Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Yay!!! I'm so stoked for my new chairs : )  I LOVEEEEEE them : )


Happy Happy Joy Joy...

My new chairs are being delivered today.  My kitchen looks horrid and is a mess, but this shall not deter me from ripping the boxes open and putting them together : )  I love new furniture!!!

Just had to use my mommy ninja skills to cover Ceddy up.  I had to remove all of his "noise" making toys out of his play pen while he's sleeping because he tosses and turns and sometimes hits them while asleep.  He gave me a big smile when I put his blanket over him.  I love baby smiles while they're asleep : )  Melts my heart.

Holy cow, I need to work out..enough said on that subject.

Dear Mr. Redneck neighbor please move!  I swear I want to write that to my next door neighbor.  He's such a douche.  Not only has he put his mailbox in my yard, refused to move it, but now he is leaving his delivered phone book sitting in my yard beside his mailbox.  It's wet and nasty. It is taking every ounce of strength for me not to throw it in his yard.  GRRRRRRRR!!!  I hate rude people!

I have been on a search for fabric all morning for a friend.  She deserves the best.  I came up with a close match to what she wants, but we shall see.

I hate reading the news...it's full of nothing but sadness.  I need to stop this bad habit.  It just brings me down.

I am determined to get my office cleaned and organized.  I hate it.  It's annoying and I really cannot get any work done in here.  Geesshhhhh...my house is a mess.  My kitchen is almost done.  I have a few art projects in there after the grouting is done.  I'm going to make a chalkboard out of a piece of metal to be hung on the back of the kitchen island.  It can be used for magnets when ceddy is older and he can use the chalk board now.  It will be right at eye level and something fun and whimsical for the kids.  I'm sure Spen will love it too.  Eric thought it was a great idea.  It just popped in my head last night while waiting for tiles to be cut.  Eric thought we should use a dry erase board at first, but I had to remind him chalk only really writes on a chalkboard as markers can write on our white cabinets.  I need to get some more accessories for the room...but it's coming closer to being finished.  New floors for the house will come this spring.  I wish we had an IKEA here.  I need baskets and kitchen hardware.  Oh, well...maybe target and lowes will be my saving grace.

I have been mothering two sick kids.  Both kids have the stomach bug that is going around.  Spen has been sick since Thanksgiving with it.  We had to cancel all of our Thanksgiving plans and throw together an impromptu thanksgiving meal at home.  We usually go to both sides of our family. I ran out to the store and was able to put together a pretty yummy feast.  It was kinda nice just hanging out at home just our little family.  Eric and I baked and hung around the house in our PJ's.  It was kinda nice not having to run around town.  We looked through the ads and watched movies all day.  Later my mom stopped by with some left overs from her house.  It was a really nice unexpected thanksgiving this year.  Eric ended up running out the next day for Spen's big ticket item.  We were going to go shopping together on black friday, but with two sick kids we took turns running out to the stores.  Spen went to school today he's feeling better.  Poor Ceddy is still sick.  I hate when my kids are sick.  I'm waiting patiently for Eric and my turn.  My bets are that Eric will get sick first then me last.  That's how the usual turn of events always plays out.  Mom is sick last.  Although, I am one stomach flu away from my goal weight...ha!  So maybe a blessing in disguise?  Hehehheehahhahaa.  Ok...off to be lazy I go.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm so tired.  Eric and I have been installing counter tops and a back splash all day.  Two trips to Lowes and a third tomorrow...we ran out of tile.   It looks awesome : )  Pics will follow once we are done.  I need to go look at TJMAX for some accessories.  We ordered our chairs, on sale, free shipping!!!  I got my white frames for SUPER cheap!!!  They are empty but hanging on my wall nonetheless.  I love my hubby to death.  He is a picture hanging engineer.  I am an eyeballer.  I end up with umpteen holes in the wall, but he is precise and even breaks out all his tools to ensure perfection.  He hung 9 frames in a box pattern on the wall and matched them perfectly.  My hat is taken off to him!  My hands are so dry from the tile work.  It's going along pretty smoothly.  Fingers crossed we finish tomorrow.  Dear, Jesus let us finish.  I want my house back.  My house is a wreck due to the kitchen not being able to be used.  I also want my xmas stuff up.  I have so many things I need to do.  I need to take the kids xmas pictures and actually print them out.  I also need to print off some canvas pics and try wrapping them.  I ordered some for a client and I want to try to make myself some. I need to design my pictures for my frames in my kitchen...I'm over the moon excited about my ideas for them.

