Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blue Valentine...

Ok, what a tear jerker and hot movie all in one.  My friends and I did not like the ending so we constructed our own version of one. Ha.  I had a blast with my friends.  I hated that a few friends couldn't make it.  But it was an awesome time nonetheless.  Amanda and I had dinner before hand and Shannon joined us for the movie and drinks afterward.  Holy hell, that movie was hot!!!  Also, holy hell I feel old.  We went to the back door for drinks after the movie and it was comical that amid all these bar goers we were talking about our lives, children, and marriage.  I kinda wish we had opted for a coffee shop instead.  But I did enjoy my amaretto sour :)  I had a very good night!!!  I think I'm going to make this a monthly event.  I miss my girls!!!  It's nice escaping mommyland and venturing out into the real world.  I came home to Eric and told him about the night.  He was happy I was happy. God, I love that man.  That movie just reminded me of why it's so wonderful to never lose your silliness, your zest for each other and your desire.  I think Eric and I will sneak away for a holiday sometime soon just us and get lost amid each other and think of no one but ourselves for a split second in time.   It's important to not lose that love and youthful bliss for each other.  Reality and adulthood is a cold bitch that slaps you in the face every morning.  But sometimes, you just have to pull the covers over your heads and snuggle and giggle about life.  Marriage is hard.  It's not an easy task.  The movie was just sad seeing how they fell apart and drifted further away from each other.  That's why it's so important to reconnect.  Because the longer the in between times last the harder it is to find each other again.

Today is Mr. Uncle Sam day.   We do taxes.  Funnnnnnn...Actually, I should rephrase that.  eric does taxes.  I'm horrible with numbers.  

New weight goal....125.  I think I can do it!  I just need to pump up my workouts.  Eric and I worked out and did some yoga moves yesterday.  Too bad Eric looked more like someone having a seizure, but gotta give the boy credit for trying...hehehehehahahahaha.  I think I'm going to try hot yoga.  I LOVE yoga and I used to be really flexible.  I can put my legs almost behind my head...they're right beside it.  Eric laughed yesterday at me and was shocked with how flexible I still am.   I told him I'd love to teach yoga if I got good at it.  He thinks I'm nuts. Oh well....idea of the week.

I'm determined to get back to 125.  This shall be interesting considering I can't crack 131.  The scale just reads 132 day in day out.  I know the whole jazz about it's only a number...hell, I used to be a work out queen.  I want to be 125 period.  Time will only tell on that one. to start this day.

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