Monday, February 7, 2011

Black Liquid Pants...

I'm over the moon...I scored a kick ass pair of pants for gaga (possibly) for cheap!!!
Yay!!!I'm leaning towards wearing them.  Who knows.  My mind is too fried to really think straight.

I did not sleep very well last night, and I got up early this morning.  Oh, a morning to sleep in I long for.  Spen came home in an awful mood.  I ended up making him lay down for a bit.  big boys need naps too.  He seems in better spirits now.

Spen mentioned something to me last night and it sent me back in time.   All I know is my heart goes out to someone, and I wish this person would escape such an abusive man.  People can change, but not mentally ill people who refuse to see they are abusive.  I have been in that place and I have lived that heart just weeps for her. 

I found a cute idea for the valentine party...cute and cheap...I was going to make mad hatter hats for the kids, but it was going to be too pricey so I settled on having them make them.  I found this idea online.  Now to come up with 25 brown paper bags and things to decorate them with.  I have bought a few crafts already so it will be a busy party.  I also found some Alice in wonderland images that I'm going to have eric blow up.  I think they will be fun.   I'm debating on making it a pizza party.  I have to see how much money I have left after I buy everything else.  The school allows for a budget of $40 for each classroom.  I know the kids will be insane that day and I think I'm probably going to have to take Cedric with me...funnnn..... is home and food needs to be made for dinner.

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