Thursday, September 8, 2011


I can't wait to start jogging again!!!  I have a jogging stroller I have yet to break out for it's intended that is a must.  Thankfully, the weather is letting up and the heat wave has subsided.  I love being out doors when the weather is like this!  I can't wait to go camping next month.  I'm also looking forward to hiking.  Hopefully, the weather will be nice for our planned trip.

Current thoughts in random order..

- I really really really do not feel like going to the parent teacher conference tonight at Spen's school.  I don't feel like having to get dressed and all that jazz.  I'd much rather take a shower put my PJs on and curl up with a good movie.  I have to stop by the PTA office and pick up the auction pottery plate for this year.  I have an idea of how I might decorate this years...but it's still up in the is the one I did last year...
(The class finger prints are the white spots)

- Eric did an awesome job at the parent orientation last night for the cubs scouts.  He had to speak in front of a bunch of strangers...and he did great.  I was super proud of him.  He is VERY shy...or shall I say was...he's really not anymore. I learned that first hand last night.  I really do not like public speaking...but it's part of life.

- My parents are celebrating their 36th anniversary today.  They are on their way to the Smokies.  I hope they have a good time!!!  They deserve it.

- Eric is going to plan my B-day party.  I told him I wanted a murder mystery themed dinner party.  Let's see what he comes up with.

- I have the best friends a girl could ask for.  I reached out to a few of them recently and they calmed my nerves and made me  laugh : )  It's nice knowing I have them by my side : )

- I hate talking about politics...but it's scary how bat shit crazy so many in the government are.

- Life has a funny way of coming around full circle.

- and lastly...I have soooo many things I should be doing rather than a pointless update I better go do them....have a great night!!!


Tiff said...

Grrr! I hate those parents/teacher sort of things... And having to looking presentable at them! Hopefully it went well!

~Nikki Pullen said...

Thanks! It went really well. My sons teacher is super sweet and adorable. I waited until it was almost over to go...that way no one wanted to talk for a long time ; )