Monday, January 30, 2012

Belated Update...Super long

I have been insanely busy the past few weeks.  From editing pics to deciding to paint my dining room on a whim.  Below is a list of random updates that have been sucking my attention away from my blog ; )

- Ok, photography...I love it...but it's kinda hard to do when you have a kid attached to your hip.  I have not been pushing or marketing my business.  I've taken the approach if business comes to me, then great.  If not...then great ; )  I've have a lot of people contacting me lately so...great.  But with that said...I've been busy.  I have some new ideas for my business and am excited about this adventure.  It's kinda fell into my lap.  Here are a few pics from my last photo shoot for candid head-shots for a local company.

All the people I shot were super sweet and fun to work with.  A definite PLUS.  

-  I've been taking Cedric to soccer a few times a week.  OMG This child LOVESSSSS to play soccer.  And also, throw the ball at other children's heads.  So, needless to say I get a workout.

Cedric is no where near the coach...he's in the background with the grey hoodie throwing the ball into the net.  I was wasn't at another child's head ; )  I made the mistake last week of getting Cedric pumped for story hour.    Walking into the library he was over the moon with excitement.  Then we were hit with a wall of children and parents spilling out of the door way of the story hour room.  Yeah, no way in H E double hockey sticks was I going to brace that story hour.  It was PACKED.  So packed some parents were crowded around the door and the hallway.  So I picked my little guy up...who was now kicking, crying and screaming play play. I lowered my head and did the mommy walk of shame to the car.  All the way people stared, and fellow mommies told me they "remembered those days", smiled and would look down shaking their heads.  All while secretly, I knew they were telling themselves...better you then me...hehehheee... So with a kid screaming and going bat sh*t crazy in the back seat of my car...I drove to soccer and the world was made right again : )  Two soccer adventures for last week : )  I'm on a mission this week to find a not so crowded story hour.  

- Groupon...oh how I love thee.  I have bought 3 groupons so far and redeemed zero.  I need to make the time to use them.  I did score an AWESOOMMMMMMEEEE one for a $600 value of interior house painting for $70.  I'm wanting my ceiling painted and trim.  I despise painting trim...which leads me to my next distraction. 

I woke up last week and decided to paint.  I had bought the primer awhile ago, but was lacking the energy and drive to actually get to it.  Then something ignited in me and I painted, sanded and primed with fury.

Below are crappy cell phone pics of my dining room.  I was over the stripes.  It was fun while they lasted but I was tired of not being able to change things up in there.  Soooooo...I painted.

After sanding and priming, I discovered you could still see the lines.  I have OCD to a degree, and this would not work in my I used joint compound and sanded some more...oy vey!!!

So it was ready for paint...

This picture do not do the color justice.  It's a beautiful color.  Here is a better pic of it  (This is someone else's bathroom..heheheee, thanks google)

I also am adding wainscoting.  I had planned on doing that this weekend...which leads me to my next update...

- Nikki and Eric Date...laaaaaa...and the clouds parted and angels sang.  My mom randomly called and asked to watch the kids out of the blue and I gladly accepted.  We RARELY get alone time.  So we went to the movies.  I'm not sure...hell may have frozen over...but it was a nice day spent with my hubby.

We found a fun restaurant was super cute!!!  It's an old gas station turned restaurant.  ADORABLE!!!

(At night these cars move back and forth while crashing into each other.)

I tried nonchalantly to take pics...I had to be a cool hipster and not break out my phone...duh.  All that was missing was my horn-rimed glasses.

Too cute!!!  I always swoon over the little details : )

I loved the decor and chairs!!!

Then the soccer mom in me, was all like this would be perfect for a kids birthday party if they really liked cars and racing.  Then I saw the bill and then the cheapass in me was way ; )

The date was a much needed kid free time with Eric.  We shopped, went the movies and actually had a meal with out having to cut up someones food.  Pure bliss : )

My next update...

