Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I made a huge mommy mistake yesterday and let Cedric take his afternoon nap way too late...aka went to bed way too early.  So this morning from 2-4 am...guess who was my best buddy?  I'm dragging today.  I need coffee.  But I'm trying to be good.  I've only had one cup since I decided to cut back.  I have to go to the lovely girlie parts doctor today for my annual.  FUNNNNnnnnnnn....nothing says good times like a speculum.  Ha!  I'm taking my little action packed buddy with me...so this will be interesting.  Stroller...stroller...stroller.  Their waits are usually out of this world.  If it gets too long I'll reschedule.  I'll be sure to bring toys and hand sanitizer with me.

I knitted almost two scarves yesterday.  Go me!  I did them in the afternoon after Spen got off school.  I laid in bed watching Bewitched knitting.  I know, I lead such an exciting life.

My friend and I are going to try a zumba class the next neighborhood over....(they teach them in their club house)  It's only 5 bucks so what's the harm?  Apparently it's all the rage on FB.  I've had four different FB buddies talking about it. One of my FB friends does it at a community center and she loved it. My friend has done it before and she knows the instructor.  Apparently, the instructors children attend ours kids school. This shall be interesting.  We kinda gave up on the water aerobics.  It was too gentle...aka...we were too young for the class.  The deep water is still going to happen one day.  I've been working out again at night.  Crunches and lifting weights.  I'm still way out of shape...so I'm pretty terrified of the zumba thing.  But hell, I'll give anything a shot once.  We talked about also trying belly dancing and hot yoga.  It's fun to mix it up.

I've been rearranging the kids rooms.  I'm determined to clean this house.  Now me sitting here blogging instead of doing so should really be a great display of how "determined" I am.  Meh....it will happen.

The kids closets are done...woo hoo!!! Below are the closet organizers I scored for only $29 bucks.  I had a plethora of hangers left after the cleaning.  Also, I still have to finish filling them with their clothes...but they are organized nonetheless :)

I should have taken before pics...but oh well...

 Added below are random pics taken...spen's new glasses and ceddy out to eat. 

I need to go to the grocery.  I'm thinking about going to the other Fresh Market.  I need food in this house.  But that store is so dangerous to me...I always have to buy cookies.  Whole Foods can be a beast to shop in.  I hate when it's crowded.  I've discovered that most grocery stores have started carrying a lot of the same stuff WF carries and way cheaper : )  Always a plus.   I do like a few of the things you can get there and only there...but who knows where the day will lead me...off to shave my legs...the joys of being a girl  : (

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