Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm freezing...

It seems once I get cold it's impossible to warm back up without a scalding hot shower.  I think it has to do with the thyroid issue I have.  Regulating my heat is not a thing I do very well.  But nonetheless, I'm freezing!!!!

So the scale hovered over 132 yesterday.  Such a mean trick.  I take this as I weigh 132.6...hahahahaa....considering how my scale measures.  I need to work out today!  I did managed to run up and down my stairs lifting weights yesterday.  But I also managed to eat Lord knows how many brownie cookies, and must I say how delish they were.  I even had one for breakfast today.  Eric laughed at me and said it's nice to see I'm eating a healthy breakfast.  But I love my cookies.  I bought them from fresh market...and they were yummy.

I need to go to target today.  I have a few items to pick up. I also have to meet with a client tonight.  So I need to print forms and get organized as well for that.

I love my hubby.  He really is the best..gag...I know.  But he's been gone all week in Indy.  As soon as he gets home he rushes to get stuff ready for the cub scout meeting that night. He looked like death coming into the house.  He had another migraine yesterday.  Poor guy.   He is under a ton of stress and I was a bitch and added to it. Looking back, I acted like an ass. I swear I hate how hard he works.  It drives me crazy how he never has time to use his flex time because he's running around like crazy for his company.  Shhheeeshhhh...his head will explode soon.  I hate it for him and I feel super awful for being a royal bitch.  He was supposed to work from home today.  Considering he had to drive up to Indy on his day really he should be using flex time for today...but he was told he had to go into the office.(Also, considering the past month he went into the office numerous times on his days off)  I was upset because he was supposed to go with me to the IRS office downtown.  I wanted moral support and also it helps since he knows more about the taxes than I do..(he does them).  I threw a fit.  Looking back I shouldn't have taken my anger out on him...he couldn't help it. We ended up cuddling and he forgave me for my bitchfest. I'm just really mad that he doesn't have the time to use his flex.  Eric makes really good money, but for a reason.  He is a very hard worker. He also negotiated his salary and perks before he was hired on.  He's a trustworthy person and very loyal.  I just don't want to see him being taken advantage of.  He's too nice for that and too much of a prized employee to deserve such treatment.  But like a mob wife...I'll keep my mouth shut only curse the bastards that are doing it to him under my breath.  Karma is a bitch and I will leave it at that.

I missed Eric and the kids missed him.  He didn't skip a beat.  He woke up with Ceddy last night and got him a bottle.  Ceddy is going through some tough feeding issues right now, with his feeding problem but also his teeth.  That poor baby is cutting 4 back teeth.  His poor gums are swollen and painful looking.  But Eric dove back into parenthood.  We both slept hard last night.  I don't sleep very well while he is away, and he doesn't away from us.

They think Ceddy is tongue tied.  Oh, for the love of Pete...does it ever end?  So, that's an issue we will have to watch and decide if he needs it clipped.  His feeding therapist thinks that could be contributing to his eating issues.  Makes sense.  I'm just tired of problems.  I need a break...I want to escape.  But where?  I told Eric I wanted to climb back into bed today and just knit. I've become a 72 yr old lady...hehehehee.  Oh, well it suits me well.

I really do love my life, and I'm just bitching because I'm pmsing.  I just would like to pause everything for a weeeee little moment and breathe.  But instead, I'll take a shower, paint my face and go to the store.  Maybe some good yoga would get me out of this bitchy funk.  Oh to start the day...

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