Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So today every store I went to I came up short.  I went to buy yarn and could only find mediocre yarn at best.  I looked at flowers... blah.  I looked at furniture, clothes...more blah.  I guess maybe I'm growing up?  I'm becoming less of a spender and more of a saver.  If I don't absolutely love it...I let it be.  I'm tired of wasting money.  Another goal for this year...pay off debt.  My car will be payed off soon.  I'm really excited about that.  Although, yet another sign I'm growing up...who gets excited over that? Me.

Keeping up with the Jones's only leaves you in debt and a step behind.  Who cares I say.  Be yourself and march to the beat of your own drum. 

I long for sleep.  I made a super early orthodontist appointment this morning.  Ceddy decided last night that he wanted to be up at 3 and 4 am. I didn't go to bed until late...so this was all a lovely combination of events. Cedric wanted to hang out and play.  It was really funny.  He started crying once he realized we were not going to join him in his late night celebrations.  He started to "act" like he was coughing.  That little stinker knows how to play me.  Hahahahahaa.  They say kids learn early how to manipulate their parents.  I'm not a person who usually lets their kids "cry it out."  But last night I didn't roll over.  I just let him pout and pretend to be so upset he was coughing.  Which was such a forced cough Eric and I started to giggle and we both agreed he knew what he was doing.  Soon he stopped.  He figured mom and dad are asleep.  So he started play with his toys. 

I can't wait to have my braces off.  They are annoying.  Soon I start rubber bands.  Funnnnn...eyes rolling.  Oh to be transcended to a youth I never had.  I worked out yesterday.  It was nice.  I plan on doing it again tonight.  If I can find the energy.  Tomorrow I have to go to the dr. for blood work and then Cedric has his food therapy session again. 

I want to reach my goal weight...128 lbs.  My dream weight is 125 lbs...ha..  I'm only a few pounds shy of my goal weight.  I need to tone up and all that jazz.  I might do the skate training thing.  I have to see when I can fit it in.  I also want to sign Cedric and me up for diaper dippers at the YMCA.  I once photographed a class and it seemed fun.  We shall see.  Ok...off I go.


The Half-Assed Elitist said...

Yeah, the braces sucked. Im sorry you gotta do it now. And it would be awesome if you try out the speed skating. Its fun.

Nikki P. said...

I think I'm going to try to go soon to one of the skate practices. I just need to get a helmet. Where can I find a cheap one?

The Half-Assed Elitist said...

Target I'd imagine would be fine.