Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And so it begins...

I have yet another doctor appointment today.  Hopefully, my old lady toe can be fixed and my skin can be radiant.  We shall see.

I'm planning on having a mommy night out.  I need a night out.  I'm thinking about doing it sometime this weekend and going out to the movies to see blue valentine.  It looks like a pretty hot movie...so who knows.  I thought it would be nice to catch up with my friends over dinner and a movie.  It's been awhile since I've hung out with them.  Eric said he'd watch the kids no problem.  He's such a sweetie.

Cedric is napping and I just got done working out.  Yippee.  I'm slowly making it a daily occurrence to at least walk 30 minutes on the treadmill while lifting weights.  Tiny Nikki here I come.  I can't wait to go for a hike as soon as the weather permits. 

I have a set of emails I net to send out. I've been awful about replying to people.  I just get side tracked. 

Ok...off to work on things I go.  Pointless update.


The Half-Assed Elitist said...

I promise I'm almost done with those questions and will send them back soon! I just keep forgetting to work on them.

Nikki P. said...

Don't worry! I've been lazy on my site. I'm so sorry I missed the kids party. I completely feel like an ass, but I forgot it was Sunday. I saw your post on fb about it. I'll be sending them gift cards in the mail. Sorry I suck and my head is an etch a sketch. I stayed in bed most of the weekend with a sinus headache.

The Half-Assed Elitist said...

Dont worry about it. I kept their party smaller overall this year. It was getting to be too much stress inviting all the "birthday party friends" and then never hearing from them any other time of the year. Also, I got tired of all the extra gifts. haha Usually people want more gifts, and here I am trying to avoid them! They had a good time though, even if I did try to keep Desi off to the side with me and the family, so she wasnt running around spreading her sick germs too much.