Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sssshhhh shut yo mouth...

I had my NeNe fix today.  I worked out to Tabitha. I need do some crunches today.  I lifted weights and walked for a half an hour.  I can feel my old self coming back : )

I have a crazy schedule this coming week.  I have to plan the Spen's valentine party. I have a doctor appointment Tuesday and Thursday.  Funnnn....Food therapy and I'm going to try to get a baby hour in at the library.  I'm thinking about using the queen of hearts theme for the valentine party.  A little Alice and Wonderland.  I can't make it too girlie. The boys in the class will have a fit.

Eric and I need to start on our taxes today.  Funnnnnn...I'm still waiting for my w2s from the paper.

Eric is currently watching the IT crowd.  I myself find it amusing.  I love a good British comedy.  Mother fudging lift is broken : ) Heh.

I found a couch that would work in the basement at Macys

Ok...pointless to look for new bedding and pick up some medicine. 

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