Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Dance!!!

We are paying the car off today.  Woo hoo!!!  No more car payment....I'm currently, mentally doing my happy dance.  Unfortunately, I do not have the energy for said dance.  Cedric made sure of that this morning.  He's teething, and it was a rough night.  Long story short, I brought him to my bed and he kept slapping me in the face and laughing about it.  Not so cute at 4am.  So he went back to his bed and I turned on Blues Clues and crashed.

I woke up in a fog this morning.  I got excited that I was going to allow myself to get an iced coffee after dropping spen off from school.  Ummmm...I'm so tired, I forgot to buy the coffee.  I had to go over Spen's spelling words in my fog.  I decided to nix his lunch.  I wrote him a check for lunch.  I feel bad, but he can have school lunch a few times in his life.  I am too tired to function.  I have my doctors appointment today.

Coffee Coffee Coffee...I know I'm not supposed to drink it...but I have thinks I have to do screw it.

I'm going to buy new bedding.  I'm super excited!!!  I informed Eric that I will need new curtains too, he laughed.  We talked about the bedroom and how we threw crap together to make it livable.  I feel bad because my bedroom is actually decorated nicely, it's just traditional and that's not our style.  Why on earth we did that, I'm still baffled by.  I think we were so overwhelmed with this house and having to furnish this house that we freaked and picked the easiest design concept.  So now that things have been changed, we shall mix it up a bit.  I think I may be crazy, but I think I might buy white bedding.  Wish me luck...two kids and a hubby who eats in bed.  I also have to buy two new windows.  I random.  But we have two in the front of the house that need to be replaced.  Slowly, we will replace every window in this house.  I want sound proof in the front of the house.  I swear being a grown up is annoying.

Going back to school.  I discussed this topic with Eric last night.  I really need to think long and hard about the topic.  I'm nervous, and I don't want to essentially mess up and cost my family a lot of $$$.  But, in the long run it would be for the best.  I love my hubs, he's super supportive.  He told me think about it and he would support my decision.  I love photography, but I'm not at all a sales person.  I SUCK at sales.  I know where my heart is.  So I have two different avenues I can venue down.  I'm thinking about taking some online classes, and then transferring to U of L once Ceddy is in school.  From then onto UK.  It's only 45 minutes away from me.  I know I love helping people.  So we shall see where this leads me.  But right now I have a million things going on in my we shall see. to get ready for the day...

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