Monday, February 14, 2011

I need a medal or something...

I'm sitting here trying to gather my thoughts and breath.  I am recuperating from cleaning yesterday.  I am super allergic to dust.  Yesterday I kicked this houses ass. So dust was flying everywhere.  So I brought out the air purifier and sat it down stairs.  I need to buy some more.  They do work and I have a feeling this will be a horrific allergy season. Eric tackled the garage yesterday...I cleaned the entry, powder room, dining room, kitchen, and family room.  I vacuumed, mopped and scrubbed the floors.  I need to clean upstairs today and clean out the jeep.  It looks like I'm a hoarder from mere glimpse at the jeep.  I need to finish painting my steps.  I have been so lazy.  I need to get some storage for Cedric's toys in the family room.  I still need to tackle the basement.  My goal is to have this whole house cleaned and simply manage keeping it clean.

I'm waiting for Ceddy's doctor office to call me back.  I have to pay for his surgery ahead of time.  Fun.  I hate my's a joke.  But nonetheless I'm sitting here waiting.

I did a HUGE no no for my diet..I went to Marks yesterday and ate a BBQ cheeseburger...and everyone knows how huge and yummy those things are.  I'll have to work out today at some point.

Today is valentines day.  I really hate this day.  It has so much build up.  I know I'm a hypocrite because I celebrate this day.  It's a double edged sword.  I like getting nice sweet gifts and cards...I just hate being "told" it's the "thing" to do.  But with that said Eric woke up and brought me my V-day card.  He was super proud of himself because he bought it days in advance.  Not the day of or night before...and he reminded me of this..hehehehe.  It was cute.  Spen also had one for me as well.  I feel bad because I hadn't even signed Eric's.  He'll get it when he comes home from work.  Amanda and I are taking the boys out for their v-days the 16th.  So who knows what's in store for me today. 

I find it hysterical Spen thinks you have to sign your card on the very back page. Super cute!!!

Ok, the doctor office called and I paid $220 from my deductible.  She said he's scheduled to arrive at 6:15 am.  Ouch.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Spencer.    It is becoming more real.  My heart is in my throat...grrrrr..... not looking forward to Friday.

Pet peeve of the week.  Lately I keep noticing these absentee fathers.  Yes, you are technically there for your child.  You provide shelter, food, and the occasional attention.  But where is the joy?  Where is the pride in being a father?  Where is the pride from having a child and sharing their life, goals and seems so many of these "dads" have checked out. They are going through the motions of parenthood and are along for the ride but are simply by standers watching their wives, girlfriends or partners be both parents.  It's not right.  I hate seeing the kids longing for attention and I hate seeing people I care for being treated in such a distasteful way.  It's called manning up, growing up and giving your child the childhood they deserve.  One with both parents present, both physically and mentally.  Eric experienced an absentee dad and he knows the effects it has on a child.  My father got sick while I was young and I know how it can feel.  It's one thing if you cannot be there, but it's another thing if you choose to not be there.  Your child only gets one childhood.  It's mind boggling how many married couples are out their and the moms are being forced to play both mom and dad.  Either dad is out with his friends, gaming or sitting there just checked out mentally. I keep seeing this over and over.  I have been in this position.  My ex made me do EVERYTHING for my son. It's hard.  I just hope for the sake of the kids these men wise up and see what they are doing.  Children are sponges and soak up ideas and concepts and unfortunately that is how cycles are formed.

Ok...I can't end on a negative let the sun shine on your face today and smile back at the sun.  Life is beautiful.  No matter where the day may bring you know you are loved!!!  Have a great V-day guys!!!

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