Friday, January 14, 2011

Mommy breadkdown...

I totally kept my cool today at the eye glass place.  I'm so proud of me...hahahahaa.  I made a huge mistake of not taking the stroller in with us.  I had to pick Spen's glasses up and honestly figured it wouldn't take a small eternity for us to get them fitted.  Oh boy, was I wrong.  It is official, Ceddy has now entered the phase of wanting to run EVERYWHERE.  No hands are allowed on this child.  I got my workout inside the store running after him.  I felt awful because the sales lady spoke to spen mostly because I was darting after Cedric.  But I survived and I really wasn't that phased by it.  I was just amazed with how fast that child is.  I had forgotten the feeling of WTH during this phase and how nothing stops them.  Things may distract them, but NOTHING stops them.  Shhheeeeeshhhhhh.  Stroller next time most def.  On a happy note spen looks very handsome in his glasses.  He likes one pair and is on the fence about the other.  The one he isn't sure of has nose pieces and he's not used to them.  But they make him look even more grown up :(  My baby is on his way to becoming a teenager.

I was reminded while reading one of the blogs I follow how precious life it.  I made a donation to her cause for DS with tears in my eyes.  I love the human spirit and I love how there are good people out there striving to make a difference.  I guess one of the major hurdles in life is to not become complacent. That's a terrible place to be. 

Ok, I have to meet a client in a couple of off to gather my supplies.

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