Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello hello hello...

I bought a diet Big Red today.  I have been really good lately...but I was craving something so I slipped.
I washed it down with a candy bar...sue me : )

Holy batman, Eric and I worked out last night hardcore.  I'm kinda feeling it today.  I need to walk on my treadmill today and then shower and get ready for the class party. 

I ran up to the store to get some more hearts.  I picked up some v-day candy for my nieces and nephew.  I already have spen something.

My laptop is infected with a bunch of nasty virus' s.  Damn you

I need to order another pair of liquid leggings.  I'm determined to be at 128 by the concert.

Eric found an old cub scout handbook while cleaning out the cub scout closet last night.  He discovered some interesting games that would definitely have to be renamed...

Also...shout out to my hubs for being awesome today and fixing a messed up facebook post.  I posted an update from my phone and my phone locked up or fb did and I had a million updates of the same update.  So I called Eric since I can't delete a post on my phone and had him fix it for me.  I know some people were probably like wow Nikki really is REALLY excited...heehehe. to workout and get ready for the party.  I'm dreading having to drag all the crap into the school.  Have a fun day guys!!!

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