't like them...hahahaa.  Although, they looked A MILLION times better in the store.  I hate when that happens.

- I bought two new crystal lamps to replace my previous ugly purchase.  They were a hit among the hubs and friends. I really like the.  Going for a minimalist bedroom.  Let's see if my need for clutter can stay at bay.

Crappy cell pic...but you will get the idea..

The shade is rectangular white with silver flake.  Totally lost in this pic.  But they are really pretty.

- Cedric swiped my mascara while I was putting my eyeliner on today.  He was too fast to get a good picture, but you can see how he resembles clock work orange here. He is so funny and fast.  He had the top unscrewed and on his "eyes" as he kept saying over and over.  He was quit proud of himself.  I had to laugh.

We had Scouting for food last Saturday.  I was amazed with the out pouring of donations this year.  My car alone was stock piled with donations Spencer collected.  All the boys were awesome and it's a great cause.  I've been debating on taking Spencer to the mission to see where a lot of the donations go.  I'd like for him to see the faces behind the cause.

Cedric was all about Daddy.  He missed him and did not want out of his arms.

It was funny how fast all the kids rushed out to unload my car.  ( If I only had this at home...hummmm...)

 - I'm planning my annual cookie exchange this year.  I have no idea what I will make and who all I will invite. I'm not sure if I want a big one or small one.

- Finished stapling my chair with some help from Eric.  I need to go buy the cording and hot glue.  I plan on buying the hardcore glue.  I also need to finish the arms. But it looks AWESOME!!!  My first pancake so far is a success. Yay!!!

- Planning my game plan for Black Friday shopping...I have some ideas, but I need to make a list.

- I can't wait to put my my xmas stuff!!!  I know what I will be doing this weekend : )

- I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a sectional couch I like.  Macy's had some I like...but they are HUGE and are too big for my family room.  I hate furniture shopping!!!

- Lastly, I am signing back up at my old gym.  My friend and I are doing it together.  Hopefully, we will push each other.  If not, it will be fun while we goof off and laugh while pretending to workout.  I'm determined though to get into shape.  I know it can happen.  I want to get in really good shape before I get pregnant again.  I plan on working out while pregnant too. I will not have another pregnancy like my last!  So we shall see how this all works out. Ha...famous last words.

Wishing everyone a great week!!!

xoxo's Nikki

Friday, November 18, 2011

Psssttt...Don't be jealous...

But I have loads of laundry to do, a house to clean and a car that looks like an episode of Hoarders threw up in it. And I CHOOSE to make cookies   ; P  I've had a bad case of the fuckits lately.  Eric has been in New Jersey all week with work and I just don't feel like doing much of anything.   All though Cedric and I looked rather snazzy today.

                               I'm totally lovin my new hat...maybe a little too much...but whatever!

I bought Cedric a new peacoat. He looks so freakin cute in it!  He also loves to wear a hat now. He wants to be like Daddy.  Next project...knit him a mini scarf.

I have searched EVERYWHERE for something similar to this...

I want some white orchids for my master bath.  Right now everything is Christmas or winter decor.  I might have to wait until spring : (

But on my adventure in finding the right floral arrangement...I found a cute coffee mug.  I am fully aware how over used this phrase is...but I'm a sucker for a cute mug :)

I'm soooo tempted to go back and buy a bunch to fill and make Christmas gifts out of them...hummmmm...

Have a great weekend guys...

xoxo's Nik

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Ok...My lovely friend and partner is crime came over yesterday and tonight to work on my chair.  This is what my other friend Nikki would describe as my "first pancake".  Last night we discovered we were using the wrong size staples.  Today, I bought the wrong size yet again.  So my friend Sarah was so nice to run back out and pick up the right size.  Poor Cedric had a check up today and got a lovely shot in his left leg.  He was not up for another trip out of the house.

Here is the before pic of my thrift store chair.

and here is the current state ONE chair is in...

I still have to finish the back sides, the arms and put a few more staples in the back along with the trim piping. Soooo close to being done!!!  Big thanks and hug to Sarah from helping!!! I'll write a tutorial once it's done.  I've been taking pictures along the way ; )

My new hat I scored today... I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE it. {Sang in my Dragon Tales voice}

Good night guys!

xoxo's Nik

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ode to the Dollar Tree...

There will always be Debbie Downers on the Dollar Tree.  People who claim to never find anything in there, they are way too good to shop there and blah blah blah...  But here's a little known secret to the world of's the mother ship!!!  I'm not going to even tell you guys home much I spent in there the past few days on Christmas decorations. Yes, everything is only a dollar...and somehow I managed to add A LOT of dollars up. But I will share with you a fun craft for a few bucks : )

The bulk of my supplies came from the Dollar Tree...

I bought ornaments, glitter berries and 6 wreaths. 

The Dollar Tree has thin wire wreaths.  I put the flat sides against each other and twisted them together for a fuller wreath.

Fluff...fluff and more fluff...

I placed everything how I wanted it and then glued it on.  This is the best way to do it.  I put the hook side down on the ornaments then glued them to the branches.  It's a festive fun craft project for cheap : )

{ I wrapped the branches around my spindles to hold them up }

I "thought" I would need three wreaths for my stairs...but two worked just fine.  So with my extra set of wreaths and ornaments I decorated my light fixture in my dinning room.

It looks better in person.  I can't wait to decorate my table.  This years cookie exchange will be awesome!!!

Lastly, I bought some foam plates and glued them together.  I painted them to look like mints and plan on wrapping them with plastic gift wrap to make them look like candy mints.  They will be hung on my big pine tree outside.  I'm debating on making a plywood gingerbread house for the front yard.  It depends if I can find the time and energy.

I will show you on another post how to fake snow on your window : )

I scored these ADORABLE (reusable) straws too at the Dollar Tree.

How cute are they!!!  Perfect for my cookie exchange!