Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm excited because Eric informed me last night that he will most likely have to go to California for work.  Woo hoo...I want to go and I'll probably pack the kids up and travel with him.  I've never been and I have a few things on my bucket list of life I have to scratch off.  I really really really want to see the redwood forest.  I want to take my boys to stand under their great branches and be amazed by the size of their trunks. I have to see one. Although, we really won't be around them...actually in Glendale. My plan is to take the boys to every state before they turn 18.  Spen has been to a lot so far, Ceddy needs to catch up.  But California is an ideal place for a family trip and I'm over the moon excited.  Now, I just hope the trip doesn't fall through.

I have been a knitting machine...

I had a cowl that was too short :(  I should have realized a lot sooner it wouldn't work. I need to finish Spencer's scarf today.  He is excited for it.  

On a happy note I am now 133 pounds. (can't believe I just posted my actual weight)  Woo goal is 128.  Fingers crossed I reach it soon.  I need to work out...that would help.

I had to cancel my endocrinologist appointment today and reschedule.  There were way too many traffic jams and honestly I didn't feel like rushing across town.  So I have another apt. next month.  I need to make an apt. with my gastroenterologist and possibly my dermatologist.  I hate being an old lady!!! I'm falling apart!!!  Ok...of to start the day.  Ceddy has food therapy at 12:30.  Poor little guy us cutting his back teeth and kinda has shut down on eating.

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The Half-Assed Elitist said...

Dude.... if my weight was 133, I'd post it too. Congrats.