Ok,   I'm tired...good night!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tummy pains...

My stomach has decided to hurt again...no fun.  More meds!!! 

On a brighter note, I made loads of progress today. My table is finished with painting, now onto the poly final coat!!!  Woo hoo!!!  I also made my typewriter art.  I loved how it turned out...I need to build a frame for it. Then hang it.  I'm watching two cheese crates on ebay for an art project.  Fingers crossed I win : ) 

I need to clean my house.  I have the lady with first steps coming Wednesday for me to fill out paperwork.  I have a long list of things to do.  As usual.  Short update.  I'll post pics later of the progress being made : ) Sweet slumber please fall upon me...because my body is tired, but my mind is running ramped. Calm down mind and let me sleep...off to toss and turn I go.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Progress has been made today!!!

We now have a butcher block island...outlets replaced with new covers, kitchen table primed, and I started on my art project!!!  Holy moley we are on a roll.  God is good!!!  I love my hubby.  We both feel like crap today but we forged through.  Poor Eric even had to go into the office for a bit.  We still have a lot more to do.  But tomorrow I finish my art project and then I paint the table black.

Good night : )

So many projects!!!

My head is swirling.  I'm deliriously happy at the moment with thoughts of crafts, painting and sewing.

Currents thoughts....

I need these if any one knows where I can purchase these frames I will send a huge hug out to you...

I'm putting those on my kitchen wall and I plan on making family silhouettes to put in them.  I scratched the black scrollish IKEA frame.  With the damask curtains it would look too whore-house-ish for my taste. 

I also have few projects to do... Make this artwork.  I found an AWESOME tutorial online showing how to do this...and it will look fabulous in my kitchen.  Eric is off buying the wood now.  Squeal!!!

Ceddy's book rail needs to be installed.  I bought the rails for it... I found this awesome idea online as well.

I want to make these pillows...I need to figure out how...any tips will be appreciated immensely. 

I also want to make these pillows as well, but am coming up short finding the fabric.

I also have a project after xmas...I found it online.  It's making a bed frame bench.  I want to make it for my hallway up stairs.  I'm excited. I have so much to do...so little time...geeshhhhhhh....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New hair..new countertops...

Went to IKEA last night and picked up our new countertops, ceddys book rail and light fixture. I'm debating on putting up my xmas lights outside today.  The weather will be warmer and I hate doing it in the cold.  Eric and I usually start off strong but then we begin throwing lights up because we are really cold.  I need to buy some more net lights for my bushes.

I'm excited to get started on my kitchen.  Eric and Spen went to see Harry Potter so we won't start the remodel until they get home.

I dyed my hair black.  It's a pretty black.  Eric is love with it.  He loves me with dark hair.  He's funny that way.  Spen asked me why I wanted to be goth. Ha!  Kids are funny.  My ode to Dita. I love a dark head with blue eyes and a red lip.Ok, off to nap I go.
New hair do below.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smaller than an elephant bigger than a bread box...some where in between is me...

I'm in between on weight right now.  I'm 6 pounds away from my goal weight.  I took a little vacation and enjoyed too much cheese and chocolate over Halloween.  But now I'm back on track with a goal in mind.  Damn you thanksgiving and xmas.  My "goal" may have to take a back seat again.  Nothing gets between me and my chocolates and cheeses.

I'm in a weird productive mood.  Only one catch...I keep screwing up everything I go to fix.  Case in point.  Last night, the spot on my ceiling bedroom has been bothering me since I took down the ceiling fan and patched it.  I needed to sand it and then paint it.  No biggie.  I gathered my supplies.  Started sanding only to discover my handle sand paper holdy thing was empty and no true sanding was being done...so I had to go search the house for the paper.  Then I painted.  I was so happy with myself and full of energy I thought I'd "touch up" in the hallway where the old home owners had touched the ceiling with another colour. (side note...I hate painting ceilings and usually try not to)....well, I touched up all the places.  Starred and the ceiling and reassured myself that the different colour would fade...and it was only like that because it was indeed wet.  Ummmmm...no.  So now my ceiling has white spots which are wayyyyyyy more noticeable than the other ones.  Then I went to fix the front door weather stripping.  I thought it was kinda hard to take it out.  Ummm...yeah...it was part of the door stripping I was trying to remove.  DUH!  So Eric was able to tuck it back in.  I even painted my doorbell cover in the hallway.  Eric laughs at me when I get into moods like this.  I start fixing those annoying things you stare at daily and make mental notes to fix one day. 

