Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dad Love...

It was super sweet this morning.  While checking over my oldest sons homework my heart melted.  Just had to share!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Being Responsible and all that jazz...

OK, admit it...everyone groans when you have to do the "right" thing as an adult.  When sleeping in is not an option and blowing your paycheck on new makeup and clothing doesn't even enter the realm of reality anymore. Today my husband called to let me know he got a bonus, besides the fact taxes got to it before I could we both made the boring ADULT decision to put it into savings. Blah blah blah....oh joy.  I think of all the things I could spend that money on...and in our savings account just doesn't seem very fun.  

Below is a random list of things I miss about being a non-productive adult...aka...still living at home care-free and all that jazz...
  •  Sleeping in. I miss this so much.  I am NOT a morning person.
  •  Staying up all night and watching the night turn into the morning. 
  •  Blowing your paycheck on clothing, new hair, nails, or any other girly thing my mood fancied at the time.
  •  Sleep...good solid slumber.  Not having difficulty falling asleep worrying if your kids have kicked their covers off.
  •  Bills...oh how as a young adult I was dumb and thought it was funny to ignore them.  This proved to be a rather dumb move on my part. But I do miss the innocence of not realizing just how important your credit rating really is. The hubs and I have nearly perfect credit now and that took some hard work on our part.
  •  Eating anything and not worrying.  No fears of cancer, pesticides, or hell even gaining weight.  I used to be the size of a stick.  Now if I simply look at food my ass has jumped two sizes. 
  • Cleaning.  Ha...wondering why people wasted their time with that.
  • My biggest miss is the lack of fear. As a young carefree adult you don't understand the gravity of a mother's fear.  Fear truly does not enter into your life until you are a parent.  Then fears you never even knew were possible creep in.  They can be rational, or the biggest irrational fears but they are real to you.  I laugh looking back at some of the dumb fears I had as a new parent.  Then I cringe at some of the ones I had to face that were real ones.  But I do miss complete and total ignorance to things of the heart sometimes. This Mommy job can be hard on your worry meter. Hence, why my second child has given me gray hairs. to start my day. I have a 3 years old birthday party to plan and errands to run.  Also, a lovely dirty house begging for my attention. Have a great Friday guys!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life Abundance...

Have you ever woke with such gratitude for your life?  Your inner sinew sings to the heavens and your soul weeps for yet another beautiful filled day of life.  I had that today.  This morning was different.  It wasn't the usual morning simply filled with going through the motions; but the type of day you glance over at your spouse make eye contact and know you both know how lucky you two are. Today is my love of life abundance day!  I have two wonderful beautiful children.  One full of such wisdom and strength way beyond his years.  Ever since he was a toddler I could tell he had a mission in life.  He was the sweetest baby, the calm child, the love bug.  My koala bear baby with an old soul.  He will roll with the punches life would throw his way with grace and humility. He is growing up to be a wonderful young man.  Then my second child.  My thrill seeker, my explorer. He is the one that breathes fire into your life with every discovery and every challenge he overcomes.  He is my wondering spirit.  Like the yin and yang these two souls have blessed my life way beyond any words could imagine.  Then there is my other half.  The one who calms my nerves, who pushes me for my dreams, and the one who keeps me on task within my journey in life.  One glance and the squeeze of my hand and I know everything will be ok.  Life will be ok.  My love for my husband is abundant.  Through every life challenge and obstacle we laugh, cry or simply set our sails to a different wind to move forward around the negative.  We are a team in this adventure called life.  Hand in hand walking towards our daily sunsets.  I feel so blessed to have my three wonderful men in my life. 

This post was originally written on Sunday, but being as lazy as I am, I'm just now uploading it.
Here are some phone pics from this weekend.

Nothing like an UNO game on the trampoline. 

Ok, had no idea Cedric knew so many of his colors and numbers.

Crazy Mom shot.

Wishing everyone a great week!  Off to sleep I go....


Coming soon a blog overhaul.  I need to fix somethings and update my gadgets. Now to find the time to make this happen...

Friday, September 7, 2012

New design wants...

Ok, I had a light bulb go off in my head yesterday while shopping at World Market.  Between having to distract my two year old from knocking every bottle off the shelf and trying to find cute buys it dawned on me.  I'm totally digging the old world look. Old World as in industrial chic....not the store in the mall during the 90's that all our moms and grandma's went nuts for. I'm talking about  the rustic aged looking pieces. The industrial chic has crept up on me and I am head over heels.  While running my hands over a dining room table I noticed the dents, scratches and magically fell in love.  They added character to the pieces.  I have two boys and a clumsy hubby. I drank the kool-aid and am a World Market fan.  I still love super modern pieces, but they don't fair very well in my house.  They break, get stained or broken.  Give me the rustic wood and I shall dance a jig for you!  I have found stuff I like and plan on buying soon ; )   

Yes, doesn't everyone need a drafting table?

I must find a home for these curtains in my house...asap! 

I really really like this table. For some many reasons...but mainly because it seems pretty sturdy.  I'm sure my boys would be wheeling each other around sitting on top of it. And as in boys I mean my husband and kids   ; )

On the fence about the cherry blossom painting...

Love this table! 

 On the fence about this.  I'm SUPER picky when it comes to art. Dang all those art classes for making me an art snob!

New art project!!! I totally did not come up with this idea and I shall give props to another blog I follow Sara's Closet (I hate when people don't give their sources anyhoo)   My WM did not have the papers she used : ( or even had in the I found this lovely paper with a perfect shade of pink for the office : )

Lastly, I'll end with my sweet little men.  These two love to snuggle and love each other so much. Last night my heart melted while I was in my office.  Typing away for work I could here chit chat coming from my oldest son's room.  He has a bunk bed and my youngest has decided to set up camp in there.  I stopped typing to listen to what they were saying and they were telling each other goodnight and that they loved each other. Awwww...sweetness! 

Have a great weekend guys!!!