Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My teeth are already sore from my orthodontist appointment this morning.  I'm not looking forward to the rest of the week.  I got 7 new brackets in the back and they replaced three in the front.

I have to get out of the house today!!!  I plan on walking to pick Spen up from school.  It's supposed to be a beautiful day.

Ceddy is such the cleaver little guy.  he now sings row row row your boat.  He has the softest little voice I LOVE it!!!

My anxiety over Friday has not subsided.  I'm a nervous ball of energy.  I hate it for him.  I just really hate him being sedated. I pray to God everything goes well and the tongue clipping helps his eating out.

Last night was nice.  Eric was super sweet.  He picked up sushi on the way home from work and had chocolates and roses for me.  Yummy.  I ate way too much and had sushi tummy most of the night.  We watched a movie and it was nice calm night.  My most favorite V-day was when Eric had handwritten notes with a rose attached to each hidden through out the house.  I'm a nerd and still have the notes.  It's the sweet little things.  Tomorrow we are taking the guys out for their v-day.

I have to go to the grocery today.  Not looking forward to this endeavor.  I need to go to two grocery stores :(  I also have a parent teacher conference today.  Funnnnnnn....the life of a mom and wife.

I can't wait to pay off debt.  We will be getting out tax refund and paying off bills.  How responsible of us.(Eyes rolling)  I hate living within our means.  It's annoying...hhehehehehee.  I'd love to blow that money on a trip some place.  But alas we will not.  We are really trying and it's actually working. Both cars will be paid off and a credit card.  Yay!!!  Hopefully, it will be the starting domino.  We aren't strapped for cash or anything.  Like I have said numerous times...I just want to be debt free.  I would love to have no monthly bills and I would love to start saving for retirement and the boys education.  Being an adult sucks.  I'd totally love to take our refund and hop on a plane to Europe.  But in time.  We have been slipping on dinning out...so back to our routine of eating at home.  Boring I know...but it works and saves money.

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for new bedding.  Mine is old and ugly.  I want to update the room and since my bed is a huge massive design black hole...it dictates what color theme I will go for.  So Off to look for new bedding before the grocery.  Later...

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