Monday, January 31, 2011

Focus... hair looks horrid.  I thought I would braid it to add some beach waves to it. look like Phil Spector.

I was wanting this...

Long way off.
Today is crazy busy.  I have a million things ot do.  Thankfully, I woke up this morning with energy.  I have a feeling today will be a great day!  Cedric ate a french toast stick this morning.  The little stinker told me no at first and shook his head.  Oh, the joys of food therapy.  I'm not allowed to be negative or forceful.  I have to support him when he's slinging tomato sauce all over my white kitchen and I have to encourage him to do so.  Funnnnnnnnnnnnn...but today I was a little forceful for the mere fact I KNEW he would love it.  So I rubbed the french toast stick across his mouth a few times and left it on his tray.  When I had first laid it down he said no no and dropped it off his tray. HA. He's such a stinker, but after he got a taste of the stick he snatched it up and ate the majority of it.  HAPPY DAY!!!  I'm excited about his new found eating ability.  Eric and I are constantly giving him new things to try and he's doing wonderfully with them.  Yay!!!

Tax time is upon us and Eric and I are going to do something CRAZY.  We are going to up our exemptions.  Woah...this means we won't be getting a fat refund next year.  But my lady suze orman recommends it and it does make sense.  Why let Uncle Sam use my money when I could be using it during the year.  Eric and I are trying to get rid of all debt.  Cars, credit cards, etc.  We got burned at our old house trying to sell it.  The market crashed and we were left with debt from remodeling the place.  But if we hadn't remodeled, we wouldn't have been able to sell.  Student loans have been paid off.  My car is about to be paid off.  We've had A LOT of medical bills in the past we had to pay too.  The joys of giving birth in the good ol' USA with insurance.  So...this year is the start of Eric and I taking control of our finances.  We have been sticking to a budget really well.  I'm calling today to see if I can find cheaper car and home insurance.  We are paying way too much for our current plans.  Fingers crossed I find a good deal.

I have to plan spen's v-day party today along with a whole basement full of laundry.  I think I'll shock Eric when he comes home to no dirty clothes.  It will be a miracle. (He does the laundry)  Tomorrow is my dermatologist appointment. It's so annoying my face ALWAYS clears up before I go to them so they look at me like I'm nuts when I tell them how bad I can break out.  Oh well.

Eric and I are starting to work out together again.  Eric is dragging his feet on the subject, but he has to...he's getting older and his body isn't a teenagers anymore.  We did crunches and lifted weights last night.  I plan on walking on the treadmill today and lifting weights.  Zumba was really fun...and I think it was a great work out.  I look forward to doing it again.  I told Eric maybe he should start swimming.  He loves to swim and it is the best all body workout.  He's lost about 20 pounds himself.  We both need to get into shape.  I know this spring we will start hiking again.  Both kids love it.  Poor Eric, Ceddy is heavier now so wearing him on his back shall be interesting.  I love seeing a daddy wearing a baby.  It shows such love and gentleness.  I'm a dork. 

Ok let's get this party to start the day.

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