Sunday, January 23, 2011

what to do today...

Something fun with the hubs? or being productive and clean this house...hummmm....

Current random thoughts...

-totally excited the new alarm system is installed and up and running.  Yay for safe homes : )
- I need to still buy my book club book...hahahahaha...I'm so bad at being proactive and buying things as soon as I should.
- I need to plan Spen's class v-day party.  I want to do the theme in the queen of hearts/alice in wonderland.  Now how to incorporate this is beyond me.  I'll figure something out.
- I need to go to target...I have a bunch of things I need to purchase.
- I need to wk out...eeekkkk...I'd rather not.

I'm just about done knitting another cowl.  I need to finish it. I think I'm going to buy a thinner loom to make little stuffed animals and whatnot.  Maybe.  I have a bunch of things to off I go...getting dressed and applying my complexion is the first step...have a great day internet land.

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