Saturday, February 5, 2011

Girls night out!!!

I'm excited about tonight...hopefully the weather corporates. I'm meeting up with some friends to go see a movie and have some dinner.  It's been ages since I've done this!  It was funny last night I was talking to Eric about me going out and how comfortable he is with being left alone with the kids.  Then I started thinking about how early he started watching Ceddy by himself.  At the time you don't realize how small a baby is until you look back. But holy cow he watched him from birth by himself.  We talked about the time I had to shoot the derby and he took the kids over to a family derby party alone all day in Indiana.  Looking back I was so busy with working I didn't realize how awesome a task he had done.  He told me his family was impressed with how natural he was with both boys alone.  I know a lot of dads freak out when moms away.  I told Eric that is something to be proud of. I feel bad leaving him at home tonight, but not so bad I'm not going out ;)  Mommy needs some alone time!!! Ha!   I just hope the weather doesn't snow a lot and it's not icy. 

I'm dragging today.  I took a benadryl and a half at 3am because I had an allergy attack then.  All of the sudden I couldn't breath and my eyes, nose and throat were swollen.  No fun.  I blame the weather.  I had to wake up and get spen off to swim lessons today.  I let Eric take him...I was too tired.  He said Spen is doing really well.

I know I keep saying we are trying to become debt free.  We have a plan...slowly but surely it's working...or so I hope.  It's not that we are struggling or anything I just hate owing people.  I want the car paid off and to have no credit cards.  I want to start dumping money into our house payment.  We talked last night about refinancing for a 15 year mortgage once everything is paid off.  It's sickening to see the interest we are paying on our home loan.  We plan on getting a new car down the road.  Not sure what we will get next, but whatever it is, it has to fit a lot of people.  I need a mini van but I despise them.  I told Eric I would love an Audi Q7..tee hee.  But I'm really not sure what we will get.   Gas mileage is a huge factor for me and safety. I love my wagon, but I can't fit very many people in it.  We go out with friends and then we take Spen's friends out too.  The jeep and the wagon only fit 5 people and with a huge car seat in the mix not very comfortably. 

I feel like crawling back into bed before we start working on taxes.  Eric is down stairs fixing my laptop.  I have a million virus's from  FUNNNNNN.  

Amanda and I have devised a plan for the boys.  We are taking them somewhere for their v-day gifts.  This shall be interesting to say the least.  I need to finish planning spen's party.  I also need to go to the party supply store and go to Michaels.  Crap thinking about this, I realize I have no time for sleep!  Damn. to workout, shower and go to the store.  Have a great weekend internet land...

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