- I have some of the best friends life has to offer.  We do silly things and get ourselves into silly situations...and usually if sweets are promised they will be down for anything.  Long story short I bought a buffet off craigslist and my wonderful sidekick Sarah joined me in this adventure.  The two of us are the craziest nervous moms you will meet.  So paired together we make a very comical team of neurotic over exaggerated paranoia's out of everyday events.  One would think checking out a buffet from a seller on craiglist would not be such a hard task.  But we planned on preventing being kidnapped, raped or sold on the black market as slaves....hehehehee.  I'm not even going to lie, I brought a knife which I had no idea how to use...we wore jeans because we told ourselves they are much harder to take off and sported tennis shoes...easier to get away in.  We had filled our minds with every scenario that could go down and when we walked to the door nervously bracing ourselves, we were greeted with a man who was shorter then me...hehehehehe....and super sweet.  I'm only 5'3.  He was holding a tiny cute dog.  Turns out he goes to auctions and sells his buys on craigslist.  So I got an awesome buffet for cheap and Sarah got to play with an adorable puppy.  No kidnapping occurred and we did not have to use our ninja moves or date rape whistle. (kidding about the whistle..I think...I never know what Sarah has)

This is being housed in the hallway until the dining room is done ; )

-  Cub Scouts...  The week before last we had a visit to the police station...

Cedric was not happy being in his stroller...he wanted to be free with the other boys...

So much to and gold along with the pinewood derby is coming up and I'm helping plan both these along with Spen's class Valentine party.  Insert swift kick in the rear end to finish all the details on these events.  This is what I will be up to this week.  FUNNNNNNN.  Along with planning my next craft night out.  

Ok...I've updated to get started on my day.  I have a lot of emails to reply to and cleaning to do.

Have a great week guys!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've been working tonight on knocking out the photo shoot pics from yesterday.  I'm excited with how they they are turning out. I'm taking a break and distracting myself with my blog.  I need to look at something other than people.

Here is day 4 of 365...

My two computer screens...eyes crossing from starring at it for so long.

My new pitfall shirt the hubs insisted on me buying.

I love mens t-shirts.  They fit me better...perhaps that's because I have the body of a teenage boy?  Oh to hang out with Eric..he's a dork and just called the office to let me know I'm needed down stairs.  Yup...I'm ballin like that.  Hehehheee...goodnight.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am so sleepy.  I literally tossed and turned all last night thinking about today's photo shoot.  Thankfully, it was a success.  Fingers crossed.  I have yet to actually upload the images.  I was nervous starting the shoot this morning with the rain pouring down as I carried my equipment into the building I had NEVER been in.  I hate setting my equipment up in new places.  It's large and takes up a lot of space.  Also, I've never had a photo shoot before interrupted by a tornado.  Kinda insane, but we had tornado warnings today.  We all gathered around the office TV to see what was up. It was a rather surreal experience.  Hi, I'm here to take your portrait...oh wait, there is a tornado coming...yeah...awkward.   The staff was super nice.  I learned a valuable lesson today.  I DO NOT miss working in an office.  I love my freelance life style.  I had a great opportunity to talk with a graphic designer today and got some wonderful advice with that yeah...I think that's going to be happening : ) and soon!!!

I bought some goodies at Sephora today.  I swear that place is my candy store. 

We had fun today with a quick bowling trip.  Sometimes, when you are stressed you just need to be silly and throw a ball....heh.  I can stress is almost gone and I'm putting the day behind me. 
So with that is my day 3 photo...

This is a picture of my two year old in his brothers skates.  He found them and put them on himself then proceeded to skate around.  It was rather insane how well he took to them. is silly.  Ok, off to cuddle with the hubs and relax. Have a great night guys!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

365 -Day 2....Photo shoot prep

Prepping for my commercial photo shoot tomorrow.  I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't nervous.  This momma is rusty!!!  Fingers crossed and prayers said the shoot is a success ; )  I haven't used my studio equipment on location in ages.  I usually shoot with natural light.  I'm dreading lugging everything into the business and then having to find a place to set up.  Although, my hot pink Alien Bees are pretty sweet : )  I just hope to capture some awesome images and I really hope to please my clients.  Insert anxiety here ; )

Off to watch a movie and avoid pre-shoot jitters...have a great night guys and wish me luck.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy...Let's start 365 ; )

I have a been a busy busy bee as of lately.This weekend alone has been insane.  I had a mini party, went to a home show and had family from out of town over.Sheeshhhh.  So onto my next adventure... I'm starting the 365 project. ( Thanks for the inspiration from friends and fellow bloggers : )) I have to capture and post at least one photograph everyday for a year.  Now, I'm not going to force myself to lug around my canon, I'm wanting to capture life and at the moments I need to and want to.  So crappy cell phone pics will work for me along with a fancy camera as well.  I just want to snap shot life's moments when I can.  So with that said here is my first pic along with why....

