Saturday, February 26, 2011


I bought some new bedding today.  I'm not completely madly in love with.  But it will do.  I did get some kickass deals!!!

I love deals like this!!!  I decided I'm not going to overhaul my bedroom for awhile.  I want to save money.   I bought some gray bedding and new over sized sheets.  OMG they are pricey.  I need to buy some more towels.

Eric has been hard at work on his arcades.  He talked to the reporter for velocity.  I told him not to be offended if they only take one sentence he said and it's misquoted.  Hehehheehee...the life of a news outlet.  been there done that enough.

I broke another bracket on my braces.  I will have to go and get it fixed next week.  Fun.....

I had my chemical peel Friday.  Ummm...I was a huge baby for nothing.  It was no big deal.  They start off with a light version and then up the dosage with each peel.  I'm going to try it once more in a few weeks.  I noticed a small improvement.  We shall see.  It's only one day later.  No major peeling...not redness.

Note to matter how much my oldest begs to get his own icee at not let him.  Learned that the hard way.  One major icee pile and blue spots/puddles everywhere and mom to the rescue. 

Tomorrow I have to clean my house..  I have to have it clean enough to throw a shower next weekend.  I also have to buy food for the shower and order cupcakes.  My friend came over today and helped make some pom poms. to watch a movie with the hubs...

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