Out of the mouth of babes....Ok...so Spen is having the hardest time making his Christmas list.  He says he doesn't know what he wants.  He's seven..he should want half the toy store.  So I asked him yet again last night.  He says mom, I don't know what's out.  We don't have cable and that's how things are advertised...on TV.  I thought about it, and he was right.  Eric and I canceled cable.  We watch internet TV, and netflix.  But there are really no toy commercials on that.  He's a really good kid, and deserves a good xmas. So I have an idea of what to get him and am excited over it!!!  I love xmas morning!!!

I don't get people, nor understand them.  I have a sneaky suspicion certain people on my FB are only there to snoop.  If I try to be your friend, I am being genuine, I don't partake in high school drama.  I am going to purge a lot of people on my FB friends.  I use Fb to keep in touch with family and friends I don't get to speak with very often.  So with that being said...off to start my to do list...I have a lot of things waiting to be scratched off.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ok, the hubs gave me a really nice compliment last night.  It's funny when guys say something they have no idea how much you truly appreciate.  I received my new boots at around 8pm...Geeshhhh...Mr. UPS man was late due to the rain.  But nonetheless I hurried and opened them like a child on Christmas morning!!!  I ran into the closet and did what every chick does when she gets new shoes...thought which outfit to wear them with first.  I grabbed some leggings a tunic and hurried and dressed.  I was looking at myself in my mirror closet when the hubs walks in and laughs at me.  He was like what are you doing?  Last time he saw me (less than 5 minutes ago) I was in sweats and a tank top, but standing in front of him I wearing a rocking outfit.  He studied me while I was looking at my feet in the mirror and simply said I like the way you dress.  I know how simple, how silly of me to actually be affected by these words.  But I told him thanks.  I asked him why?  He said he just liked my style.  I told him I try not to dress like a "mom" (but I still have the days I do) and I also try not to dress like I'm going out to a club.  I dress more like a emo kid that grew up and got a job as a librarian but sneaks off to read all the fashion magazines when no one is looking. AKA, Margot Helen Tenenbaum. I like that he likes how I dress.  It was a nice compliment that came out of nowhere.  This reminds me of all the many many many phases I have gone through.  Gwen Stefani, The Craft/goth, art, rockabilly, prep, Nancy Spungen. and the many more.  I'll never forget my sisters graduation.  My mom had gone out and purchased a nice skirt and dress top for me to wear.  I paired it with my combat boots.  Ummm....this didn't go over so well.  Then there was my dress like a coked up prostitute phase.  I was not allowed out of the house with that one.  I can't wait to see what my boys go through.  Spen loves suspenders right now.  Clothes are fun!  I'm weird, but I love funky scarfs, hats and socks.  Ok.. xmas shopping I go!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

I love it!!!

Hippy Heart....swoon....

Ok, my psychoanalysis personality is stepping in and I'm trying to raise my son's self esteem along with injecting joy and happiness into my families life.  My two guys, hubby and son laughed when they woke this morning to positive affirmations printed on a sticky note attached to the bathroom mirrors.  We are our thoughts, and we believe what we say.  I constantly here my son say he's dumb, or he "can't" do something...eeekkkk.  I hate that.  So I thought I would try to change that by having him read while starring at himself in the mirror positive affirmations every morning.  It was simple sentences, like I am smart, I am loved. My hubby and mine are more like I am calm and I welcome joy.  We get so caught up with life, business, bills...we just need a few moments in the morning to smile and realize how truly awesome life it.  Ok...I'm a nerd.  If anything I'm sure my guys laughed at me while reading them and at least that caused a smile and smiling is proven to release happy endorphins.  So I'm getting a happy response even if it's only by default. 

My arm is sooooorrrreeeeeeee.  I had to kick three kids ass's in air hockey yesterday.  Spen's friends spent the night and I'll be damned if I go easy on them.  So I had to show them that moms can kick ass too.   Cobra Kai do or die bitches!!!  I also introduced them to Beakmans world.  The responses were mixed on the show.

