Monday, January 3, 2011

Here is to a New Year...

I have a feeling 2011 will be a great year!  I'm excited for it.
I'm also excited for garbage day. Eric and I forgot to put the trash out last week and we are knee deep in gift boxes and wrapping paper. 

Projects projects projects....we installed under cabinet lights.
I bought myself a loom and have knitted 3 scarves so far.  I'm going to start making them and selling them.
I have an idea for my steps.
My side is killing me as of lately.  Damn you mysterious illness.  The new year rings in new beginnings for my household.  Organic foods, drinks and meats.  We usually buy healthy things, but I'm really going to start digging deep and reading more labels.

Eric and I had a really good weekend.  New Years was kinda a bust.  We watched the movie Precious...I thought at some point she would have some heroic turn of events and it would get better.  Nope that movie was a soul sucking waste of time.  Spen spent the weekend with my he called me to wish us a happy new year and Eric and I didn't even realize the time. We were stuck in the abyss of that awful movie. Eric and I got to spend some quality time together this weekend.  It was nice.  We had Cedric with us, but he played and slept a lot.  We just got to reconnect and talk.  The holidays have been nuts around here, and Eric has been working crazy hours.  So having him home was nice.  I love and missed him.

I have so much to do...and here I sit.  So off to finish my cleaning and then pick Spen up.

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