Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paddling backward

I hate when you can't get anything accomplished!!!  I feel like I'm just treading water or actually going backwards.  I clean my kitchen.  It either gets trashed by the boys.  Ceddy's food therapy ends up on the walls, floor and everything else.  I just want a pause button.  Ceddy's food therapist is coming today at 12:30.  He is making strides one day and stops the next.  I'm sure I will be bald before this child is 5.  I think almost every room in my house needs cleaned.  I just don't have it in me to actually make it happen. So I will sit in my house of dust and dirty clothes.  Ha! I need to organize all the closets in this house.  They are driving me insane.  I need to go through toys like yesterday.  I swear my house looks like a toy shop.

I think for V-day I might take Eric to the gun range.  He'd like that.  I've never been...that should be interesting and funny. I might invite some friends and double date.  How redneck of me..but I think the swank range they just opened up might be fun.  He deserves to do something he likes.  He has a HUGE home project to do this weekend and I really am not looking forward to starting it.  I know he is not as well.

Ceddy is so funny...he is becoming a little parrot.  He shocked my mom yesterday by running around with a toy camera saying cheese to everyone.  She was like I had no idea he could say cheese and know to say that when a picture is taken.  Hello, my child.

I have a bunch of things to do today (boring stuff) off I go. Hopefully, I won't be too bored and lonely this week. I need to find some things to do.  I hope everyone in internet land has a great week.

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