I just spoke with the resource center director for my son's school and she was happy I wanted to help out with the toy collection.  I really hope I'm not getting in over my head....tee hee... We shall see.  I have a tendency to do this.  I have two parties this month, Christmas itself and a book club meeting to host.  Hummmmm....not to mention I'm installing a back splash and counter tops this weekend.  Hummmmm......the story of my life...busy busy busy.

Ok...off to get ready for the day. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

I have nothing to hide...I am me and nothing more....

I don't edit myself, nor do I hide my inner silliness.  Life is meant for random outburst of off pitch song and dance.  Causing a smile and warming a heart is worth all the silliness and openness I express.  I'm not afraid to play the fool for entertainments sake...I love making people laugh.  It's funny because my mom couldn't believe I posted my orthodontist picture on my FB page.  Ummmm....she knows me, and knows I'm an open book.  I think it's funny and I love to shock people.  It's funny so I had to share.  Life is about those funny silly moments and esp those moments you wish you had snapped a picture to cement that image in time.  So with that all being said....I gladly play the court jester or juggling fool to entertain....life is too serious enough...bring on the parade....

I'm debating on taking on another job.  I called the guy today and am waiting to hear back from him. We spoke briefly over email.  He liked my work.  It's not my usual pay, only $15 an hour, but it's easy steady work.  This rug place is hiring and needs someone to photograph their selection.  They have 10,000 rugs to photograph.  So this could be a gig for awhile.  Not sure how long that would take, I'm sure their is some mathematical equation I could plug in here and pop out a projected time frame, but unfortunately my math skills fall short and if there isn't an app on my phone for it....I simply leave it at that. Ha!  This deal all rests on if I can make my own hours and my hours are after Eric gets off from work.  So we shall see.

I worked out twice yesterday...go me go me...happy dance inserted here.  Sadly, I watched hoarders and glee while working out.  Glee was good for the treadmill, but hoarders kept making me slow down trying to here what the people were saying.  I swear I love those type of shows.  I'm not allowed to watch intervention anymore, makes me cry too much.

I have a HUGE bleeding heart, it  can be annoying at times.  But I have a plan.  I want to work on collecting xmas gifts at my sons elementary school this year.  I know there are a few families that are struggling.  I want to collect wish lists from the kids and then have local churches and my son's cub scout/boy scout group buy the toys for the kids.  I think every child deserves a magical childhood.  That's why I always go over board for parties at my sons school.  You never know what the home life is like for these kids.  With the economy how it is and how hard up families are these poor kids may not have that much sparkle in their lives.  I went over board for their Halloween party.  But they LOVED it!  I talked with my friend about this and she shared that in her sons class there was a boy who's family was living in a shelter.  You would never think that where we live and where the school is located you would have a child living in a shelter.  That is my whole thought process, you NEVER know.  The little boy was so excited over their class party.  It broke my heart to hear her tell me how excited he was and how thankful he was.  It takes just one moment for an adult to make a difference in a child's life.  Yes, the real world sucks, and yes it's a mean cold world, but there is no reason a child struggling through the harsh realities of this world does not get to experience a little happiness and warmth for a moment in their childhood.   So with all that being said I have to meet with the PTA president and see what I have to do to make this plan happen.

Ok....off to work out I go.  The baby is down for a nap.  8 more pounds and I will be at my goal weight!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


My mouth hurts...I got my bottom braces put on.  I decided to go with red and green bands for xmas.  My next appointment is 6 weeks away...so I say enjoy the holidays with style...hahahaha...tacky style at best!

I feel like Trent Reznor  in the closer video...insert techno goth music here.

Current thoughts::::

I saw a crazy man today...a truly crazy man.  I was at Marshall's and this guy comes in talking to himself and yelling.  You could cut the psychoness in the air with a knife.  I pushed Cedric closer to the check out counter and tried my best not to make eye contact.  He was really angry with the voices in his head apparently because he kept getting more and more agitated and yelling louder.  I was super happy when he left...it was not a fun situation.