This is my remote trigger for my studio equipment.  As you can see compared to a quarter it is very small. I had lost this very important tiny piece of equipment.  I had searched my house from the basement to the 2nd floor only to come up empty handed.  I was FREAKING out!!!  I have a VERY important photo shoot on Tuesday and I wanted all my equipment ready to go.  I cannot use my studio lights without this little trigger.  It connects to the top of my camera and radios to my lights when to flash.  Ummmm....yeah...this is an important commercial photo shoot.  THANKFULLY, my lovely hubby found it in a drawer that I NEVER put it in.  I think it somehow got stuffed in there during Christmas.  Sheeeshhhhh...heart attack averted : )

I had my first craft party this weekend.  It was a BLAST!!!  I have some of the sweetest most talented friends !  This weeks theme was jewelry making.  We all brought a project and some even came with lovely treats as well.  It turned into a fun buffet and jewelry making party.  I totally went off my diet...oops.  When my one friend bakes a cake...I HAVE to eat a piece or two..or three...She makes the best cakes!  So, I plan on making this a monthly gig.  I'm excited to get my craft on with friends and good food : )  Below are some pics...

My friends made this bracelet.  The Golden Snitch.  TOO freakin cute!!!

Walmart sells the wings for this bracelet along with Michaels.  BUT you have to drill a second hole to connect it...hence my friends adventure...

They had to break out the drill for the snitch bracelet.  It was super cute.  My husband was on his way with his friend to Ohio and had to talk the girls through on what to do with the making a hole in the wing.  He also had to tell them where to find what tools in the house and garage. Originally, they tried using his soldering gun. A few burns later they found out it didn't work.

They were both super cute trying to figure out what to and how to do this without cracking the wing. worked and it worked PERFECTLY!!!

{ Here are the Amandas getting their craft on...}

Total blast!!!  Can't wait for next month.  I think I'm going to have a Valentine craft making party.  I need help with making stuff for Spen's class party.  

Goodnight and I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Ok, as I'm sitting here typing this my head is swimming with things I want, things I need to change in my life.  But since most of the changes I want cannot happen over night....I CHOOSE MY HAIR!!!   Purple and black with layers here I come.

I love this look : )

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

  Once Eric gets home I'm going to call and make an appointment.  I need something funky and unique in my life.  I'm so over my mom do!!!  Punk rock girl hello again : )

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Super excited!!!

First off...I feel so much better!!!  I've been taking it easy and my jaw pain is basically gone.  I still feel a little discomfort, but the pain is YAY!!!

But my main reason for excitement is I have my dining room inspiration!!!  I love a bold dining room...but am over my current design.  I've been racking my head for ideas for awhile.  I'm in love with the dark grey color of my bedroom, but was afraid it would be cold and sterile in the dining room.  In my master bedroom I warmed it up with browns and other earth tones.   Well, while flipping through 100's of dining room and color schemes one stood out.  ORANGE AND GREY!!!  I love the combo and I think it would look amazing in my dining room.  I can't wait to get started!!!  Below are a little inspirational ideas...

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

I want to add a bold rug to the mix too.

EXCITED that now I have an inspiration to get started!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

OMG TMJ Pain!!!

Ok, I'm in braces.  My orthodontist is trying to correct my jaw alignment by using rubber bands to pull it forward and to the side.  I have TMJ horribly and suffer from headaches and jaw pain monthly from this.  Well, my orthodontist changed up my rubber bands and OMG it must have caused my TMJ to act up and now my trigeminal  nerves are acting up.  If you have never had nerve pain consider yourself lucky.  I was on the verge of tears this morning taking my oldest to school.  I've been laying on a heating pad most of the morning and taking Motrin as well.  If it doesn't help I might go to the doctor or the chiropractor.  I've read online that they can help.  This pain is so intense and horrific it's surreal.  

