Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I've lost the love...

For blogging. I work daily on 5-8 clients facebook accounts and pinterest accounts. Forming words and putting them onto a computer doesn't seem very exciting to me anymore. I have started so many blog entries only to never finish them.  They are sitting in the abyss of unfinished projects.  Since, I've been MIA for a second let me update on useless information...

- Spen started and finished his comic book art classes. He liked them...but now he's leaning toward skateboard lessons.***Slaps forehead*** I thought I could prolong this phase for a bit longer. I'm not looking forward to ER trips with broken bones :(  Boys and their need to be cool...psshhhh.

- Cedric will soon start wee-soccer. Excited about this adventure. I was Spencer's coach for his team, and I thought about doing this for Cedric. But different boys and different needs. Ceddy is way more active, and I highly suspect I will have to dedicate a lot of attention on keeping him merely on the field. He marches to the beat of his own drum ; )

- The hubs and I....Things are good. Eric is hard at work for the Retro Gaming Expo this weekend and I've been doing a lot of graphic design work for my job lately.  I'm leaning towards going back to school for this.  I talked with a friend who is a graphic designer and he said I'm not charging enough for my work. This I know, but I have no degree which kinda voids a lot of the pay factoring. The hubs supports me in going back. Now it just becomes a question of when.

We have been busy just living life and enjoying the boys lately.  I can't wait for warmer weather!!! I need sunshine and a bike ride!!!

After this week I am super excited to start a new house project!!! My new kitchen floors!!!  I have to go order the supplies this week.  I can't wait!!!

I did fill the ugly void wall with pretty mirrors from Target in my dining room. Once that room is complete I will update with photos.  Until then, here is a teaser:


I also have an art project I'm throwing around in my old brain for spring.  Perhaps, a coffee table book...hummmm....

Ok, sending everyone a hug and a wish for a wonderful week ahead. Off to make coffee.  Orange juice doesn't cut it for me ; )

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