The other day was a pretty crazy day.  I decided to walk up to school with Cedric and pick spen up.  Well, on the way there a bird decides to poop on Ceddy's head (I had just given him a bath), then I somehow managed to lose Cedric's bottle on the way home and a check that I had been given.  I had to retrace my steps and by some miracle found both. I was shocked the check hadn't blown away.  I swear I'm such a  bubble head sometimes.  

Edited*** The above was written yesterday...I just forgot to update.****

So yesterday I took Cedric in for his 1 year well baby check up.  He weighed 23.6 pounds.  He did not like being there!!!  Poor Dr. Kim had to examine him practically on my shoulder. He was like a scared cat crawling up my arm and onto my shoulder.  Poor baby had to get a shot as well.  His screeched so loud and high when that happened.  I hated it for him.  He seems over it now though...happy and playing.  I discussed his lack of eating solid foods and his taste and texture issues.  Cedric will choke on things that are too thick or chunky.  He will gag himself and then throw up.  Not a fun thing to happen.  So they are referring us to first steps.  They will do an evaluation on him and see what needs to be done.  Spen had physical and occupational therapy through them, so I completely trust them and understand all the ins and outs of them.  I just hope he can work through these issues and be able to eat solids soon.  

Ok off to work out I go.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's calm here after the storms of procrastination subsided..

procrastination... I truly think if you were to look it up in Websters dictionary my smiling face would be placed right beside the word.  I pulled an all nighter last night editing pics.  Stayed up to 3 something. I'm weird, but I have to be inspired to edit and play with pics on the computer.  If I'm not inspired it's torture. 

I think I'm going to walk to pick Spen up from school today...it's going to be such a pretty day out.  I need to hit the treadmill today too.  I indulged a little too much this past week...and my pants are reminding me so.

I think I'm going to yet again attempt to take Cedric to baby hour at the library. Hopefully, we can make it this time.

This new year I am going to get super organized and kick my office's butt and start up my magazine.  I'm tired of the clutter.

My kitchen curtains are somewhat finished, minus the bottom hem.  I'm on the fence about them.  I like them one minute and am unsure the next.  I need some new curtains in my family room and throw pillows. Today is a day I wish I had some fun fabric to make new throw pillows : )  They're always a nice cheap fix to a boring room.

Ok...off to slumber I go.  Praying all is well with my brother in law today.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm a nervous wreck!!!

Prayers being sent out towards my brother in law tonight!!!

Note to self....

Be more specific when using google image search.  Ummmm...who would have thought the words homemade valance would bring up a plethora of porn. (I'm looking for a pattern to make one for my kitchen)  I added the word homemade (window) valance and ummm....yeah...still porn.  Weird.  Ok....pointless entry...just an FYI

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cute pic...

Had to share this pic I found online...adorable!!!

It's official I'm going to take a crocheting or knitting class..when and what I'm not sure of :)

New self goal...

I want to learn how to properly crochet.  I am a train wreck when it comes to this.  I know there are some classes down the street from me, so I might look into them.  I love making things with my hands.  With that said my sexy hubby sewed my curtains last night. HA!  I am horrible with a sewing machine.  I always screw it up and use the wrong tension.  I also go way too fast and it ends up a dire mess.  Here's a pic of him in action!

The curtains turned out adorable especially with the mini rods.  I'm still not done, so I'll post pics of the finished project.  I'm excited...my kitchen no longer looks like a Danny Tanner reject.

I could literally kick my self!!!!  My all time favorite author came to my town and I MISSED him!!!  I adore David Sedaris.  I swoon over his humorous words and love his description of everyday life.  I missed him.  Sitting here having a mini pity party. 

Mommy ears just perked up.  The baby is downstairs with Eric and I heard him coughing.  I started to run downstairs, and Eric stopped me on the steps by yelling he's ok.  He laughs at me and my over protectiveness. 

Off to work out and do the mom thing...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The funny parts of life...

