Friday, January 7, 2011

So much to do...

- I need to pick up my house, my book club meets at my house tonight...right now it's knee deep in toys.
- I need to call around about some swim classes for Spen and Cedric.  I found a place cheaper than the ymca!!!  Woo hoo.  7 lessons for only $42 bucks.
- My friend and I discovered water aerobics and pilates classes while researching the boys classes.  We are debating on trying them out. I did water aerobics in college and loved it.
- I need to do some yoga today.  I need some spiritual cleansing and butt tightening all at once : )
-  Eric the awesome has been working on my site.  It's kinda up and running.  I just now need to work on content.
- So far I'm kicking ass on new years resolutions. 
- note to time it warms up clean my car's starting to look like a homeless man squats in it every night.
- I have a long list of what to do and I really feel like climbing into bed and sleeping.  Maybe another coffee will cure that desire.
- I need to go to Target and get a calender/planner.  I usually use big ones for my office desk.  I also have it on my phone.  But sometimes it's nicer to have it in your hands.  I'm weird.  But that's how I feel about e-readers.  I love the feel of a book.  I like turning the pages.  I like the romantic notion of being able to see ones progress within a book and being glued to each page.  But hey, I'm super old school on some things.

- I need to make a FB site for my mag.  I also need to work on interviews and much to do...tisk tisk tisk...and here I sit.  As soon as I'm off here after a few phone calls, I'll work on graphics and set up some interviews.  I'm really excited about this.  Even if no money is to be made, it will be a fun project to work on.  I love my hubby so much for supporting me and helping me with his computer skills : ) 

-Yesterday I had a movie moment.  I was dropping Spen off for school and I had a flash back.  I saw him when he was a little kindergartener.  I can remember how he'd run to the school door.  I also remember my heart jumping out of my chest as he would almost fall because he runs head first.  I can remember him giving his teacher a hug and her waving back at me.  I swear time goes by so fast.  I teared up driving off yesterday thinking my baby isn't a baby anymore and how I miss his chubby cheeked little smile.  He's now tall and thin.  Blah....

- I need to go get Spen his new glasses.  Eric and Spen both need new glasses.  I had two sets picked out and on hold for us.  The boys got tired of looking and Cedric was on the verge of a meltdown so we decided to leave and go back another day.  The problem is...we have still yet to go back.  So this weekend I'm pulling all my guys into there and making them pick out some new frames.   I'm determined for them to have new glasses.  Spen's face is too big for his, and Eric is on his back up pair since Ceddy broke his good pair.'s like herding cattle. me an idiot call me dumb...but I can't seem to find the usage of coupons.  I bought a sunday paper this week, went through it and most of the coupons were for crap food.  I went to whole and fresh market and got some coupons from there.  But most coupons are for buy 2 and get the 3rd item for a measly 15 or 25 cents off.  WTH?  Really, I don't need a food bunker.  I also don't get double coupon days.  I'm trying to be thrifty and save money.  But so far it's a bust.  I do use the Target coupons I get in the mail.  But I usually forget them.  So I have started storing them in either my purse or car for easier access.  Ok...I've babbled long to start this day :  )

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