Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm a nerd...

I'm a super nerd and I love little nooks and crannies.  So I made Ceddy his own little book nook.  It's adorable and just his size.  The rail can hold over 100 pounds so I don't see it coming down anytime soon.  I'll have a complete how to on my website coming soon...but here is the finished product :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cookie exchange and all that jazz...

I had a mini cookie exchange/craft/game night with some friends.  I had a great time celebrating with friends and eating yummy delicious cookies.  I edited out my friends and kids...not sure how they would feel about being on my blog.  This is the gingerbread house from hell.  It looked cute at one point before everything started to fall off of it.

 My art wall is complete :)
 My elf it and it's a family tradition to have hanging over the fireplace.

Sadly, I have eaten way too many cookies and gained 1.5 pounds in the few days since the exchange.  Yes, I have an appointment with my treadmill.

Because I am a craft whore...

Here is what I did over the weekend...
Took a boring table I was going to donate but decided to recycle instead and made a cute toddler table for Cedric's reading nook.  I still have to install the book rail.  That shall happen soon!

I sanded and painted the table white...traced circles on it and painted them with the left over wall paint.

 Used tracing paper and wrote Ceddy's Name in a jumble.

 Clear coated it and cut the legs down to his height.  I also painted striped on the legs.  Very cute and cheap if I  say so myself. : )  I love reusing stuff.

Below is the new light fixture the hubs installed.  I'm so proud of him.  There was no light fixture at all in Cedric's room.  Just a lamp, and that is super unsafe for a baby.  So Eric drilled out the hole.  Put a ceiling fixture mount holder upper (the name escapes me right now) and climbed up into the attic and ran the wiring.  I LOVE IT!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis that time of year...

I have been on a craft, baking, art project roll.  The kids and I made dough ornaments today.  They are currently baking away in the oven as I type.  Hopefully, they turn out.  I made the grandparents little Ceddy hand print ornaments.  Spencer's hand is too big to do the same.  So he made little snowmen for everyone.  He also pressed an army man outline ornament too.  We had I said they turn out.

The cookie exchange was a blast.  This will become an family annual event.  I love all my friends to death!  It was nice sitting around doing crafts with the ladies and kids.  Too bad the kids really weren't into the crafts  they made their ornaments but took off before they we started the stockings.  So us adults worked on them.  We all had fun sitting around decorating with glitter.  I love Christmas.  This year they are calling for a white Christmas.  I'm excited...I love this season.

I've been working on my website and I'm about to launch it..stay tuned...

New year's resolutions!!!

drum roll please...

-read less sad news via the internet
-be more of a positive person
-stop wasting my time with negative people
-workout more
-hike more
-travel more
-be more understanding with Eric...his work drives me crazy, but that's not his fault
-love more
-get my shit together with my businesses
-learn to knit or buy a loom...whichever comes first
-show people how much they mean to me
-stop being so sensitive
-stop taking on the worlds problems as my own...I'm only one lady with my own world problems to deal with
-create more!!!
-finish my basement
-read more books
-and just be me and nothing more.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hard at work...geezzzzzzz

Mother Nature delivered my city with a lovely coat of snow and ice today so the kids are off of school.  This simply pushed me into the Christmas spirit and let me finish my "pretty tree" finally.  I've been putting it off because I didn't feel like dealing with the balancing act of ribbon for the tree.  But nonetheless.  It's done and looks rather pretty if I say so myself.

The kitchen is about done...minus under cabinet lighting, new floors, accessories and a new sink.  My hubby and I did this all ourselves and worked for what seemed like a small eternity, but finally it is done :) Pics below...

The first two are before pics...

 I'm not done with my art work to fill my frames...I'll take a pic of them when I'm done.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kinda don't know what to think...

I'm happy on one hand Ceddy qualified for First Steps, but then on the other kinda bummed he needs it at all.  Kinda seems like nothing is simple in this world.  I'm having a mini pity party for myself today.  I am just not looking forward to starting this endeavor and finding a good food therapist for Cedric.  The woman who did his evaluation told me it's difficult to find a good food therapist for an infant.  Cedric has a severe food aversion with taste and texture aversions as well.  I kinda feel relieved to a certain extent.  I'm tired of people offering helpful advice to me on how I should just "work" with him more or offer him different foods.  I don't want to scar him.  He has food anxiety.  I know...kinda weird considering he's 13 months old.  But he was born with severe acid reflux which resulted in him developing his food issues.  He chokes or gags on anything he's uncomfortable with.  So long story short no matter how long you know something and you tell yourself something that is obvious, hearing it from a perfect stranger is disheartening.  It was one thing when I looked at it as a weird little quirk, but to be labeled, defined and called a disorder...that kind terrifies me.  The lady used that word...disorder. stung me.  I never looked at it like that.  I never thought of it as an aspect that could follow him as he got older.  She told me these kids usually are fine with no future issues.  My momma ears perked up and thought, but it could?  I never thought of it like that.  I see my smiling baby and his laughing little body with bright eyes giggling and never have I thought of it as a negative attribute about him.  I'm weird...I've had my head in the sand, but I just honestly thought that was his little shtick.  Part of his charm and character.  I knew it was bad, and I knew he needed help...but I never let it register its severity until today.   I  kinda feel like crying.  I know there are way worse things to be upset over and he'll out grow this.  But a mother never wants to hear something is wrong with their child. to eat something chocolate and have a good cry then move forward. Below is a little video of Ceddy watching Spen and Eric ice skate yesterday.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I should be asleep....

I should be asleep, but my mind is full of ideas.  My brain is in creative mode and sleep is something it does not desire, but oh how my body does.  I have to go ice skating today...hopefully, I will have the energy.  Sheesh.  An opening bio popped in to my head while laying in bed for my site after a diaper change. Ceddy had settled down and my mind was racing of these creative endeavors. I had to write it down or it would be merely a memory of me having a great bio but not for the life of me remembering a damn word of it.  I feel like coffee right now.  But I can't...I need sleep.

 We haphazardly put up the Christmas stuff this year.  I'm in the mood for Christmas, just not decorating.  The kitchen has wiped me out. I'm also entering the phase of my life that most of my Christmas stuff needs to be replaced.  Either is was hand me downs or bought years ago.  The sparkles have fell off a lot of items and many are badly shaped.  Tis the Christmas season with unfluffed trees.  I gave Eric the fluffer job,  he sucked.  That term makes me giggle...I'm a nerd. I need to decorate my family room tree.  Eric and Spen put a tree up in the dining room in the front window.  It was funny Spen asked Eric when was there enough lights on the tree, Eric replied with,"When it looks like it's on fire".  It's our "family tree", aka the ugly one full of junk.  Of course Eric and Spen had to take it to the extreme.  It has a lot of lights flashing and ornaments that are broken adorning it.  I hope no one has a seizure looking at it. 

Ok...I think I feel slumber revisiting me...nighty night...or shall I say early good morning?