Today, I had one of those oh no moments with my cell phone.  I had a photo shoot very early in the morning in Crestwood.  For some reason my GPS stops working properly as soon as I enter into this place...Crestwood and Indiana.  Go figure!  Anyhoo, I called Eric while in McDonald's drive thru waiting on a iced coffee desperate to find my way.  I had to shoot a Christmas bazaar for the paper and I had already gone past my arrival time...so I was already freaking out a little bit.  Then it happened...the funny part.  For some weird reason when I got my new EVO phone all my contacts from facebook uploaded to my contacts to my phone book.  My phone call dropped and I went to press redial.  Ummmm....no for some reason my phone called my ex boyfriend.  I have a few ex's I'm friends with on my FB. I don't really hate anyone, and I was young when I dated most of them, so they really don't count.  WELL.. OMG....for a split second I froze.  I was like what to do what to do??? I starred for a hang up button but my screen had already gone to my home screen.  I ended up pressing the wrong key ( still learning at this phone thing) and I could hear it ringing...(I WAS FREAKING OUT BY THIS TIME)...praying please don't answer..please don't answer... so I finally found my end phone call button.  Yeah...I didn't need the coffee to wake me up after that experience.  I debated on sending an email apologizing for waking him up early on a Saturday morning, but decided to do nothing and pray he didn't call me back.  I ALWAYS do something like this.  I swear, why I am allowed modern technology is beyond me.  It was rather funny once my heart stopped pounding so hard.  I thought about what would I have said if he had answered and how awkward that would that have been.  I'm really really ungraceful with awkward situations.  I blurt things out and then have that where the hell did that come from thoughts and now this person thinks I have turrets.  Case in point, I once ran into an ex at Burger King.  We dated when I was super young.  I never hated him and he was a nice guy.  Well, I was so shocked to see him and I had had a VERY rough day...my kid was sick with strep throat and I had ran him in to go the bathroom and grab a drink when he walked up to me to say hey.  I blurted out hi...and for him to stay away my son is contagious. That's all I said.... WTF???  I think it was more the manor of my yelling it at him instead of telling him that shocked him.  He gave me the woah settle down Miss Crazy look and we parted ways.  Yeah, I hate meeting people you don't expect to see out and esp if your mind is somewhere else.  I laugh now...just because I looked like an idiot. 

I also had a very scary mommy moment today.  I had to go to a birthday party.  The family all drove across town enjoyed the party but on the way home Ceddy started choking.  Not the I just drank too much milk choke, but the type of choking you are for sure he swallowed a small plastic piece.  I couldn't get to him fast enough...my hubby pulled over and I jumped out of the car.  I yanked open the door and began checking him out.  He was playing with a teething toy and I looked it over for signs of a missing piece.  Nothing..I scooped Ceddy's mouth...nothing.  He soon calmed down and I can only figure he's teething and choked on the extra saliva in his mouth. SCARED me to death.  I hate those mommy moments that your heart literally stops.  Once I realized he was going to be ok, Eric yelled for me to hop back in...I hadn't paid attention to the fact we were still in the road almost in the ditch when he pulled over and there were cars around us.  So I hopped back in and we were on our merry way.  Whhheeeeewwwwww....it's hard being a momma. 

ok...off to make curtains I go.  This shall be fun.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Side note...

Ok...was just thinking about some things in my very lovely hot shower.  I'm warm for the moment : ) 

I read a new blog today and fell in love with the mom.  She talked about how complacent people become once a tragedy is over.  Once you survive and you have your happy outcome  you continue on forging ahead in your trivial regular life. Back to shopping, decorating, just every day stuff, but you seem to lose hold of that mere moment when you would have given everything up  for your happy ending to occur.  Once the dust settles and once your world is made whole again, we often forget what is truly precious. We get lost in the everyday battles of bills, work and life itself.  She was discussing the fear of her child's health.  That is a fear on no other.  I have faced that fear and it's terrifying.  I'm guilty of being complacent.  At times when I'm tired I am grumpy with my kids.  I lose sight of how precious they are, and how at one moment in time I was terrified of losing them.  I think it's humbling to recall your most worrisome moment and hold onto it to remember what truly is precious. I will never forget this story I read about a mother with a physically handicapped child.  Her child was developmentally delayed and she really did not know what his physical capabilities would be.  One day, he reached over and started pulling out her CD's from her CD rack.  She didn't correct the baby, but instead edged him on.  She called for her husband and they cheered.  Where as most parents would say no and correct their baby, they were merely happy that their child could pull the CD's down.  He was moving and exerting physical abilities.  I know it's silly, but I remind myself this often when my kids do things that drive me crazy...because I know their are a plethora of parents out their wishing their children could be doing that.  My oldest son was born with torticollis...aka a crooked neck.  He was a rag doll most of the 1st year of his life.  He was delayed physically on a lot of things.  For a short time I had no idea what he would be like, what his life would be like. He spent his 1st year in PT and OT twice a week. I see him strong and tall now and I know I am truly blessed.  God blessed me with two beautiful boys, and I need to slow down and remember this the next time I feel overwhelmed...