Onto other news.  I wanted to shoot my friends engagement portraits this weekend. I'm so excited for them and I have so many ideas but I can't handle this pain and shoot.  I'm praying it stops so I can.  I'm praying it stops also just because the pain is so intense.

I got a photo shoot job with a local company to do portraits for their website.  I get to use my studio equipment....something I haven't used in awhile.  I'm super excited about this!!!  Hopefully, it will open more doors to more jobs for me : ) I really love commercial photography.  I've been taking time off...but sometimes things have a way of finding you and directing you to more options in life....which leads me to my next topic.  I'm going to take some graphic design classes. My friend gave me some info on them last week and I'm super excited about this.  I'm testing the water to see if I want to further my education in this direction.  Eric was happy for me and thinks it's a good move so we shall see : )  Classes start wish me luck : )

I've been working out pretty consistently lately. The gym is basically across the street from me so I have no excuse.  My goal is to be bikini ready for summer.  I want to wear a two piece without wearing a moo moo cover up

 or being chased with pitchforks by local villagers.

 hehehehehee.  No really.  

I've lost a few pounds.  The hubs and I are giving up fast food, cokes and just all around bad things.  So far so good.  I've been eating more vegetarian meals too.  Bikini here I come and I'm talking real bikini no momkini as Eric calls them.  ha!

I've decided to paint my dining room.  Just not sure about the color.  I LOVE greys...but a pretty purple might be fun.  Who knows. to take more meds and to hang out with my new heating pad.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Before and After

 I had a friend on Facebook ask me what ever happened to my long lost bathroom adventure.  So here is a picture of my master bath : )  I did it on a pretty cheap budget.  We plan on remodeling the bathroom in a few years so I didn't want to invest too much money and time into it.  I plan on adding crown molding at some point.  But I want to reconfigure the walls and setup of the who knows what it will end up looking like.  

We stripped the wallpaper, sanded, primed, painted, changed out the light fixture, mirror, outlets, faucet, towel rack, handles on the vanity and painted the vanity.  That wallpaper was INSANE!!!  I painted a lighter grey color in the other part of the bathroom.  Pics of that coming soon once I make my floating shelves. 

I also plan on doing a gallery wall on the left wall.  I want to try to transfer some pictures to is a tutorial I'm tempted to try....

Master bedroom pics coming soon!!!  I wanted my bedroom to be a place of relaxation and a place with no TOYS.  Hah...I say that and totally have some in there right now no thanks to my little guy.  I still need to finish my chairs and find some more accent pieces.  I'm on the hunt for new accents for my entry way too.

Here are some before and after pics of my entry staircase.  This was one of the first projects Eric and I tackled.  

(Never mind the wreaths...that was a project pic.)

I still want to change out my floor and stain my treads to match.  Also, debating on getting a new handrail. 

But this will do for right now : )  

So many more projects to come...EXCITED!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Crafts Crafts and more Crafts!!!

I'm excited to start making more crafts this year.  I already have a few projects planned.

From my trusted pinterest site are few fun projects I hope to accomplish very soon.

I want to spell out the word love and hang it in my office.  Not sure what color I will go with...but it seems like a fun project.

I love this HP little necklace.  I might be making this at my jewelry making party.

and these...

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

I really want to get into stamped jewelry.

More projects for the office...

Floating shelves...

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

This seems fun and easy enough in photoshop.

This would be cool on canvas as well...

and finally...I want to make a life quilt.  I want to take clothing pieces that I have saved through the years and make a giant quilt from them.  I might make a quilt and frame it.  I'm a nerd but I save everything.  I still have the shirt I wore on my first date with my husband. From prom dresses to my punk rock, Nancy Spungen phase.  I have all the kids coming home outfits and clothes that I loved them in.  This is my most favorite project to come.  I might have a sewing circle sometime with friends and have everyone start on their own life quilts.