Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So...a two-fer

Ok...Cedric is doing really well with his feeding therapy.  He now doesn't gag or throw up with different flavors!!!  Woo hoo.  Huge accomplishment.  I hate when I over book myself.  I had to get blood work done to whole foods and make it home in time for therapy.  I got home right on time, but thank goodness she was running late.  I kept praying please don't be in my drive way, please don't be in my driveway as I drove down my street and peeked at my driveway.  I hated I didn't get to "really" shop for food today.  I ran in to grab something for lunch and dinner.  I did pick up some organic whole milk for Cedric.  I swear it's kinda crazy that everyone has their own milk in this house.  Spen gets very vanilla soy ( he's lactose intolerant), Eric and I get organic skim, and Ceddy get's formula and organic whole milk.  I have to fight Eric off Cedric's whole milk.  I've been comparing prices on organic products.  Whole foods has some deals, and I do like their meats, but every where else is cheaper on their organic products.  Fresh market is even cheaper.  There are a few items I don't feel like hassling over with organic..breads for one.  I try to get high fructose corn syrup free.  I try to get antibiotic and hormone free when I can't get organic.  I'm super cheap and I go where the deals are.  It's just annoying!!!  I need to start using the coupons I collect.  This year we will not waste food or money.  So no more fast food and no more impulse buying.  It's HARD.  But I want a healthier and richer family.  Speaking of money... I need to get off my ass and start making it.  I need to update my site.  I also need to get my other site up and running.  Eric and I worked on it last night.  Soon it will be functioning.  All in due time.  I love my hubs.  He has been doing tech research for my site.  I'm a computer idiot.  I know how to use it, but implementing websites and all that jazz I'm lost.  He has to show me how then I'm able to use it.  I can't wait for tax refund time.  AKA free money.  Ok, not free technically it's ours, but it's nice to have.  This year we will be paying bills off.  So much fun....grrrrrr.  Oh well the life of an adult.  Hopefully, my car will be paid off.  That will be nice to have no car payment.  Then we work on other things to pay off.  I swear this house is sucking my bank account dry.  We need to replace two windows, two bathroom shower faucets.  Eric was able to stop two leaks...thank GOODNESS!!!!!!  Considering we shelled out $200 bucks last time to fix a leak that ended up leaking yet again.  So the hubs youtubed a how to fix a shower leak and poof it worked.  Yay!!!

I need to work out.  So not looking forward to it.  Sooooo very not.  I really want to climb back into my warm snuggly bed and watch tv or a movie. to pick up spen.


The Half-Assed Elitist said...

We'll be paying credit card off with our taxes also. No fun. But I guess if we didnt put everything on the credit card, it wouldnt be a problem.

Nikki P. said...

I cards are a godsend and the devil all at the same time. I imagine a day of being debt free...don't see that happening anytime soon. Ha!