It's cold out....

I can't seem to get warm today.  I guess ballet flats might be the culprit.  But I'm too lazy to put socks on while running out and about.  I have a long list of things to do sitting in front of me.  But a hot shower may be the next task I actually accomplish.

I painted my mini curtain rods.  They turned out cute! Pictures will follow once they are installed. I went to Lowes yet again today to return the rod holders and purchase new wooden curtain rings.  I pinned my curtains to be sewn and I'm waiting for Eric to get home to attach my rods to the walls.  I dare not try this task by myself.  I am horrible at hanging things.  I usually leave 6 holes in the wake of a picture hanging. 

I need a momma and Spencer date.  I haven't been out with my little guy lately alone.  I'm thinking about taking him to the coffee shop across the street and let him get a hot chocolate.  He's a funny character.  He has now realized the art of being a smart ass.  He's truly my child.  I find him amusing.

Spen lost yet another tooth today.  Two in one week!  He lost this one at school.  He was beyond excited.  It was his medal of honor in front of his friends.  I save all his teeth.  I have no idea what I'll do with them, but they are his baby teeth and they need to be saved :) 

I did not vote on this election day.  Instead I worked.  I really had no idea who all was running and what stances they have.  I had a number of lovely candidates call and ask me to personally vote for them...umm hemmm cough vomit choke.  I hate election time. 

Saving money.  I'm on a kick of trying to be budget friendly.  We really don't have a budget, hence our problem....but I am trying my best to cut corners and save money.  Our goal is to be debt free soon!  No credit cards or car payments.  It's a lovely dream.  Maybe one day it will be obtainable.  Until then...monthly payments will drain my bank account. 

I miss my bangs...I think soon I shall be going darker and having some bangs cut.

Freezingggg....ok...pointless blog...off to that hot shower I go!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The past two weeks have been insane to say the least.  Two photo shoots, two Halloween parties to throw, and Halloween itself.  I also have a photo assignment this morning and then another one this Saturday.  I am spent.  I wish I could pause life for a few hours and sleep.  This morning I had to get the kids up dressed and off to my moms, then drive back over here and take pics, edit and upload them.  Then drive back over to my moms.

Ok...updates in list form... Pics from us for Halloween trick or treating at the zoo.  Eric and I went as Garth and Wayne from Wayne's world.

Spencer went at Marty Mcfly...awesomeness and Ceddy went as Doc Brown :)

Cedric's birthday was fun.  We took him to Art Sparks.  Actually we took both boys.  Then we went trick or treating at the zoo.  Ceddy opened his bday gifts in the morning before Eric went to work.  He had a blast at both Art Sparks and the zoo. 

Cedric's 1st birthday was insane...but in a good way.  I only snapped a few pictures because my house was flooded with people and my fog machine outside kept tripping the breaker.  I had an awesome turnout...around 42 people.  I had a mini freak out a few days before when I figured up how many people would actually be coming.  Cedric did awesome!  No melt downs or freak outs.  He laughed smiled and enjoyed the crowd.  The kids played games and everyone gorged on party food.  It was a a great party!!!  I can't believe my little guy is one.

Halloween was spent in a fabulous neighborhood where Martha Stewart resides in everyone's heart and is on full display with the holiday.  I was blown away by the parties, decorations and shear ambiance of the neighborhood!  I was in love.  It was the closest to a New England Halloween I would have this year!   Eric and I ditched our original costume to avoid having to wear a wig.

I'm super tired.  I have a little window project going on right now.  We shall see if it turns out or is a major disaster.  Fingers crossed it works.

I'm tempted to have a Christmas Party/ bake off.  All my friends are awesome cooks....so I'm tossing around the idea of having my friends all bring one dish...their signature dish and everyone will vote on the best side dish.  No desserts will be allowed.  I will supply the meat and dessert for the party.  I think it would be a lot of fun to have board games and holiday drinks as well. A small prize will be awarded to the winner.  So I need to decided if I should do this or not....hummmmmm....... I love all my friends cooking...so this would be an awesome party.